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Waste Myself on You.

Like a feather in a hurricane

This sweeping through my brain

I can't seem to find hope in this situation, love

Oh and so I tremble like an earthquake

Your tears are heavy rain

They drown my soul in empathy like a flood, love


Chapter One – Terrible People

The moment she sees him, Michael, that is, she knows, the summer was a mistake. He's got his arm draped around Kelly's shoulder and that stupid, gorgeous smile is plastered on his face.

Carolynn's heart begins to pound in her chest, it's ringing in her ears, but her face is calm. She's cool and collected. It's one of her strong points; her face never betrays what she's thinking. Those intense blue eyes are like a dead end. There's no seeing into her soul, and she figures it's better that way anyways. She'll never give anyone the satisfaction of knowing they hurt her, or vice versa, she might feel the remorse, but it won't show. So as Carolynn approaches her friends and the boy she spent her summer with secretly, she's completely placid. Even if it is only skin deep, it doesn't matter, no one will be able to tell that's she's freaking the fuck out on the inside.

"Carolynn!" Kelly breaks away from Michael and throws her arms around her best friend. And the moment Carolynn feels Kelly's touch, she feels sick. What had she been thinking this summer?

Oh, that's right. She hadn't been.

"Kelly! Hey, how was Massachusetts?" Carolynn fakes a smile and forces the tone in her voice. But she's convincing. Her smile is bright, her eyes are deceiving, and her voice is warm. She's a terrible person.

"Oh, god!" Kelly says rolling her eyes, "I can't believe we haven't had a chance to just hang out yet. I mean I've been back for like, three days."

"You were busy." Carolynn says with a shrug and her eyes glance to Michael. He's watching them, his green eyes look serious. But it's not uncommon; in fact it's rare for Michael to look anything other than serious. Maybe that's what makes him smile so much more beautiful when he does flash one. But Carolynn has his smile burned in her memory from one to many nights spent alone together on the hood of his car down by the lake when there was no one around.

Kelly looks back at her boyfriend and returns to give Carolynn a brilliant smile. "I missed him so much."

"I'm sure he missed you too." Carolynn lies. He was too busy with her to be thinking about Kelly. Carolynn seriously feels ill because she can still close her eyes and feel Michael's hands on her hips, pressed into the small of her back, cupping her face, fingers laced between hers. She can still feel his lips on her skin.

She's a terrible person.

"Hey, so I heard that Sam and Tony were hooking up while I was gone. Spill, none of the guys will give me anything and Sammie isn't here yet." Kelly says linking arms with Carolynn and pulling her over to Michael's car. She swallows hard and doesn't dare to look at the tall, tanned, green eyed teen.

But he says, "Hi Carolynn."

She meets his eyes, and his face is just as blank and expressionless as hers. He's almost as good as hiding what he's feeling as Carolynn. Because nothing but the look in his eyes tells the story of the summer they spent together, and only Carolynn can read it.

"Michael." She quirks the ends of her lips up. Carolynn isn't quite sure that she can muster a full on smile for him. Or maybe he just doesn't deserve it, because Carolynn is guilty, but she isn't the only one. Michael was the one who asked her to leave the party with him. Michael was the one who leaned in for their first kiss. Michael is just as bad of a person as she is.

"So dude," Kelly says, "was your brother hooking up with Sam?"

Carolynn glances at her twin brother. He's standing a few cars away with David and their laughing about something. He and Sam had spent a few days together, but Carolynn honestly doesn't know if they had shagged or they were just becoming great friends. Either way, it didn't matter to her. Sam was her friend, she could do as she pleased and her brother wasn't an asshole, so if they were getting intimate, Tony wouldn't just drop her because school started again. It'd make things super awkward anyways, if he did; they were all a part of the same clique.

Carolynn couldn't help but wonder if things were going to end up awkward between her and Michael. Now that Kelly was back, there was no way things could keep up the way they had over summer. They'd kept it a secret so well. Always taking separate cars, lying about where they would be and who they would be with. And the times they were saw out in public together, it wasn't weird because Michael and Carolynn had known each other for a long time, and though they'd never been close, your best friend's boyfriend can end up becoming your friend as well. No one thought anything of it. No one would have guessed what really went down between them.

