The Third Bell

The cold air sent shivers throughout their naked bodies their bare flesh was becoming ice cold, feeling like stone. Out in the cold harsh winter stood three children almost completely still but they could not keep themselves from shaking. They could not move until Miss Addie came to get them, until she felt they learned their lesson. Which could take until the end of the day or she might even forget about them all together, the woman had been known to do that fairly often.

The third bell sounded and their fellow students came pouring out of the school. It was recess. They all wore cozy winter coats with scarves and gloves, the three naked children shed tears of envy but made sure to stay silent.

The other children were soon surrounding them, "Oh no! it's Mary" a female student cried out, pointing to the girl between the two boys. "Tom and George too!" a boy shouted. "What did they do?!" another student asked.

Before the question could be answered the children began to scurry away. The May siblings were approaching Mary, Tom and George.

"Well, isn't this a sight." said Rosyln May she was the one girl of the three siblings. Like her brothers she was chubby and had cheeks dotted with freckles. Her round face was tightly circled by the hood of her black coat. A red scarf was wrapped securely around her neck. Over all the May siblings looked nearly identical with their bulky black coats and round faces. "Hey lets get some snowballs!" Daniel May said, he was the tallest and the eldest. The other May boy, Abel was the youngest and the more quiet of the three. Each one with their gloved hands began to gather the snow and shape it. The recess monitor, a timid woman named Mrs. Halter took one glance at the naked children and May siblings but was quick to turn away.

Daniel was first to throw a snowball hitting George straight on the face. When the ball of snow hit the small boy it broke in to an explosion of icicles, a trickle of blood leaked from his nose. The children did their best to remain still but they could not hide all traces of fear.

Abel and Roslyn couldn't throw anywhere near as powerfully as their older brother, which each child would endure. Tom was left with his lip split open causing a trail of blood to pour down to his belly and Mary was the last one to go.

Seeing that his younger siblings were doing little harm Daniel shouted, "Step back, you two are useless!" Abel dropped his snowball and quickly obeyed. Rosyln wasn't so quick she glared at her older brother for a moment and let out a angry grunt but then she to stepped back along with Abel.

Mary was the last to feel the force of Daniel's throw he looked straight at her, readying himself. With one forceful motion of the arm Daniel threw the snowball.

The young girl was hit on the chest a blast a pain went throughout her body and she could no longer keep her composure, she fell to the snow covered ground gasping for air. Despite the urge to help her Tom and George remained still. "She moved! She moved!" Rosyln shouted,

"Looks like we'll be taking her to Miss Addie then." Daniel said. It can't be said whether he intended to hit her in the chest or not. But he did not seem to care either way. Effortlessly Daniel put Mary over his shoulder and began walking to the school doors. His siblings followed him past the crowd of children and Mrs. Halter.

Mary's breathing was very labored her arms dangling over Daniel's large shoulder. She did not want to see Miss Addie, but she couldn't fight or argue. It was an effort for her to even breath. They soon approached the door of Miss Addie's office and Roslyn knocked lightly on the door. After five knocks Miss Addie's harsh voice sounded, "Come in!" Rosyln turned the knob letting her brothers go in before her.

In the room Daniel tossed Mary on to one of the two beds in the office. The beds were for fainted children and those who had to spend a day with Miss Addie. Leather restraints dangled from each one.

The woman stood silently over the bruised naked child, observing her. Miss Addie was a tall woman and very thin, her black hair was pulled back tightly in to a bun, her eyes always appeared to be partly shut. As usual she wore a long faded black dress.

For a few minutes the only sound in the room was Mary's heavy breathing. The May children stood quietly behind Miss Addie waiting for her to speak. "This is one of the children I put outside" the woman said finally. "Yes Miss Addie." Abel said. "She fell to the ground and started convulsing." They wouldn't tell her about the snowballs until they needed to.

"I see- go get the others!" the woman demanded. A bit surprised the May siblings looked curiously at each other but nevertheless, they did as Miss Addie told them.

"At Margret Addie's school for the gifted we mold children to become great..." Miss Addie said as she walked over to her wooden cabinet. "Ignorance is severely punished my child" she pulled from her cabinet a large wool blanket. Much to Mary's surprise she was covered with the blanket and tucked in tightly, she soon began to feel warmth.

"We take you from abandonment and call you ours, your birth parents were all to weak to care for you" Miss Addie went on, she had said this all many times before every child in the school had heard these words multiple times. "We give you a home, do we not?! We give you everything you need, do we not?!" All the children came to school as helpless orphans and became Miss Addie's students. She owned them and had no problem pointing that out.

"What's taking those fat degenerates so long?!" Miss Addie snarled.

Minutes later the May siblings came in with Tom and George the two boys were laid together on the bed next to Mary. In her struggled breathing Mary was able to look over at Tom. Their tortured eyes burned through each other as they each shed a single tear.

"Get the other blanket out of the cabinet." the woman ordered and Abel was quick to obey, going to the cabinet and pulling out another heavy wool blanket. "What do you want me to do with it, Miss Addie?" The woman scowled, "Cover the boys of course."

With a quick nod Abel dragged the blanket over to the boys, Rosyln and Daniel helped him to cover them securely. They were all shocked by Miss Addie's gift of warmth but did not question her motives.

"You three go sit in that corner and stay quiet... for now" Miss Addie ordered and the siblings were quick to obey. The woman walked between the two beds running her bony hands along their covered bodies. "You still feel very cold." she whispered. She felt each one of their cold cheeks, their heads being the only thing uncovered. Her touch sent the small bodies in to rigidness.

"I think it's time for you three to leave my school." the woman knelt to the floor and began searching under the bed that Mary laid. After they heard the clanking and rattle of several items Miss Addie selected what she needed and stood up.

Miss Addie had gotten four knives and she laid one carefully on to Mary's stomach, it moved up and down awkwardly do to the girl's breathing. The remaining Knives were placed on the stomachs of Tom and George, George would have two placed on him.

The woman observed each of them carefully, her eyes inspecting each knife on the moving bellies. After several minutes of silence Miss Addie would chose, her hand went to the knife rested on Mary. "Children! You grab the other knives!" She ordered the May siblings. They quickly scurried over to the bed that had Tom and George and each picked up a knife.

"Stay still for a moment." Miss Addie said turning back to Mary, "I must get rid of the whore first." She raised the knife over her head grasping it firmly. It was brought down with fierce rage, the small girl's coldness was shattered.