The American Samurai

Chapter 1

The New World

I lied in my bed with my hands embracing the back of my head. My eyes stared blankly at my ceiling. My room was surrounded by silence, except for the loud arguing my parents were having. I could hear every word said, like the conversation was going on right outside my door. Angry loud cussing was heard, along with fragile objects being thrown at and broken. This argument has been going on for months. Every day and night, yelling and cussing could be heard. I grabbed my pillow and placed it on my face, trying to drown out the noise. My attempt failed. I sat up and got off my bed. I walked over to the wall behind me. I balled up my right hand into a fist and slammed it into the wall. The argument stopped for a split second, before it started again. My phone started going off. I jumped on my bed and grabbed my cellphone from under my pillow. I opened it and placed it against my ear. I answered it with "Yo, sup". It was one of my guys from my gang. Another high school gang challenged my gang to a duel. They wanted me to lead. "Ya man, I'm comin", I replied to him. After that, I hung up my cellphone and placed it back under my pillow. I picked up my hoodie from the floor and put it on. I slipped into my sneaker. I walked over to my window, opened it and jumped out of it. My feet landed on the ground. After that, I quickly started running to where the fight was being held. I ended up walking into a dark alley way. There was no one, but me here. I was embraced by the darkness and silence. I rose up my guard as I started walking forward. This is a trap. On the phone, Damien's voice sounded shaky. He's the most sensitive guy in the gang. That's why I always had him stick by my side. He can't defend for himself. He must've been ambushed and held captive. For some reason, they told him to call me and bring me here. It doesn't matter though. It's gonna be their funeral. My gang and I fight in the darkness. "Scarlet Shadows", isn't just a made up name. I stopped in my tracks when I felt like I was being watched. I closed my eyes and counted how many of them surrounded me. I'd say were approximately twenty through thirty of them. I felt the presence of one walking up from behind me. He carried a huge bat. He swung it and I quickly dodged below it. I gave him a rough kick to the gut. I took out my sword and slammed the back of the blade against his head. I heard his body fall to the ground.

"Give me back Damien, you scum!" I yelled into the darkness.

All I heard was chuckling. Then another swung his fist at me. I blocked his attack with my palm. I tightly grasped his fist, lifted myself up and smacked his face with my right leg with a twirl kick. I let his fist go when he flew into the wall beside him to the left. Then they all attacked at once. One grabbed both of my arms and pulled me down to the ground and another sat on top of me. I struggled beneath him.

"Brittnee!" a voice called out to me. I felt the one on top of me, started feeling around my chest.

"Get your fat ass off of me, you freak!" I yelled into his face.

I gasped when he groped my breasts.

"So, you are a woman." He said.

"Hey guys! This here guy is actually a woman! I don't want to believe me and my guys got our asses handed by a girl." He told me, growling.

I gave him a wide smile.

"Tch, better believe bitches. You pussies got your asses whipped by a woman." I laughed at him.

He punched my face right after I said that. I spat out the blood in his face. While he was wiping his face, I quickly kneed him in his crotch. He groaned out in pain. I took this chance to grab the hands of the man that pinned me down to the ground. I flipped him on top of the guy holding his crotch. I flipped upwards and landed on my feet.

"You little bitch!" He cried out to me.

"You're such a pussy." I told him.

I failed to notice the huge pile of metal falling from the roof, until it was too late. One of smacked the top of my head as I fell down. The last thing I heard before blacking out was the cry of someone calling for me. After that, I ended up floating in a dark abyss. My body was facing towards a bright white light. My arms were spread out and my eyes were squinted. My body was un-clothed and naked. I knew the white light was bad and that it would lead me to my death, but I had no control of my body. My body was being magnetically drawn to the beautiful light. Plus I had nothing to live for anymore. My parents were divorcing. They didn't love me like normal parents would. They abused me every chance they got. I had no real friends. Everyone feared for they thought I would hurt them. So, why still live in this world? I had nothing to live for. I'm surprised I haven't thought about killing myself. I closed my eyes as I embraced the white light.