A Letter To Feminists From the Female

I would like to state, as a beginning (or a disclaimer, one might say) that I see nothing wrong with women wishing to be looked at no differently than a man in the workplace, and definintely think that there is nothing wrong with having equal opportunities in life. So if it seems like I am speaking agaisnt that, know that I am not.

Now, to begin.

Dear Feminists,

I respect your intentions to be strong, and to state that women are strong enough to do all that men do. But I ask you now, was their no strength in the place that we originally stood? Was their no pride in that position that we originally kept?

You see not how you pushing women forward has ended up giving a certain pressure to our gender-you see not how the pressuring our gender to act has caused the world to look disdainfully upon those of us who would gladly stand in that place that tradition set us. Were we not the ones at home for we had the compassion that would best fit the teaching of a child? Were we not the one in control of the house for the fact that we were the ones most angered when it worked not how we wished it to? Were we not given gifts for the joy we got upon receiving them? Fed sweets because we loved them? Pressured to look good because we were truly happier when we felt beautiful?

You make it seem as if all these things were petty, yet small as they are they are a part of life! I take pride in the fact that I can work hard and make something out of myself! Is it petty to bring joy to those in our own small world? Is it petty to support primarily those around us so that they may have the strength to support the world as a whole? Our part of the world is yet a part of the world, and should not be forgotten. The place of the housewife has its own strength, and its own importance. A family raised by a kind patient hand, a man shown a beautiful smile after a hard stressful day, are so much better and more stable than a family left to their own provisions and a man left to anger himself alone in his dispear by hatred in the one place he should call 'home'.

I speak to you now, raise high if you wish, and act upon the world as you wish, there is nothing wrong with taking a rightful place as a lawyer, scholar, or policewoman or seaman in the navy. But I also ask that you do not speak down on those of us who work for those we love, of those of us who perfect ourself for those close to us. We are not running, we may in fact choose this, we may also be capable, but rather than using our intelligence to solve crimes we wish to use our wisdom to make it so that people will have no will to commit them. Do not look down on us, and please, do not make the world hate us who wish to stay ourselves with tradition-to have that kind of wisdom and elegance and strength.

Have pride in being a woman, my friends, all the parts of it-we do not have to do the parts of men, we know we can if we wish, but they can do it too. Yet men with our patience, men with our kindness, are not so common-men with our understanding, not easily found. I ask that you have pride in that as well and let us to use our strengths in such a way if we so choose without any vehemency on your side of things.

Thank you for reading,

A Female who is not a Feminist