AN: This probably sounds strange but I'm basing this on some dreams and day dreams I have had. I'm quite imaginative when I want to be :D


Katie's POV

It was just a normal day for me at my dance school. I went to classes, chatted with friends; screamed bloody murder at Alexander. Yeah, completely normal day for me. It was now lunch time and I'm sat with my friends at our usual table. My friends being; Tom, Aleah, Aura and Zac. But to my horror Zac has brought all the assholes (or as he like to call them, 'friends') to our table, well, to the table that was attached to ours – on my side. Oh, joys. These assholes consist of; Derek (complete and utter player), Michael (my ex-boyfriend that you will find more about in a minute) and the one and only; Alexander. Who isn't just a player but a jerk, as well. At least Derek has the decency to be polite and kind; Alexander? No, he doesn't have a decent bone in his body. He's the jerk who hates me as much as I hate him. Why we hate each other don't ask me – we just do. It's how it's always been.

I know you're all itching to find out the backgrounds on us all, so here it is:

Me, I'm a 15 year old girl who's 5ft7. I have blue eyes and brown wavy hair that falls below my shoulders, but today I'm sporting it in a ponytail because it's better for dancing. I have my side fringe down and its cut so that it goes to the left of my face. I'm at this dance school instead of your regular secondary school because I was apparently 'specially talented' in the dance area and school thought I would benefit more coming here. They were right; I was benefitting here a hell of a lot more than I would have at any normal school because here I can express myself. Not to mention that the assessments (or exams in some cases) are as easy as pie. Although why pie is easy I will never know. At this school you get a choice of whether you go home to your family, which I do on rare occasions, or stay here in the dorms provided. Staying here is my preferred thing because I live quite a bit away from here and the travel every day would just piss me off to no end.

At home though I have a father who is as sweet as honey, he currently is dating a woman named Rebecca who is a lovely lass. She has treated me with nothing but respect every time I've met her. You're all probably thinking where is her mother? Well, to be truthful, my mum ran off when I was born. Why she did, I have no clue. Last thing I heard from my dad was that she was in Paris somewhere. Just so you all know, seeing as I forgot to mention it before, at this school here I get my normal education as well but the main thing they teach here (that takes up most of our timetable) is dance. All types of dance at that. Everyone in this school was specially selected to be a part of this place. An honour that you should cherish if you're the lucky one to be chosen. Enough about me, so let's move on to the next person.

Who better to start with than the person who hates me as much as I detest him? Alexander is 18 years old and around about 6ft1. He has blue eyes and brown hair like me but he sports his hair these days in a short shaggy style that he may gel into spikes on occasion. He was built like a warrior and by just looking at him you would think that he belonged with a modelling agency, not a school for dance. We have never gotten on; ever since the first day we met we hated each other. Just a difference in personality I guess, or maybe it's something else completely. But I couldn't care less so I never thought to look into why we hate each other so much. Alexander, as I've already mentioned, is a complete player who hits on practically every girl who's within a certain age limit. From what I've observed he's slept with girls ranging from ages of about 15 to around 18.

He's never slept with me or any of my friends, but I know plenty of girls he has slept with. From what I've heard he never lets them stay the night with him, if anything he forces them out of his bed the second they're finished having whoopee. Now, Alexander's best friend is Derek. Derek and him are like two pees in a pod and they share everything with each other from what I can tell.

Derek is 18 like Alexander and he's about the same height as well. Only difference is that Derek has green eyes and black hair. He wears his hair short and spiked, and I hate to admit it but it looks pretty damn good on him. Derek was in shape and spent plenty of time at the gym so he sports some muscles that any girl could appreciate. Derek is a boy who never really gives up and he has spent the last 2 months trying to get me into his bed. It's actually quite funny to see him try because every time I turn him down. Poor guy, but it never knocks his confidence. I've got to give him credit for that.

The next person I think I should tell you about is Michael. He's 6ft, 17 years old and has luscious red hair with hints of blonde in it and he has amazing blue eyes. He has a charming smile and one sexy body; I should know. I used to date him. Yes, that's right; once upon a time me and Michael went out. We went out for an entire year and I was pretty sure I loved him; in fact we had said I love you several times by then. But one day when I went to go see him as a surprise, because I'd been away on holiday and I hadn't told him when I was getting back, to give him the present I had bought him. I walked in on him while he was in the middle of thrusting into another girl. This girl is called Ashley and I don't plan on talking about that whore at any point.

