This Character does not belong to me but to a friend of mine. I asked her for a description because I wanted to do a fic of her character and this is what she gave me:

Name: Tony

Race: Vampire

Personality: Cruel

Appearance: Black hair. Blue eyes.

History: Tony turned at age 20, medieval time, been four years sense he was turned.

Yes, not much to go on. She refused to give me more info. I had to refer to her pictures.

He breathed, sucking in the dank air. It was his first breath upon waking. The first breath at nightrise was always the hardest breath to draw. At every dawn he'd retreat into the cellar of his manor and put himself to rest within his coffin. There he'd fall into the sleeping death, not to draw another breath until the beginnings of nightrise.

Tony opened his eyes, bright and blue and cold as ice. After his gasping first breath, his second was quite and third almost silent, and then his breath became so shallow that he seemed not to breathe at all. He placed a thin pale hand on the coffin lid. It levitated a few inches above and slid down. There was no light within the cellar, but Tony's vampiric eyes took in every detail in the unadorned dank room. The cellar held nothing but his smooth white coffin, which he ran his hands idly over as he rose. The hunger was upon him, as it always was upon first waking.

The lid to the white coffin slid shut as he stepped silently up the stairs and out of the cellar. The lock on the cellar door clicked and sprung open on its own accord. He step through, allowing the door to lock itself again before moving on. The absence of true life within him granted him the power over objects as vacant of life as himself.

The manor held a silence that few living could sense. It was a cool silence that one might find in a very deep cavern, or at the bottom of the ocean. It was the silence of the dead, and it stretched to every nook of Tony's manner, it extended to the essence of Tony himself. He left the easy, sweet, silence of his manor to the waking world.

The city was not far, and he traveled the road quickly, his hunger driving him to move faster, but he daren't move too swiftly. Though he would smell a manling as he past it he did not wish to disturb it. The creature would bolt like a startled dear; that was if Tony did not move swiftly enough for a manling to see. The fear of startling a manling was not the only reason Tony moved so slowly tonight, no, it was the moon. The bright and beautiful moon was full tonight. It was round and seemed to touch the world itself this eve. He watched it as he walked, almost as captivated by it as he was by the hunger that spurred him forward.

The wind cooed, rustling his curled dark hair, and would have given him a chill had he still been human, but it did not. He let it flow through his fingers, ruffling the sleeves of his shirt. It breathed again, and was still.

The city lights peaked through the night. From leaving his manner, he could already see the steeple of the church, but the trees blocked the rest of the city from view. As he drew closer, the smell of manling brought the breath forth within him and his chest did not lie so still. It moved in the rythem of the manlings breath. There was only one and he saw it far before it saw him. Tony stopped, letting his hands slide into the pockets of his breaches, a cruel smile coming to his lips.

He waited.

The manling came bobbing up the road, swinging a lantern at his side. He was not dressed finely, and the smell of animal hung heavily upon him. It was far too faint for a human to sense, but it stood out plainly to Tony. The man started, as they always do, when his lantern light swung forward and for a brief moment reviled Tony, but when it swung back Tony darted back a few paces. The light swung to reveal to the manling that nothing stood before him. Uneasy, the manling steadied his lantern and held it before him, but the light did not stretch forward to reveal Tony again.

It was a short while before the manling moved again, but before the creature had taken two steps Tony darted and to the manlings eyes, appeared before him. Tony heard the beginnings of the creatures cry before slapping a cool hand over its jaw.

The hunger was strong, and though this manling smelt of animal he was the first meal, and the first meal of nightrise could never be avoided. He jerked the manlings head to the side. The motion was slow and easy to his eyes. The manling raised the hand holding the lantern ever so slowly, so clumsy. Tony briefly gimps it before setting his teeth to the man's neck. He gently slapped the lantern out of the manlings hand and it clattered into the night and went out.

He drank deeply on the manling, his hunger easing. Before the creature had quite died, Tony's hunger slated enough for him to become painfully aware of the stench of animal. He brought his mouth away and the manling crumbled boneless to the ground. It stared at Tony though lidded eyes.

Tony pulled a kerchief from his sleeve and cleaned his mouth. He then grabbed the dying creature by the arm and threw it into the thicket of the trees. It flew limply over several tree tops, its arms and legs jiggling with purposeless movement. Tony heard the breaking of its bones as it tumbled through the branches to strike the ground again. The wolves would find it there.

He replaced the kerchief, and started down the road again. The first meal was always a mess, but the next would be far sweeter. Something of cleaner tastes, and prettily displayed. His breath retreated to its easy quiet, the bright moon illuminating the world before him.

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