Carolynn shrugs in response to her blonde best friend, "In all honesty, I don't know Kell."

"Oh, come on, you live with him!"

"We didn't spend much time together. I was out a lot, so was he." She chances a look at Michael. He's looking forward; his eyes are on the car ahead of them. Kelly has her back to him and Carolynn sees the corners of his lips twitch upwards.

"Are you serious?"

"You'll just have to find out from Sammie if she ever even makes it to school today." Carolynn looks around for their monochromatic, caramel colored friend. She kind of, personally, thinks that it would be weird if Sam and Tony were hooking up, because they share more resemblance than Carolynn does with her twin. Carolynn and Tony have the same auburn hair color, but he got the copper colored skin from their mother and Carolynn is just as pale as their father. Tony's got light brown eyes, and they're so expressive, everything he's thinking is always written clearly on his face through his eyes. They're both tall, but Tony is close to six three, Carolynn is about five seven. Sam on the other hand is the same height as Carolynn, she's got the same skin tone as Tony and her eyes also match his as well.

"Right? Sammie is always late." Kelly flicks her hair over her shoulder.

"You got a nice tan." Carolynn offers, she's thinking that maybe she should start sucking up to Kelly a little bit just in case that by some disaster she does find out about the summer. She doesn't know how it would happen unless she was told directly from Carolynn or Michael because no one else knew, and she sure as hell isn't about to tell her best friend that she spent the summer getting a little too close to her boyfriend.

"Oh! Thanks-"Kelly begins to tell Carolynn all about Massachusetts and Carolynn wants to hear, she really does, but Drew is approaching. She can feel excitement bubbling in her gut, and a smile spreading across her face, because with each step closer, his smile widens as well. Kelly was Carolynn's best friend by default, they'd known each other the longest, been through everything together, but if there was someone that Carolynn could trust with anything, it was Drew. He was the true meaning of a best friend.

"Are you listening to me?" Kelly waves a hand in front of her face. Carolynn tells Kelly, "Hang on a sec." Then she's running to meet Drew. She's wrapping her arms around his neck practically jumping into his arms, knocking his fitted cap off his head. He laughs and holds her close, squeezing her tightly.

"Drew! I missed you!" Both of Carolynn's best friends had been gone all summer. Kelly in Massachusetts and Drew in Los Angeles. But now they were both home and Carolynn felt a little stronger with Drew around. Michael had always been her weakness, even before this summer happened, and Drew had always been her strength.

He leans down once the embrace is over and he kisses her cheek. "I missed you too, Lynn."

Drew and Michael do their little man-shake and grin wildly at each other. Kelly draws Drew in for a hug as well and he compliments her hair even though it's the same length and color as it's always been, blonde and shoulder length. She grins and returns with a compliment of her own, telling him that he looks buffer than when he left.

Drew laughs, "Yeah, surfing is a pretty intense work out; paddling out there in the water is work."

"You surfed! No way! Tell me about it." Kelly demands of him.

So Drew begins his story, and Carolynn is listening intently until her eyes meet Michael's. Then the world stops. She can't move, she's frozen under his gaze. He's just looking at her, but she feels like something is being said. But she also feels like the world is slipping away. The conversation going on between her two best friends is background noise and she can't really hear what's being said. It's just her and Michael, like it was so many times in the dark with the moonlight in her hair and shining through his eyes. It's one of those cool summer nights that they spent away from the rest of the world. While they partied and raged, Carolynn and Michael spent their nights quiet and together, telling each other about the world, and their lives like some corny high school romance movie.

Carolynn can't help but realize how cliché this situation is.

"What about you Michael?" Drew says nudging his friend with his arm; Michael tears his eyes from Carolynn and looks to Drew.

He shrugs and says, "Not much happened, there wasn't much to do without Kelly."

He's a smooth liar, just like Carolynn.

"How about you Lynn?" Drew knocks her foot with his and Carolynn smiles up at her best friend. "It was quiet; I spent most nights up by the lake."

