The Legend of the Black Dragon

A story was once told to me by friends. On the night of the full moon, a black dragon comes out and commits murders. Some has seen it in person. They say it was a woman wearing all black riding a black motorcycle. She has a tattoo of a black dragon going down her right arm. Her motorcycle gives off the cry of an angry dragon. People in this city, call her The Black Dragon. She rides down Old Mathis Ferry Road carrying a head she had severed off. Of course I don't believe them. I'm a type of guy who loves to see proof. I won't believe her, until I see her with my own eyes. Well my parents were fighting again. Since I didn't want to get in the middle of their fight again, I grabbed my headphones and ran outside. Last time I was caught in the middle, I ended up being in a coma for two months. I had a serious head injury. Tonight was a full moon and I started walking down Old Mathis Ferry road. It was a cool night. The street was clear, so I walked along the side of it. It was too late in the morning for people to be up and driving around. Then, a sudden chill ran up my spine. I stopped in my tracks when I heard what sounded like an angry dragon. This can't be real, can it? I quickly turned around to see a motorcycle coming towards me. I widened my eyes in horror as I stared into crimson red eyes and saw huge a malicious smile spread across those lips. As it got closer I noticed there was blood all over her curvy body. I was pushed back when she rode by me. On her back were a bloody bag and a sword. The legend is true. She really exists! I took out my camera phone and quickly snapped a perfect shot of her. After that I ran back home and snuck inside. I jumped on my bed and stared at the picture of her on my phone. Her hair was long, straight and black. It at least stopped at her back. I saw that she didn't wear any gloves, so her hands were exposed. If she really did commit murder, not wearing gloves is a pretty dumb move. Her hands were dark, so that meant she had dark skin and her nails were painted red. She wore tight black leather that embraced her curves. For some reason, I wanted to investigate her. I wanted to know her identity. I just wanted to know her. I sat up and got off my bed and sat down at my computer. I turned it on and searched the name The Black Dragon. I scrolled down, until I saw a perfect site that would give me plenty of information. I clicked on the link and my computer took me straight to the website. I started reading thoroughly.

"The Black Dragon is a woman who rides the full moon nights on her motorcycle that gives off the cry of an angry dragon. The woman also had a black dragon tattoo on her right arm and glowing red eyes. She only commits murders on gangs. Rumor has it she used to be part of a gang and dated the leader, until the leader sold her to a rival gang, where she was repeatedly raped by the members. Later that night, all of the rival gang members and including the former gang members and the leader were murdered. No one knows of The Black Dragon's true identity. All we know is that she's a mysterious psychotic beauty that rides the full moon nights on her motorcycle committing revenge." I read aloud.

"Murder, revenge and rape..." I thought.

I printed out that information and shut down my computer. I grabbed the paper from my printer and jumped into my bed.

"I gotta learn more about her." I thought.

I turned off the light and curled underneath my covers and drifted deep into consciousness.