What About Me?

She sits alone after another desertion—
Another abandonment has left her scarred.
Tired of all the effort's exertion
On her heart with its view all marred.

She grabs a blade and goes to work
Carving the disappointment on her arms
Bleeding the pain she is trying to shirk
"How do I keep falling for his charms?"

Sticky sweet warmth runs down in a stream
The letters dig away at her precious skin
Because he's always shooting down her dreams
And causing the agony she has deep within...

But he plays the game of a man who's blind
Twisting and turning to avoid his own deeds
Refusing to accept his effect on her mind
Unable to comprehend that she is in need.

And when she begins to shake in state of weak
The blade falls into the puddle on the floor...
She looks at her artwork, feeling like a freak
Because about herself he no longer cares to explore.

He's become far too busy becoming his own man
Too focused on himself to spare her a passing glance
She's become so tired of telling him "I understand"
That she's taken on the bitterest of stance.

There are times like this she bleeds for him
Crying out desperately for a moment of his attention
Then there are times she resents his every whim
And she doesn't care to offer him an extension

Of this "relationship," if that's what this were...
The fact of the matter is it has fallen apart.
He's far too busy with himself to care about her
And, as a result, has completely shattered her heart.

So one day she says she's going to make her name
But of this desire of hers, he doth protest
Because if she were out playing all of his games
He'd find himself lonely and complaining detest.

"But it's not all about you," she wants to say
Biting her tongue as this is a fight to avoid
While refusing to accept that his behavior's okay
Because her soul's long since become devoid

Of love for her partner, and why should she care?
Because he absolutely refuses to open up and see
That he's keeping her caged and leaving her scared
To ask the question, "But what about me?"