The mid hunger spurred him forward. It was not as powerful as first waking. It could be avoided with effort, but Tony saw no reason to. The light of the full moon illuminated the city before him. He scaled across slated rooftops. The buildings were constructed so closely that the houses and shops almost ran into one another. He stepped easily along the spine of the slated roofs, traveling from one building to the next.

A manling might have tried the same thing, but the creatures balance wouldn't allow for it. The layers of slate were slippery, and required much dexterity to keep from falling, something the manlings completely lacked.

At last, he slid down the tiles, coming to a halt at the roofs edge. He bent; placing one hand along the tile Tony swung himself onto the window ledge bellow. His weight did not cause the ledge to crack, though it was not built to support a manling as large as Tony. It held the vampire easy enough.

He peered through the window, his breath catching with the sleeping creature inside. He looked about the room, seeing where the light of the moon did not reach.

The manling rested in a well crafted, but not expensive bed. A dresser and a desk were the only other furnishing the room held. The door was shut. Tony crooked a finger, and the latch on the door clicked.

The sound did not disturb the manling, as Tony knew it would not. He looked about the room once more and all at once, the window flew open none too softly. The cool night air sent the curtains a billow for the briefest of moments. The manling woke, turning around, but by the time the slow creature's eyes reached the window Tony was no longer there.

The manling was young, not so young as to be called a child, but younger than Tony was before he was turned. He was well built, a creature of labor. He did not reek of filth or sweat, and thus was clean enough for Tony.

He rose out of bed, frowning at the window. He looked to the door, but his poor human eyes would not allow for him to see that it was locked. Tiredly, the manling crossed to the window, raising his hand to shut it.

As he did, Tony moved from the shadows of the room, behind the manling. He bent, his fangs emerging inches from flesh. He felt the manling stiffen as it became aware that it was not the only thing in the room.

It swerved, and Tony moved, faster than its eye could see. He retreated to the shadows of the room. The manling blinked, its slow vision adjusting, but before it did, Tony darted so that he stood plainly in the manlings periphery.

The creature did not cry out as its head whipped to find Tony not two paces from him. Its expression was focused, but Tony knew its fear by the increased pounding of its heart.

The manling lunged for Tony, but even it's well built frame was no match for the vampire. Tony easily avoided the creatures flailing arms. He grabbed the manling by the hand and bit into its wrist.

Sweet blood, fresh from the hearts pounding, Tony sucked for a moment then released. The manling retracted his arm, hand pressed against the wounds from Tony's fangs. He stared at Tony then, sudden understanding and horror played across its face.

Tony did not let it shout. He slapped a hand under its jaw, locking the manlings mouth shut. He pressed his free hand to the nape of the creature's neck, and bit into its shoulder, sucking again for only moments before throwing the manling to the floor.

The sweet aroma of blood filled the air, flaring Tony's nostrils. The manling scrambled away from Tony. Its hands jingled the door handle, eyes widening when it refused to budge.

Tony knelt beside the struggling creature, peeling its hands away from the knob. He bit into the creature's throat and this time drunk deeply. The manlings struggles slowly ceased, and Tony had no need to hold back its limp arms.

As the manling neared death, Tony broke away. He crossed over to the wooden chair and ripped off a leg. It splintered and, with no adequate support, toppled to the floor. The noise might have woken other manlings within the home, but it did not matter.

He jabbed the wooden leg into the wrist that held his fang marks, and again into the manlings shoulder and neck. He then unlocked the door, creaked it open, and listened.

The house was quiet. He could hear the easy breathing of manlings throughout the house. He shut the door and prowled silently down the hall. The floor boards did not creak beneath his feet. He did not have to walk far to reach a door that led to a pair of sleeping manlings. He could hear their breathing, smell their warm blood.

He pushed open the door. It creaked and the manlings stirred. He crossed and waited at the foot of their bed. He tapped the splintered chair leg along the bed's wooden frame. The manlings stirred again and their breathing changed, telling Tony they were now awake.

"What's that noise?" the female creature muttered. She did not open her eyes.

The second, however, did and when it caught sight of Tony tapping a blooded splinter of wood along the bed frame, it opened its mouth and a horrible cry began. Tony leaped into the air and landed with one knees pressed hard into the creatures gut. The wind was knocked out of the manling, its cries cutting off at once.

The female creature's eyes came open then and it howled a cry of its own. He snatched the thing by the throat, lifting her to his mouth. He bit into the nape of her neck, drinking deeply. The male beneath his knee began to struggle, but Tony pressed the tip of the splintered chair leg to the manling's throat. If the creature moved too strongly, it would stab itself on the splinter.

The creature quickly became aware of this, and ceased its struggles. It stared horrified at Tony as he continued to drain its mate. Tony met the manlings stare, laughter in his icy blue eyes.

The female died quickly. Tony dropped it. The manling watched its mate, its face scrunched up in emotion and Tony knew it was about to cry again. He lowered himself so that his lips almost touched the manlings ear.

