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Waste Myself on You.

Like a feather in a hurricane

This sweeping through my brain

I can't seem to find hope in this situation, love

Oh and so I tremble like an earthquake

Your tears are heavy rain

They drown my soul in empathy like a flood, love


Chapter Two

Kelly and Michael trail behind the rest of the group as the all head on to campus for their first day of school. Michael is quiet, but it's not like it's anything new, Michael's the strong and silent type. Kelly is his exact opposite, and she figures that maybe that's why they fit so well together. It's been just under a year now, and their relationship has run very smooth.

But Kelly is watching Carolynn as her best friend walks with Drew, his arm around her shoulder, her arm around his waist. Even at Five seven, Drew is quite a bit taller than her. There is something different about Carolynn and Kelly can't quite put her finger on it. Kelly has gone on trips over the summer to visit relatives since before she and Carolynn had even met, and every time she came back, Carolynn was still that same girl, beautiful, smiling, but a little cold. Carolynn has never been the outwardly affectionate type, and she's got this great poker face and no one can ever really tell what she's feeling. Except for Drew, he's got this way about him and he knows exactly what Carolynn is thinking. Kelly's kind of jealous. She's been best friends with Carolynn longer, and she can only tell when something is off or different. She never can figure out what is actually wrong, she always has to keep asking until Carolynn actually tells her. Because though she isn't exactly secretive, she doesn't put her shit on blast either.

"Babe?" Kelly looks up at Michael.


"Did you see Carolynn this summer?"

Michael shrugs and says, "Yeah, here and there, when I was hanging out with Tony or she showed up at a party."

Kelly looks down at the pavement, "It's just something seems off, doesn't it?"

"I don't know." He says, "I don't know her well enough to tell."

"True. Well, something seems different."

Michael doesn't respond.

Kelly isn't one to worry about something when it's really nothing, but it doesn't feel like nothing. She's kind of got this feeling in her gut that something went down this summer and it affected Carolynn. Kelly is scatterbrained, and she's brilliant, but all the same, she needs someone to help keep her brain organized. That's who Carolynn has always been to Kelly, in her constantly changing life, from the interior of her home to number of women her father is cheating on her mother with. Carolynn has always been Kelly's constant, the thing that never changed. She always had the same viewpoints, she never changed anything about herself to impress other people, something Kelly has also always been jealous of, all Kelly did for her childhood years was alter herself so that she would fit in, or impress someone, and Carolynn has always just been exactly what everyone needed. She talks just enough, she has a never ending supply of patience; she listens to whoever, whenever they need to be listened to. Carolynn is effortlessly smart, she's also effortlessly beautiful. Kelly puts hours in to studying, and she spends so much time in front of the mirror, she doesn't need to be flawless, just well, less flawed. Kelly knows that everyone thinks she's perfect, it's an image she's worked hard to achieve though it could not be more of a lie. But while everyone wishes that they could be her, Kelly wishes that she could be her best friend.

Drew and Michael have their first period class together, so each pair separates, Kelly and Carolynn go off in one direction and the other two in the opposite direction.

"So what did you really do this summer?" Kelly asks.

Without hesitance, Carolynn shrugs, "not much. There were a few parties I went to. I hung out with Sam every once in a while. Tony and I went out on some family outings, I hardly saw David. Michael and I went out for ice cream once. For the most part, I just missed you and Drew. Wished you were here."

"Aw, I missed you to Carolynn." Drew is really the only one who gets away with calling her Lynn. She doesn't really like it, but Drew does it anyways, so there isn't much Carolynn can do, but anyone else who tries will get a look that comes close to killing. Drew is immune to it.

"How about you, Kelly? We didn't really get a chance to talk much while you were gone, and this is the first time I've seen you since you got back. How was your summer?"

"It was a lot of fun." Kelly says. It's the truth. Her family has always had a lot of money, and the family that lives in Massachusetts just happens to have more of it. They have a mansion, eight bedrooms, five bathrooms, indoor pool, game room, movie theatre. It's a house of wonders. Kelly doesn't exactly know what her Uncle does to make that much money; really she's just glad he's such a generous man. She was also glad to be away from her parents for so long. They're that stereotypical family of three, where everything looks good on the outside, but when the doors are closed, it's a living hell. It's another thing Kelly envies about her best friend. She isn't an only child, and her parents still love each other. What Kelly would give for that.

"My cousin Elizabeth likes to party a lot, so you know I went with her, but she kept trying to hook me up with this guy. But I couldn't, you know, Michael."