She leaves out the part about Michael, and how words were forgotten, communication became physical. They don't need to know about that, but as she thinks about she feels this chill creep up her spine and she can't help but glance at Michael, he's got that same look in his eyes that he did every night they spent together.

David and Tony come over and join the three of them. Tony had driven them to school but instead of joining Carolynn in talking to the 'happy' couple, he'd gone to talk to David. Carolynn watches with amusement as the four boys in their group that had been formed in middle school begin to laugh and act stupid with each other.

Sam finally joins them as well. Her wavy brown hair is long and flowing, it almost reaches her waist. Kelly and Carolynn hug her and then one by one she makes her way through the boys to give them all hugs as well and remind them all that it is their first day of senior year and in about ten minutes they'll have to walk in on campus and show the freshmen how to do high school right.

"Okay!" Kelly commands all attention, "now that we're all here, I want to hear about any and all hook ups from the single people in this group over the summer. That's all of you. Except for me and Michael."

No one says anything. And Carolynn feels like coughing loud and obnoxiously because um, well, Michael had been hooking up this summer. With her.

Carolynn watches all the reactions on her friend's faces. Sam blushes, David turns to the side looking away from the group. Tony looks up and Drew shoves his hands in his pockets.

"No one is going to volunteer?" Kelly crosses her arms. "David, you go first."

David looks at Kelly and grins sheepishly, "I might have gotten around this summer."

"That's a fucking lie." Kelly says and rolls her eyes, "You've been having sex as often as you could since you were like fourteen."

Everyone in the group laughs at that. Because, well, it's true. David is a slut.

"What about you Anthony?" Kelly turns her attention to Carolynn's twin.

"You aren't getting anything from me." He says.

"You guys are so not fun." Kelly declares. "Sam?"

"I don't kiss and tell."

"Okay, come on, Carolynn, tell me you did something fun this summer."

"Fun?" She says and quirks an eyebrow, "yes, I had lots of fun this summer." She makes sure that she doesn't look at Michael when she says this.

"What!" Sam shrieks. Carolynn glances to Drew and he kind of looks, well, if she didn't know any better, she'd say he looks hurt. But why would he look hurt?

"Fun." Carolynn says firmly, "Isn't the equivalent of sex." She gives a pointed look to everyone in the group except Michael. "I was completely abstinent this summer." She lies through her teeth and it's pretty much the biggest, fattest lie she's ever told.

"Boo!" Kelly sticks her tongue out. "To me it is."

"Then I guess you didn't have any fun this summer." Michael says looking down at her. She grins up at him and tip toes up to give him a peck on the lips, "Not a bit." Carolynn looks away.

"Come on Drew," Kelly returns to the topic of other people's hookups, "tell me you've got something for us."

They all look to Drew and he grins at them, meeting all of their eyes.

"I won't lie," he says holding up his hands, "I got into some hot situations this summer."

"Really?" Sam says leaning in and getting all interested. "Tell us!"

"What can I say?" Drew smiles like he can't help it, "it was the L.A. heat. Went to my head."

Drew begins to get into some vague details of his hot Los Angeles hook ups, but Carolynn meets eyes with Michael again. The world is different in Michael's eyes. His gaze makes her feel like she's all that matters. It's an intense thing, something that she's never felt before, something that she enjoys. Michael was her entire summer. What her life revolved around for two months. She doesn't want to give him up. But Kelly is back now, which means that she has to. Because if Michael was going to break up with her to be with Carolynn, he would have done it already.

The school bell rings beckoning the group of teens to the hellacious institution known as high school. Carolynn breaks away from Michael's gaze, and she gives all of her friends a once over. She catches the pointed glance that Sam gives David, and she also sees the look that he brother is giving Sam as Sam is looking at David. There is something going on between them.

Drew puts his arm around Carolynn's shoulder and he smiles down at her, "I really did miss you Lynn."

Carolynn reaches up and takes his cap off his head and places it upon her own, then she smiles up at him and says, "I missed you too, Drew."

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