Opposites Attract

When I woke up this morning, I had a bad feeling. Ignoring my intuition, I walked out to my family's dojou where I trained before walking to school. As I practiced my punches, my younger brother Shin called me into the main room where we have our family meetings. I grabbed a towel from the rack and ran towards the main room. I patted down my sweaty face and neck as I sat down on my knees at the table. I folded my hands on top of my lap. I stared into the eyes of my mother and father.

"Yes, Otou-san, Oka-san?" I asked them.

"Aisha as our successor to the family dojou, there comes responsibilities." My mother Rin said to me.

I nodded my head up and down.

"Yes ma'am. I know." I replied back to her.

"One of your responsibilities includes marrying another successor to a family dojou, so we arranged a marriage for you. He is the only successor to his family dojou and a close friend. His name is Ryo Haitaka." My father clearly explained to me.

I just felt my heart sank below my abdomen, but then felt anger boil up inside me. I slammed my hands on the table as I stood up.

"You're forcing me to marry some guy I never met?" I practically screamed into their faces.

"Don't I have a say in this?"

"No, you don't young lady, so I advise you to lower your voice." My father demanded.

"Hai..." I mumbled as I sat back down quietly.


"Aisha, you know we love you dearly. We showed you that when we adopted you and treated you like our own. We are doing this for your and the family's well-being." Mother kindly told me.

"Ya, forcing me to marry some guy I never met really is looking after my well-being." I said sarcastically.

"Whether you like it or not, you are engaged to Ryo and will marry him in the future." My father demanded again.

"Ryo is also going to live here with us, so his parents are dropping him by in a few minutes. So, please be nice to him, for me." My mother made her begging face.

I sighed in irritation.



I slowly got up, bowed my head to my parents and walked back to the dojou. I grabbed the practice dummy and set it down on the mat. I swung my right foot sharply at its neck and broke its head off. It flew to the opposite wall. I sent left and right punches to its abdomen. I knelt down on one my hands and spun kicked its ankles. The practice dummy's legs broke off and the rest of the body fell on the matt on its back. I panted angrily as I still had left over anger I wanted to throw at it. Then I felt a hand on my right shoulder. I did another spin kick, but aimed it at the face. My attack was blocked with two wrists, but he was pushed back. I pushed off his wrists, did a back flip and landed far from him. I checked him out up and down. He seemed at least a year older than me, so nineteen. He had short, messy black hair, dark brown eyes, very slightly tan skin, a bit taller than me, had a slim, but well-built body, his posture was a little slouchy and he wore my school's male uniform, which was navy blue slacks, white collared dress shirt and black dress shoes. He checked me out with his dark brown eyes.

"Who are you and what do you want with me?" I asked him a bit angry.

He bowed and held out his left hand.

"Hajime mashite. Watashi wa Haitaka Ryo desu"

(Nice to meet you. My name is Ryo Haitaka.)

A vein popped in my head as he introduced himself. I calmed down as I pretended to be nice. I bowed my head and shook his hand.

"Watashi wa Morinaga Aisha desu."

"My name is Aisha Morinaga."

Ryo noticed the broken dummy behind me.

"Whoa! What happened here?" He asked as he walked over to what was left of it.

He poked his left index finger at it. I laughed out nervously as I rubbed the back of my head.

"Um, I had to blow off a little steam..." I told him

I ran back to the main room, where my parents and his parents greeted each other. I bowed my head as they turned my way.

"Hajime mashite..." I quietly told them.

(Nice to meet you)

They bowed their heads also, before giving me a smile.

"What a beautiful young daughter you have." His father complimented me.

"She is the perfect bride for our son." His mother stated.

I gave them a fake smile.

"Arigatou gozaimashita..."

(Thank you very much)

"Now go get ready for school. You and Ryo are going to walk together there." My father demanded me again.



I ran up to my room and dressed myself in my school uniform, which was a navy blue mini skirt, white blouse with a navy blue with a white stripe collar, a red bowtie, white knee high socks and black flats. I grabbed my brown handbag and ran downstairs.

"You should've seen that dummy in their dojou! It was broken into pieces. She must've been really pissed."

I bowed to my and Ryo's parents, before I walked out with Ryo following behind me.

"Listen Ryo, I'm against our arranged marriage."

I heard him let out a sigh of relief.

"I'm so glad. I am too. I only pretended to be nice."

"Me too. I don't know you and I don't like boys very much."

"Wait, do you swing the other way?"

"No! Boys are just irritating and you seem to be cocky and un-manly. Those kinds of guys are not my type."

"Well, you seem like a manly and an un-attractive girl. I don't fall for those sorts of women."

I stopped in my tracks and turned around, facing him. He stared at me with his dark brown eyes. I grabbed his shoulders tightly.