Kelly isn't sure that she loves Michael yet, but she's pretty sure that it's something close to that. He means more to her than any other previous boyfriend. He's on her mind all the time, she wants to go out of her way to do nice things for him, she loves to see him crack that rare smile, because well, it's gorgeous. She's lucky to have him; he's wonderful to her, thoughtful and caring. Last winter when she was really sick, he stayed home from school and spent the whole day with her until Kelly's mom told him that he had to leave. But from morning till night he'd been there, by her side, even when she slept. He was still like that. Her mother picked her up from the airport and he'd been waiting on her front porch with a bouquet of roses.

"What did this guy look like?" Carolynn asks. She links her arm with Kelly's. Kelly is surprised, because it's not like Carolynn to do something like that, PDA of any kind, no matter who it's with is kind of against the rules in her book. And Tony is the same way, but Kelly doesn't know why, because their parents have no trouble holding hands, hugging or giving each other cute little kisses in public.

"He was cute." Kelly says, because he had been, but she wasn't really looking, not when she knew Michael was faithfully waiting for her at home. "Tall, tan, blonde, blue eyes, short hair, played lacrosse."

"Hmm. You should tell your cousin to send him my way."

Kelly wants to say, what about Drew? But she doesn't make the suggestion. It's not her place.

They get through their first four periods. Kelly has two with Carolynn, one with Tony and two with Sam. Her third period class has all three of her friends in it.

They all meet up in the parking lot for lunch, much like they do before school and after school. It's kind of their thing, whether they go anywhere or not, most of the time they don't. Most of the time they sit in the bed of Michael's truck and munch on random things from the cafeteria. They throw a couple bucks in a pot and one or two of them will go buy the food.

Today it's Kelly and Sam that have volunteered to get the food. They've got ten bucks to spend.

"You know me," Kelly says, "I'm not one to beat around the bush."

Sam laughs, "No you just beat the bush, till it's bare."

They both share a laugh, because yes, Kelly can be a bit harsh, but never when it's not called for. She's a firm believer in treating people the way that they treat you. So if someone's bitching at her, she'll bitch right back.

"I have to know." Kelly says, "What went down this summer? I heard that you were doing the nasty with Tony?"

Sam's face falls and she doesn't say anything for a second. "It's complicated." Is what she finally comes back with.

"I don't want to pry," Kelly says, "I was just curious, I mean I asked Carolynn but she said that she had no idea."

"Yeah." She says, "Well, Tony and I kind of got drunk at a party and one thing led to another, but we aren't dating or anything like that. I just-" She pauses, "Like I said, it's complicated. We aren't quite sure where we stand right now."

"Do you like him?"

Sam shrugs.

Kelly rolls her eyes.

They go through the cafeterias a la carte and they buy pretty much anything and everything. Cookies, granola bars, gummy worms, bags of chips, bottles of water, nothing really nutritious.

They dump their spoils into the bed of Michael's truck and everyone takes what they please, sharing with whoever asks. It sounds corny, but it's just how they've always been. David, Tony, Michael and Drew and Carolynn have all been friends since Pre-K. Sam and Kelly were acquaintances in elementary school. And when middle school came around, Carolynn befriended Kelly and brought her into the group, and then David found Sam and brought her around. The three girls ended up all getting along great and things between the boys never changed.

Kelly often wonders where she would be if she and Carolynn hadn't been paired up at Biology partners. What if she'd gotten stuck with Lars McIntosh? Would she still be dating Michael? Would she still been friends with the peoples that surrounded her now? Probably not. She loves her social life and she gives all the credit without hesitation to Carolynn.

She's sitting in Michael's lap and they're sharing a bag of hot Cheetos. Sam is talking with David, and Kelly can't help but notice how Sam can't meet his eyes for long and David, the player of all players, keeps adjusting his hat, or shoving his hands in to his pocket, then taking them out and pulling on his shirt, kicking up dirt off the ground.

Tony is with his sister and Drew. They're all talking enthusiastically. Kelly watches as Tony tosses his head back and laughs. Then Carolynn is laughing and playfully hitting Drew, he's defending himself, a wide grin plastered across his face, his eyes look at her like she's the best thing he's ever seen.

David heads back to his car to grab a cigarette and Sam climbs into the bed of the truck with Kelly and Michael. Sam looks at what Kelly is and then she smiles.

"Aren't they cute?" Kelly grins at Sam.

Sam laughs and says, "Someone please just tell them to date already."

Kelly joins in the laughter wondering if Carolynn will ever realize that she's in love with Drew.

Michael shifts underneath Kelly and says, "I think I'll join David." He gives his girlfriend a chaste kiss on the cheek and then he leaves the two girls alone.

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