KeeP ThE WeaponS BehinD

running past the meadows with leaves flying beside me

see the beauty of the world and keep the weapons down

no one needs the hell arcoss through the graceful breeze

take my hand we'll fly through together just leave the gun behind

dont shoot for my sake, we dont need a bloody ground

if theres a fight it's to save a thoughtful life

where's that smile I so want to see, let it be free

hold my hand, let it replace the weapon in your other hand

stop drawing a line between you and me

if we die, its because you forgot to leave the past behind

speak words with me instead of putting that gun to a head

mabye this is the moment where we get to see the light in the sky

will the clouds finaly flow past and we'll figure out its a new daylight

its time to keep the weapons down, like I said choose my hand

think of the young that want to see and old that have precious memories

lets take another path to the tower stairs, where we circle to the top

it gets brighter to the top like the walls are vanishing

keep the weapons away after today

lets have this chance to see what has happened to the future

I know the boarder line to keep us together, so lets leave the past behind

dont show expressions that could make us cry

i know your not a bad person and thats why i'm here with you

i would give you everything to have you

would you have me if i say i'm here only for you

pleed for no one but me and i'll let you see the true side of me

i'll always fight for only you to get you back again

reach the top of the sky then fall back down

fall into the leaves that are there to catch us as we land

its not how much but how long, on how'll we'll be there...