A.N. -Another prompt poem - this prompt was, "You have reached the end of the Internet." Also, I am open to other title suggestions.

Back to the Start

There's a whole shelf of books,
just sitting there, waiting,
gathering dust in their sleeves
and winking from thier gilt spines,
telling me to dump the new,
and bring back the old -
paper cuts be damned.

They have no viruses,
just scribbles in endpapers.
No blue screen of death,
just foxing and cracking and mold.
Thier bookmarks have pictures,
and yours might, too -
don't want your boss to see those.

Your narratives might end,
but the images evoked remain,
and no power button is needed
to bring them back to reality.
I might have reached the end,
but it loops back to the beginning -
I'll pay my dues to those which came before.