Adelaide Croft

"I love you, Gabriel."

Michael has finally said the words he wanted to blurt out months and months ago. It's very unusual for him to find himself in love with the same sex, but having to spend most of his college life with Gabriel has proved him that he can love a boy.

Gabriel is standing in front of him, at the center of the dance floor. His deep brown eyes were filled with doubt, unable to understand the words that seem to rock his mind like codes that are very hard to decipher. He was looking straight to Michael's gray eyes, looking for the foolishness in them, but it seems the eyes are clouded with honesty.

"What?" Gabriel only said.

Michael felt hurt at his response. He couldn't understand why his bestfriend and now the person he loved dearly in the world had just hinted him that he cannot reciprocate his love. Michael looked away from Gabriel and to the DJ, dancing and rapping at the side of the dance floor. He wanted to run away and glide into the smoke swirling around the room, melodiously swiveling with the hard rock music beating in the air. Michael wanted to disappear. He felt rejected, betrayed and unloved.

"Mike?" Gabe's voice was velvet like thin air touching the skin on a wintery night.

Michael turned back to look at his friend, but there is still the uncertainty painted on his perfect face. "It's all right! Just forget what I have said!" Michael turned his back at Gabriel and he dashed out of the bar, not minding that he is pushing his way through the dancing crowd. He heard a girl hiss at him but he did not bother to look back and be apologetic. All he wanted to do now is to run away into the chilly night, hoping time would stop and go back to the day he first set eyes on Gabriel. And maybe, just maybe, he might have not befriended him.

As Michael took off into the night, his mind began to feel lightheaded. He needed something to ease him, to knock his nerves dead. He wanted a cigarette so badly but realizing that he had no money in his pocket right now, he reluctantly passed into the busy streets.

The night life in Fardae looked like a riot. Teenagers and adults alike are walking in and out of different bars, giggling and puffing out thin white smoke in the chilly air. The neon lights plastered on each window of the bars seems to illuminate the dull town into disco lights. The faint sound of rock music echoed in each four walls of each building, resounding the devilish cries and wails of drunken men and women.

Michael pulled his jacket closer to him as he began to embrace the chill into him. He touched his damped black hair and combed it backwards, feeling the movement of his hair at its roots. He looked at the stop light which is now in flickering red and waited for his turn to cross the street. A man wearing a thick black leather coat stood beside him, a bottle of beer on hand.

He waited.

After short moments, the streetlight flickered green and people began to walk the pedestrian lane, boots and heels clanging into cobblestone ground. He pulled his jacket more closely and inhaled the frigid cold air into his mouth. He was about to move when he heard his voice calling out to him.

Michael turned in a snap and saw Gabriel running towards him, huffing white smoke that came from his mouth. Gabriel's wild spiked hair looked like black electric cords dancing above his head. He looked exhausted as he stopped in front of Michael, catching his breath as he did so.

Michael stared at him. "What now?" he wanted to sound angry, but he can't. His love for Gabriel has prevented just an inch of bad emotions to rush out from his system.

Garbriel inhaled a large amount of air and he turned up to look at Michael into his eyes. He moved closer to fill the gap between them and then his arms stretched as if reaching out to him. Michael only stared.

"I wanted to say this to you but you dash out of the bar before I could say it," he huffed.

"Then say it!" Michael felt anxious.

Gabriel smiled at him so sexily and this made Michael love him more. Just as Michael was about to say something again, Gabriel locked his arms into his neck and forcefully kissed him on his lips.

Michael felt taken back. He didn't return the kiss at first, too disrupted by the thought that he might have been dreaming. He looked stunned, idle and very stupefied in front of the boy he loved. But after moments of sinking the thoughts in, he finally kissed Gabriel back, also roughly and quite passionately.

Gabriel felt the urge to snicker but that would only mean releasing his kiss from him. Gabriel began to move his hands to the back of Michael's head, curling his fingers unto his black damped hair. He could feel the heat between them and this made him eager to kiss him hard.

Michael on the other hand is doing his own thing. While his hand which is at first stayed on Gabriel's waist now moved towards the inside of his shirt and trailing its way to his spine, digging his fingernails into his bare skin. Gabriel winced but he didn't part the kiss. He loved the feeling of being held like that. It felt blissfully wonderful for him.

The kiss lasted like forever for the two of them, each movement of their lips telling a story of their romance. They ignored the snickers and giggles of passersby moving their way through them. the two boys only focused on their kiss.

"So you love me then?" Michael was the first to part the kiss and this dismayed Gabriel. He smirked at his now lover and touched the corner of his lips.

Gabriel sighed and he nodded. "I love you too Michael."

Michael smiled brightly at him and he kissed him again, this time more passionately than before.