Ellis pushed me down further onto my bed. His tongue ran across my bottom lips begging for entrance. I smirked into the kiss as I closed my lips tightly. Ellis growled lowly as he sunk his fangs into my bottom lip, earning a gasp from my mouth. Ellis then took that opportunity and stuck his tongue in my mouth. I moaned slightly when his tongue roamed every inch of my mouth. I started to suck and massage his tongue with mine, causing him to moan slightly too. My legs embraced Elli's body tightly. Ellis parted from my mouth. I whimpered lowly, until his lips started sending butterfly kisses down my neck. His kisses stopped on the mark on my neck. He ran his tongue along it. My body shivered with delight. He smirked as he grazed his fangs amongst it.

"You smell like a virgin; so pure and untainted." He whispered to me.

I let out another gasp when he sunk his fangs into it, just enough to have trickle out of it and down my neck. A few tears filled my eyes rolled down my cheeks. Then to my surprise, Ellis bit down on his tongue and glide it across the mark on my neck. I hissed and flinched when it started to burn. My arms and legs flailed around as I tried to ignore the burning sensation. Ellis stuck his tongue back in my mouth to hush out the noise. I bit down on his tongue angrily, until the burning subsided. After that, I calmed down. Ellis parted from my mouth and stared into my eyes.

"Now, you're officially mine. Our blood are now mixed together, becoming one." He whispered to me.

My face heated up again.

He smirked as he noticed the blush on my cheeks and continued where he left off. He left butterfly kisses around my chest as he untied the back of my dress. As he did that, I took off his jacket, started undoing his tie and unbutton his white shirt. The right sleeve hung off my shoulders as it was loosened. I rose up my arms as Ellis slid off my dress over my head. I slid off his shirt and roamed his bare chest with both of my hands. I noticed he had the same mark on his neck as mine and in the exact same spot. It was also a crimson color. He then, unhooked my bra and let it slide down my chest. I blushed even more as I hid my breasts from him. He grabbed the bra and threw it on the floor. He smiled as he pulled my arms away from my breasts.

"The human body is a wonderful thing. Don't hide such beauty." He whispered to me again.

"I thought I was a demon?"

"Taking a human form."

I let my hands wrap themselves around Ellis and pull him back down to my chest. He smirked as he licked my left erected nipple and then started to suck it, while he massaged the other. Afterwards, he switched to the other breast. My hands reached for his pants and took them off, along with his underwear. My body grew Goosebumps as he parted from my breasts and licked and sucked down my stomach. He stopped when he got to my underwear. He grabbed it and pulled it down and threw it on the floor. His tongue licked around my entrance. I groaned and growled at Ellis.

"Bastard, do not tease!" I hissed at him.

"What's the rush?" He asked me, sticking a finger into my entrance.

My body tensed up as it was trying to adjust to his finger. Ellis then stuck another finger deeper into me.

"Let's see how many fingers I can stick inside you."

He stuck a third finger inside me. I hunched my back as pleasure struck my body.

"Hm, it looks like only three fingers can fit. I believe that's enough room."

After he said that, he stuck his tongue inside me and roamed every inch of it. I started panting, when he began sucking at it. I cocked my head back as I pushed his head further. My body calmed down when a clear liquid squirted from my entrance. I glanced down to see Ellis lick his lips and swallow it.

"You aren't supposed to do that!"

He chuckled at my reaction.

I sent a glare towards him, until I looked down at his manhood. A smirked curved its way onto my lips.

"Looks like someone is just as excited as I am." I said to Ellis, a hint of teasing in my voice.

He stared down at his member and chuckled.

"I guess so. It's his first time, so he was really excited."

"Wait, this is your first time?" I asked dumbfounded.

"Yes, what you expected just because I'm a demon, I've done this plenty of times?"

I laughed nervously.

"Well, ya..." I answered him.

"Well, you're wrong. I've never done anything like this before. You would be my first."

I blushed again and adverted my eyes away from him. Ellis grabbed my chin and forced me to look into his lavender eyes, which changed into a crimson red color. I stared into them, mesmerized its beauty. He leaned in for another kiss to distract me from him pounding himself into me. I screamed into our kiss. My eyes were closed shut tightly. I started breathing hard into the kiss. Ellis tried to calm me down by roaming my mouth with his tongue.

"I know the pain is unbearable right now, but endure for it now. I promise it will subside." He explained to me telepathically.

He parted from my lips and stared into my eyes. He wiped away the tears that filled them. Then he kissed me again. I felt him push himself deeper inside me, until he hit my spot. My nails dug deep into his skin when as he broke past it. I screamed out. Then Ellis started pumping himself in and out slowly, in a rhythm. My breath shortened as I started panting. Ellis kept speeding his pace, wanting more of my body. I wrapped my legs around him again and grinded my hips in the same rhythm as him; syncing. My body wanted more of him. Sweat glistened off our bodies as it grew closer and closer to becoming one. Our panting kept shortening, until it turned into moans of pleasure. Ellis never parted from my mouth as a wave of heat and ecstasy shrouded our bodies together. I couldn't take it anymore, so my lips parted from his as my head cocked backwards. I screamed out in pleasure, so loud it echoed throughout the room. With one final thrust, we reached our climax together. My entrance squirted out the same clear liquid and felt him come inside me. I let out a huge breath before I relaxed my whole body. Ellis panted heavily as he rolled off me and lied next to me on the bed. I was breathing too hard to muster anything to him. Ellis covered my body with the covers and patted it down. I stared at him. His eyes changed back to its original color, lavender. He kissed my cheek as he brushed my snow white hair with his fingers. I relaxed even more into his touch. I closed my eyes as I started to drift into my internal darkness.

"Welcome to the family." Ellis whispered to me.

After that, I fell into a silent slumber.