"Stab the woman where my fangs touched her, and do not cry." Tony whispered, giving power to his words. He pushed himself from the creature, standing to the side of the bed that held the dead manling.

The male's expression froze, as if it was suddenly struck dumb. Its face softened and in a calm manner the manling accepted the wood splinter from Tony and jabbed it into the nape of its mate's neck.

No blood blossomed from the wound. As the manling drew the splinter from the dead thing, Tony spotted a rather expensive ring on its dead finger. He lifted the object, crafted of gold. The stone's laced within the ring shown beautify in the moonlight. It looked to be the most expensive thing the manlings owned. Nothing within the house hinted the creatures could afford such a treasure. He slipped the ring onto his little finger, admiring it in the moonlight. It was not right for his hand, but he kept it anyway.

"Follow me," Tony said, his voice still carrying the power of compulsion.

In the hall, Tony could hear the pad of footsteps and the quickened breathing of a frightened manling.

"Mother? Father?" a soft voice called.

Tony smiled and darted down the hall, stopping before a girl who hardly came up to his chest. She was not yet a woman but no longer was she a child. Her large eyes widened at the sudden appearance of the vampire. She let out a small cry, stumbling away from Tony. He caught the little creature by the wrist, spinning her around, and drank deeply from her.

She hardly struggled at all before she died. Tony had the father stab the girl as well before continuing down the stairs. He could smell one last manling in the house. When he reached the bottom of the stairs he followed the sound of quickened breathing. He moved faster than the manling, but the creature did follow him.

Moonrays shown through the window's casting the dining room in silver light. There was only one painting adorning the wall of the room, and old fellow sharing some similar features to the manling that followed Tony. Old blood. Tony concluded. These people must once have had money, but little of the wealth remained with them now. The painting was the only thing of value in the room, not even the candle holders were prettily designed.

He left the dining room and entered a well used kitchen. Pots and pans scattered across the floor, Tony had but to follow the trail of dishes to a cabinet along the floor. He sank to his knees, opening the little door to find a child crying within. It was another girl, and she did not scream at the sight of Tony. She simply sat, tears falling down her face.

Tony held out a hand for her to take. "Come on out." He did not put power to his words, but the child took his hand. She threw her arms around him.

"Brother's dead," She sobbed.

"Yes," Tony said. "And you will be dead soon too."

The child drew a breath at the same moment Tony's fangs sunk into her flesh. Blood gushed down his throat he gulped it down. He was not hungry, but he would not feel right if he did not finish the whole thing off properly. He did not drain the girl, but left her dizzy. She swayed when he set the child down.

He cleaned his mouth with a kerchief. "Kill her," Tony said, casually gesturing towards the child. For the first time the manling resisted Tony's compulsion, but with another command lance with power the father stabbed his child in the throat, and again through the heart.

Blood blossomed from the girl's chest. She died, staring at her father in utmost horror, as if she couldn't believe what was happening. Tony watched the girl's expression as she toppled to the floor, a cruel smile touching his lips.

"Find a long rope," Tony spoke to the manling once more, and with that same cruel smile, he added. "And a high place to tie it."

He followed the manling outside the house once the creature had found the rope. The thing pointed to the roof's edge where a hook was driven into the wood of the wall.

Tony smiled, tying a noose and scaling up the wall. He fastened another looped and secured it around the hook. The rope stretched far enough for Tony's purposes. He found a crate for the manling to stand upon. As Tony was fastening the noose around the manling neck, he released his compulsion.

The splinter dropped from the manlings hand.

Interesting reaction.

Its expression contorted in anguish. It let out a howl that would have sent Tony's heart into the pit of his stomach if he still had one. The man continued to scream, clutching his face in his hands.

Tony leapt off the crate, coming along to face the manling. He watched as it cried until he'd had enough. Others would be coming, drawn by the sound.

"Quite." Tony said, lacing power to his words. He did not take over the creature completely, just enough to give it some relief.

The manling stopped its continuous cry. It starred at Tony. Its look of anguish shifted to rage.

"Why?" it spat. "You demon, why?"

Tony grinned, but his words gave no answer. "You have two choices. You can die here and now with your family, or, you can die latter in the same fashion. Or perhaps by fire, depends on how disgusted they are with you."

The manling snapped his head down at his feet and followed the rope up to the roof. When he turned back to Tony rage wouldn't have begun to cover the expression the thing wore. It was quite remarkable. Tony did not think anything could look so pitiful and so hateful at once.

It made to remove the noose.

"No," Tony said and the thing stopped. "You will tell them you did it." Tony commanded and turned to walk away. "Or you can die now."

The sound of the crate scrapping against wood brought another smile. He turned again and watched the manling hang itself. Tony did not leave until he was sure the thing was dead. Only then did he dart down one of the narrow allies laced between the packed houses.