Next up is Michael's brother, Tom. Now Tom is my best friend, has been since day one because to be frank he is a right sweetie pie. He is the most loving generous male you will ever find, we've never seen each other in a relationship way; only a friendly way. I was going out with his brother before I met him, but when I did meet him we just clicked instantly. He's about 6ft2, taller than his older brother, and he's aged 16. He has green eyes like their mother does (Michael has eyes like his father) and has blonde hair like their father. Although Tom does have a few hints of red in there as well seeing as all of their mum's side is known for their red heads. I can share absolutely anything with Tom and he won't tell a soul. You can always trust him. Plus he was pretty pissed with his brother after he broke my heart.

Now, on to Zac; the stupid head who brought assholes to join us on our tables. Of course Zac calls said assholes his friends because they get on so well. Zac isn't a player, but he has a similar personality to them. I.e. the cocky and confident traits. Zac is just under 6ft and he just turned 18 yesterday. He has brown eyes and brown hair so he's pretty average but he's the strongest guy you'll ever meet. Especially seeing as he spends at least 2 hours a day pumping weights in the gym that is provided to us here at our gifted school. I met Zac through his sister Aleah who is the most innocent girl you will ever meet.

Aleah is currently dating Tom which I think is absolutely adorable because they make the cutest couple known to man. They always have the eyes for each other and you can really see just how much they love each other. They've been going out for about 2 years and quite frankly everybody accepts them and loves that they found each other. Zac likes and appreciates Tom so there are no problems between boyfriend and brother there. Which is very good news. Aleah is as cute as a button, she has brown eyes like her brother but red hair like her sister Mimi who is currently living abroad in Spain I believe it is. She's 5ft6, aged 15 like me and is currently all cuddled up cosy with Tom across the table from me.

The last person on my list to talk about I believe is Aura. Aura is a sweet girl of 16 years, almost 17, and she has beautiful long black hair that falls to her ass. It is absolutely stunning, believe me. She also has the brightest emerald green eyes I have ever seen and she stands tall at 5ft5. She's a petite girl and at first glance you would believe a light breeze would knock her over. Well, you would be incredibly wrong because she may be petite but she is strong. Stronger than me but not as strong Zac. She's somewhere in between them. I think she may be stronger than Tom, I'm not incredibly sure. And I sure as hell aint going to attempt to find out.

Snapping my thoughts back to reality I notice that Alexander is currently chatting up the new girl who's about 16 years old. She looks interested in him but you can see the hostility hidden in her eyes. Oh, I am going to have fun here.

"You, my lovely, are absolutely gorgeous. Are you sure you're not a super model?" Oh, Alexander, such a sweet talker.

"I'm pretty sure. Maybe we could go back to yours? Providing that you have a glove of course" she was trying to be quiet but she was one of those naturally loud girls so her whisper was like a normal talk really. But only our tables heard her. When she said 'glove' she meant condom but was too sweet to say it out loud.

"Of course, I always have and use a glove" Alexander assures her. That's my cue.

"Don't believe him. He told me the same thing, now I'm pregnant. Although" I move my hand over my belly "I can't wait for our baby to be born" I say all too seriously as I wink at him. The girl looks absolutely scared as she cancels on him and rushes off at the speed of light. All the girls laugh and so do all the boys. Heck, I even had Derek in stitches and he's a hard one to crack but Alexander is not a happy bunny.

"That just wasn't funny" he scolds me making me grin.

"Oh, but I thought it was. They're all laughing so my deed is done. By the way, if it's a boy can we call him Nathan?" I was getting all excited now seeing the effect my teasing had on him.

"Over my dead body are you calling my son Nathan" oh, so he wants to play along does he? I forgot to mention earlier that Alexander secretly wants to get in my pants but he doesn't know that I know that.

I get up from where I'm sat and I move so I'm just behind Alexander, I lean over his shoulder wrapping my arms around his neck as I let my hands rest on his chest. I gently nip at his neck before whispering into his ear.

"But it's not up to you. Not to mention the things" I slide my hands further down his chest "I could do for you to persuade you are phenomenal" I whisper in his ear. When I could see that his member was hard because I could blatantly see his bulge in his jeans. I kiss his cheek before pulling back and walking back over to my seat.

"I hope you enjoy that hard on of yours" I wink at him as I sit back down. Alexander scowls at me and I just raise my eyebrow at him. Yeah, we hate each other's guts but there is the occasional bit of flirting that passes between us. Nothing serious though.

When I peer around our group I could see that all the boys were giving me grins and nods of respect, other than Michael who was glaring at Alexander with eyes filled with jealousy. He apparently still loves me, well, that's what he keeps telling me and everyone else. But I don't believe him for one second. He also probably thinks I slept with Alexander; right there he would be totally wrong. As if I would sleep with him. I hate him more than anything on this planet. I don't sleep with the enemy. Luckily for me the bell went and I knew I could finally get away from the assholes, but unfortunately for me the biggest asshole going, plus Derek, is in my next class. Yay me! (Please do note the sarcasm that is just dripping from that short statement.)