Betrayal didn't hit me, not when you called them,
Nor when you opened their door and stepped inside.
Your eyes shouldn't be trained on his, waiting for him,
They should be on Mom's, she's smiling but you know,
We all know.
Betrayal must run deep in your soul
To have turned your back on us, on her,
She truly was the only reason you were still here,
Guess you just lost that ride back.
And while you're looking at Grandpa,
I'll be looking at her and knowing that she's
Waving goodbye, because they've got you hooked.
She was lucky, she wasn't meant to leave
But she was strong; stronger than me,
Stronger than
Whether you know it or not,
They don't have your back,
Not like I did,
Not like she did.

Tennessee Calling 7/25/11

A/N: I've actually been meaning to put this up on here but it slipped my mind completely. Just a nice family vacation. This poem is clealy about the happiness that had alluded.

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