Breathing Fire


Chapter 11: Red, White, and Black

Nobody likes waiting.

Well, somebody might, but then they'd have to be crazy.

Or stupid.

Probably stupid.

Aren't trees so pretty?

Who would've thought that they could kill?

Ash looks like something out of a horror movie.

I wonder what horror movies were like before you could see the color of the blood in them?

Why is blood red?

This is what Abby did to occupy her mind, she thought. And then she thought some more. She had a long list of questions she'd like to ask the creator of the universe sometime.

Such as who IS the creator of the universe anyway?

After about an hour, she reasoned that the ambulance was never coming. Too bad, the corpse had begun to rot. You could tell by the flies around it. Abby wasn't real sure what to do now, she had to move the body, but if someone saw her dragging it, she'd probably get arrested for murder or something.

"Well I'm not making any progress just sitting here, I guess." So she grabbed him by the shirt collar and began to pull him through the grass and into the woods.

It seemed like she had walked miles before she felt like she was far enough in to leave him there. The ground in this forest was rocky, too hard to dig into so she left him lying there and ran for it. It seemed like a much shorter distance back to the hotel then away from it. This idea tossed itself around in her head for a while but never really evolved into anything.

As soon as she walked in the lobby, her phone vibrated. Abby pulled it out and saw she had a text from Ally.

Gone 2 eat, b back in an hr

She replied with a simple "ok" and walked over to the elevator.

"Hey you, girl, yeah you." She turned around to see a boy, probably around 17 years old, staring at her.

"What do you want?"

"Aren't you dead?"


"You walked through the lobby earlier, like a zombie. Any of this ring a bell?" Damn someone noticed! In the next two seconds she came up with a cover story for this guy and just in case someone else asked.

"Uh… yeah that was me. It was a dare from my friend, we um… were in a costume store earlier and she dared me to make myself look like I was dead and walk around the hotel like that, so I did. I wasn't REALLY dead."

"Cool. I'm Matt," he started, "I'm 14."

"You look like you're 17!" He looked down at the floor, then I realized what I did wrong. "Oh my god, sorry. You're just tall. I'm Abby, I'm 13."

"Okay. Hi Abby," he paused and the elevator doors opened. "Maybe I'll see you around. This is my floor." He stepped off and left her alone to groan and slide to the floor.

"I swear I am never talking to another guy again."

When the doors opened on her floor she stood up then ran, bullet speed, to her room. She fumbled with the key for a while and then pushed the door open and slammed it closed.

Abby was so confused, so guilty, and so tired.

The world seemed like one gigantic mess that just kept on getting bigger and bigger and eventually it would all explode right in her pretty little face.

She leaned against the door and again slid down to the floor. She rested her head on her knees but then looked up again and noticed that Dana's laptop was still open. Abby crawled across the floor and then half-stood up and sat down in the chair.

She clicked on the firefox window and on the screen were a bunch of nonsensical numbers and letters. She stared at this for a while but nothing came to mind. Then Abby noticed that Dana's email was open in a different tab and she clicked on it. Then on the 'sent' button and saw one that had been sent shortly after she had gone to wait for the ambulance. She clicked that one and began to read.

Dear Red,

Hello, I know you are probably gonna kill White and I when we return, but it's not our fault that we didn't succeed in killing her. We thought for sure she couldn't survive the tree incident. Luckily she hasn't figured out what's going on yet. I thought for sure she was going to catch us, as soon as she stood up. But he is dead, sadly. You have to send out another or else it'll be virtually impossible to murder Gold. Either way, we WILL kill her, so do you have the mind potions ready? You KNOW it takes forever to make. I remember last time we helped you with this, it SUCKED!


Abby was WAY more confused by that then she had been in the first place, why was everyone going by a color? What did she mean 'send out another'? send out another what exactly? Obviously she meant that Ash was dead, and Abby had lived, so her 'friends' had WANTED to kill her? Had they REALLY been the cause of that tree falling?

The laptop made a low beeping sound to signal a new email. Abby opened it, later she'd just mark it as unread, it was simple enough.


Get it done in the next 2 days or you'll be dead. I had another "human" prepared and I sent him out immediately. She's already run into him, I had him chipped. His name is Matt, code name Green, got it? Also, I caused a little mix up with the ambulances, Gold will have to dispose of the boy herself. And yeah, I have the mind potions ready, tell me when Gold is dead and I'll send them out. Kill her and you will be rewarded. Fail to finish my request and you and White will never see another sunrise.


Abby marked it as unread and wrote down the man's email () then returned everything back to the way she'd found it, I mean, it sure sounded like White and Black were pretty good spies. She didn't want to get caught.

After all of that she threw everything she still had into her bag and ran for it. People were out the kill her, neither North Carolina or Terra were safe, and she didn't know where to go.

Finally she had a brilliant idea. Abby ran back over to the computer, but just then her phone vibrated. From Ally;

We r 2 mins away from hotel

She groaned, there wasn't enough time. She didn't know Dana's email password, so she grabbed the laptop and stuffed it in her bag next to her own. Then she also grabbed Ally's computer and Dana's phone. She needed them to be totally out of contact with this 'Red' guy, of course she couldn't get Ally's phone because Ally already had it, but Abby had everything else. Then after this she darted down the stairs and started to leave but saw the twins walking in the door so she hid behind a table used for breakfast until they were in the elevator then she ran out of the hotel.

She had plane tickets back, and she knew she could exchange them for ones to leave today so she ran into the airport.

After half an hour of running around, she finally had her ticket and was waiting to board the plane back to Terra. It was secret and the general public wasn't supposed to know about this particular plane. All the staff knew though so people with powers wouldn't have to worry about revealing their secret to anyone who didn't know about it already.

She pulled out Dana's laptop and opened it up. She would be waiting for 15 more minutes so she figured she should go ahead and get this over with.

Abby opened the email screen again and clicked on 'compose email' then began to type.


It's done. We poisoned Gold. Start giving out the mind potions. We have to stay for a few more days to make sure she really is dead and that we don't get convicted of it, but we should fly back by next week.


A reply came in almost immediately.


Good... good… Someone has returned to see you so hurry back. The mind potion is being shipped tomorrow. Soon no one will ever know.


A/N: you KNOW I'm sorry its useless to apologize.