I love you, I'll love you to the day I can't do so anymore. I can't promise you something such as forever because people change, my feelings might change. The only thing that's consistent is change - I don't know when I will change these feelings and give them to someone else. While I can love you now, I'll promise you this time period. It's better than giving up and not having loved at all. I really love for trying to make me happy. So then, I'll love you through it all. We may be polar opposites, but aren't we all similar in a way? And seriously, I love that you never tell me to stop calling you my wife. You just sigh and say bye to me - it's so cute.

I love to have someone I can call my wife casually, because I really do love you so. If not as a crush, then just someone whom I have uncertain feelings for. But only you can make me smile so much. Even though I may waver at times.

Today, I saw her again. That person who broke my heart after repeatedly stepping on it many times. She stepped on my pride and threw away all effort. She's a damn cold-blooded, inhumane person and yet... I'm always looking back on her. I always find myself staring at her, nobody else. I may stare at my new crush but probably not the same way. You're the one who changed my life. You're the one who have been there all along, how can I just be with my new crush and be happy? Hands that I used to want to hold, and those lips I know I'd never have been able to touch. I can't feel them all over again for someone new. It can only be for you.

Now, I'm caught in the vortex of the maelstrom of emotions - the answer can just be found, but I keep going in circles. Love is complicated and screwed up. I never asked for it.