"Aisha...?" He whispered.

I bring my right knee up to his lower stomach. He coughed up saliva as he grasped his stomach.

"What the hake was that for?" He growled at me.

I turned around and started walking away, ignoring his question.

As I walked up towards the front gate of my school, I was tightly embraced by my best friend Rei.


I smiled as I hugged him back.

"Hey Rei-kun."

"How is my favorite girl this fine morning?" He asked me as he parted.

"I could do better..."


"Frustrating family business..."

"Hey there, honey."

Ryo wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me into his chest.

"Who are you talking to?" He asked, staring at Rei.

"Ya, Ai-chan who is this guy?" Rei asked sounding concerned.

I elbowed Ryo in his gut, grabbed his arms and flipped him on his stomach. I stepped on his back with my left foot, grabbed his right arm and twisted it behind his back. He yelped out in pain.

"Rei, he is my family business. My parents arranged us a marriage. His name is Ryo Haitaka. Ryo, this is my best friend Rei."

"Wait, he's not your boyfriend?"

"No. Didn't I tell you earlier that I didn't like boys?"

"Then why are you friends with him? Unless he's gay...?"

"No! I'm not gay!" Rei yelled at Ryo angrily.

"Then I embraced your manly shoulders for nothing? Gross!"


I twisted harder onto his right arm.

"Ahh! Uncle! Uncle!" Ryo cried out.

I let his arm go and got off his back. He got up and wiped down his clothes with his hands. Rei grabbed the collar of Ryo's shirt and pulled him up close to his face.

"Just because you're Ai-chan's fiancé' doesn't give you any rights to insult her like that."

I grasped Rei hands and led him inside the school, ignoring Ryo's glare.

We sat down in our desk next to each other in Math class.

"Why are your parents forcing you to marry that jerk?" Rei whispered his question to me.

"You know how my family owns a dojou?"

Rei nodded his head.

"Well, they made me their successor of it. Ryo is his family's successor of their dojou. My parents arranged a marriage for us, so we could inherit both dojou and earn lots of money." I whispered back to him.

"That sucks. I'm totally against your marriage to HIM." Rei said pointing towards Ryo as he walked in.

He stood in front of the classroom. He embraced the back of his head with his arms. I heard my female classmates whispering amongst themselves.

"He's cute..."

"Is he single?"

I sighed in disgust. I felt something hit the back of my head. It felt like paper rolled up in a ball. I sighed as I figured out who it was.

"Rika..." I mumbled.

I ignored the paper balls being thrown at my head. I caught Ryo staring at me confused, so I ignored his gaze too.

"Sup? I'm Haitaka Ryo." He bowed his head.

"Hi Ryo!" said all the females in my class as they waved at him.

Ugh...! Can ya'll get any more desperate?" I accidently said out loud.

They all glared daggers at me. Rei let out chuckle.

"So anyways, why did you decided to enroll in this school?" One girl asked.

I noticed a slight blush on both his cheeks. I felt my cheeks heat up, once I realized what he was going to say.

"He isn't..." I mumbled.

"I came here to be with my fiancée' Aisha." He pointed towards me.

I slid my body down under my desk to hide my face.


All the girls gave me more glares.

"Great...now I'm the number one most hated student amongst the female students."

When school ended, I walked out of the building alone. As I went past the front gates, I noticed a huge boy picking on my younger brother Shin. I growled as I ran over to his aid. I stood in front of him.

"Leave my lil bro alone!" I growled at him.

"Like I'm going to be afraid of a girl..." He mocked me.

"I've warned you..."

The boy charged at me throwing a left punch, so I dodged to the right. Then I knelt down on my hands and spun kicked his ankles. The boy fell on his back, but I grabbed his arm and flipped him on his stomach, stepped on his back and twisted his arm backwards. He cried out.

"Leave my brother alone! I swear if you don't, you're gonna end up with a broken arm and a dislocated shoulder." I threatened him severely.

"Fine! Just let me go you witch!"

I loosened my grip on his arm. He pushed me back as he got up and ran away. I fell backwards into warm arms. I looked up to see Ryo. He held my waist as he pulled me up on my feet. I stared at him oddly at his kindly gesture.

"Now, that's the fiancée' I know. Why don't you beat the girls like you do the boys?"

"The girls aren't with my strength. Plus, I don't care who picks on me. I can handle it, but on my younger brothers, that's when I get into butt-kicking mode."

Ryo let out a small laugh.

"I respect that in a girl."

"Pft, I don't care about you."

I held onto Shin's hands and started to walk away. I gave myself a faint smile before forcing it to go away. Ryo followed us from close behind.

"He can be sweet when he wants to." I thought.