Breathing fire


Chapter one: the thirteenth candle

Abigail Scott peeked around the corner and into her living room where her whole family was sitting, waiting for her. She saw colorfully wrapped boxes on the table and a cake with exactly thirteen candles on it. Two of her best friends sat on the floor with her sister and Abby's parents each sat in their own chair. Knowing they thought she still was asleep, she listened to their conversation without making a sound of her own.

"When will she wake up?" Emma said yawning, Abby giggled silently at her most impatient friend.

"I don't know, but I wonder what she'll end up being?" Her mother sighed dreamily imagining the possibilities. Abigail's stomach tied up in knots just thinking about it. Not liking where the conversation was going, she decided to make herself known. Pretending she had no idea that her friends were here she slipped around the corner and yawned.

"Hey mom what's for breakfast?" she opened her eyes as they all screamed "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Feigning surprise, she plopped down on the floor between Emma, Hailey and her sister, Skye.

Every year it was a competition to see who's present she'd open first. No one told which was theirs to make it more of a guessing game and her parents presents were set apart from the rest. Her friends and family took this very seriously. Abby sighed and picked one from the middle. After hearing the loud scream and the jumping up and down, she opened Skye's present. It was a new iPod, which made her super excited, her old one had broken less than a week ago, plus, this one was a touch! She flipped it on and her excitement faded quickly. The wallpaper was flames, red and orange even animated. She watched the flickering for a minute then looked at Skye, mad as hell.

The smile on her sister's face turned into a frown in the blink of an eye. Abigail got up and ran to her room, dropping her new iPod on the ground as she stood. Tears filled her eyes as she slammed her bedroom door. If she could have anything in the world it would be to not be thirteen.

Thirteen was that year. The wicked year when you became something you didn't want to be. The year when the whole world started coming for you and there was nothing you could do about it. Most girls reading this will think it means the teen years, when you fall in love and when you get acne, when you spend half the time in from of the mirror perfecting your look and when someone will break your heart. But that isn't what poor Abby was worried about. Abigail Scott didn't care about acne or boys or her weight.

If anything, she wanted to care about those things. But where she lived, that was not possible.

The Scotts, along with a couple hundred of their kind, lived on a large island called Terra. Every girl and boy who lived on this island was special. They had powers over one of the four elements and they were either dark or light as well. When you turn thirteen, you find out who you are for the first time. Until then you live like a normal human kid, but once you hit the big one three your life changed for good.

What element you were determined your whole future. And Abby did not want her future determined. She'd been dreading this day since she understood what 'this day' was.

This race had coexisted with humans for centuries, since ancient times. And most humans didn't know about them, if one walked up to Abby, they'd have no idea that she wasn't human just like them.

So, after you turn thirteen you go to a school specially made for whatever element you were, there they'd teach you how to use it and to keep it a secret. Basically there are four elements, fire, water, air and earth. For each element there are two schools, the light and the dark. You don't get to choose your element or if you're light or dark.

Abby didn't think she was going to be dark, but her great grandfather was, and it skips a generation. Skye hadn't turned 13 yet and so they weren't sure which one would end up being the dark one. Whether you're dark or light is a big deal. It's like either being the hero or the villain, if you end up being dark the whole world hates you. There are hunters, who only hunt to kill the dark. The light ones will basically want nothing to do with you too, you have to ditch your friends and family if they aren't dark as well. Basically being dark in a family of light is like being the devil right in the middle of heaven.

Her family all thought she was going to be fire and she actually thought so too, fire would be a perfect element for her and most of the time if its that easy to guess, then you're right.

After moping in her room for a little while she went back downstairs and apologized. "Sorry Skye, it's just… I'm scared. I don't want to end up with something I don't like and what if I'm dark? That would be bad 'cause…" at this point she started doing her normal blabbering until her mom cut her off.

"Abby, calm down, it's okay, but you do have to figure out what you are and todays the day to do it. So open the rest of your presents and then we'll test you." Abby sighed and opened the other presents. She got a pack of all her favorite band's CDs (which she'd been obsessively renewing from the library) from Emma and from Hailey she got 2 books she'd been wanting to read and an iTunes card for her iPod. And finally from her parents she got a laptop (which she jumped up and down screaming upon opening) and of course, a testing kit. On every 13th birthday parents get their kids a testing kit to test which power they are. Basically it has bits of all four elements and you test by putting your hand over each and the monitor will tell you which one you have power over.

Abigail, terrified, opened up her testing kit and before anything took out the fire essence. Since they all thought she was fire she'd test that first so she didn't have to go through the trouble of testing them all.

After they set up the monitor she raised her hand over the fire essence and looked at the monitor. She closed her eyes and waited.

It beeped, signaling that the reading had come through and they all gathered around to read the monitor.


Author's note: okay sorry if I get deep into the explaining at some parts but I don't want too many questions. Anyway, how did I do? My first story EVER that isn't a fan fiction and is original so please be kind