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Alexander's POV

"Hey, man" I greet Derek as he walks into our backyard; we decided to have a barbeque where we would invite all of our friends. Everybody has turned up now that Derek and Aura are here. Everybody being: Derek, Aura, Aleah, Tom and Zac, plus Mimi who is Zac's current girlfriend. We're all in our twenties now, and we've all had quite an adventurous few years. After leaving school I got a full time job as a model where I could use my skills in dancing to create the perfect shot, and it paid well. On average, I'm getting £45,000 a year depending on whether I get a job or not. On average though, I get about three jobs a week, some are photo shoots and some may be something else like a catwalk, and I get roughly £288 per job; sometimes more and sometimes less. But it all depends on the designer and how well-known I am, but currently I am very well- known and I actually get some fan mail. All from girls, of course, but I can't say Katie appreciates it.

Anyway, so I got a job in modelling, Derek went off and got a job as the IT technician in the school and Katie got a job being a dance teacher at this little studio just around the block from where we live. She only has to go in three times a week for a few hours, which is actually great for our current situation. But I'll talk more about that later on. As for Aura, well she went on to be an English teacher at a primary school, and Aleah got a job in the nursery at the same primary school. Tom and Zac, well they both became great friends, much closer than they were before, and together they opened up a business. A pub to be exact. It's a well-known pub around this place and everyone loves it there, it has great publicity. As for Michael, well, he went on to knock up that Ashley tart and he had to grow up fast. No one really talks to him, especially not Katie. She can't even stand to hear his name; Tom, well Tom just doesn't really spend that much time with his brother anymore. None of us do, to be honest.

Tom and Aleah got married as soon as Aleah was 18, and they have a beautiful daughter called Abby; she is now 4 years old and they also have a two month old baby boy who they have decided to call Jamie. Derek eventually manned up and proposed to Aura, and they are due to get married on Christmas day which is in about 6 and half months, as you can imagine. They are both excited about it and they have even decided to have a family, but after they are married. They don't want to bring any children into this world until they were officially married and had settled down and made themselves more financially stable. I must agree with them on that part. As for Zac, well he has a son with Mimi, who has now just turned 3 and they called him Freddie. Currently Abby and Freddie are playing in the sand pit we have in our backyard.

As for our ages, well, me, Zac and Derek are 24; Aura and Mimi are 23 and Katie and Aleah are 22. Well, they have both literally just turned 22. Now you are all probably thinking, 'what about you and Katie?' Well, after months and months of trying, with the doctors help, we eventually got blessed with a baby. The pregnancy went smoothly and I must say I loved how horny she got, but I certainly did not enjoy the mood swings. So we now have a little baby boy who we have called Samuel. His full name is Samuel Jayden Eras. That's right, we got married. Well, after spending ages deciding whether we should or not, we weren't exactly bothered about it at first, but after we found out she was pregnant we decided it was the best thing for us. Actually, I sort of just popped the question without really conferring to her, but to be fair we did have a brief chat about it before hand. Samuel is now 2 years old and Katie is also pregnant again. With twins. We didn't plan on that pregnancy, believe me, we didn't even have the doctors help. It just happened naturally, but I guess we should be thankful for that.

Heck, what am I saying? She is three times more hormonal this time around than she was last time, and her morning sickness is a hell of a lot worse this time around. But other than that, I am happy; joyous at that. We're having more children and I finally feel as though I have the family I always wanted. We never heard anything from Katie's mum, apparently, according to the social service woman, her mum decided Katie was too much hassle for her. My family, well, I still talk to them and see them. But my father doesn't respect me anymore, not that I care; he doesn't respect me because I chose a girl over his business, plus he finds it disgraceful that I'm a model rather than a proper business man. I sort of just told him where to shove it. My mum, well, I get to see her as often as I want and she is very proud of me. As for my brother; his girlfriend gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Tyler, their son, is now 6 years old, just turned last weekend, and Katie and I often baby sit for them. But now that we have twins on the way, I don't think that will be happening anymore.

In fact, Katie is 37 weeks into her pregnancy. Our children are due any week now. We have everything set up, the nursery is all sorted for them and we have even got enough clothes to supply a whole army. Granted, it would be a baby army, not a man army; but still.

"Sammy!" Katie calls to our son, who runs over to her. He tripped up on the way, but he didn't cry, he just got right back up and carried on. He's a determined little boy.

"Mummy" he smiles at her, my heart melting as she picks him up and sits him on her lap.

"Damn, you are massive" Derek shakes his head, making me punch his arm.

"Don't offend my wife" I warn him, making Katie laugh at us as Sam places his hands on her stomach.

"So, are you going to tell us what names you have in mind? Or do we have to guess?" Aleah demands as she sits on the lounger next to Katie's.

We're having a baby boy and girl. Another son and our very first daughter.

"Well, we decided that we want to call our baby girl Rue Lilly Eras, and our baby boy Shane Alec Eras" She informs them all with a grin, Abby and Freddie running over to feel her stomach as well.

"Did you choose Shane because it's Alexander's middle name?" Aura probes, making me and Katie nod in confirmation. It was that, and the fact that we liked the name.

"Baby kicking!" Freddie cheers as he smiles at everyone.

"Come on big boy; let's let Katie have some rest. I don't think she quite appreciates everyone crowding her" Zac points out as he picks up Freddie, Tom coming to pick up Abby.

"It's fine really, Alexander never leaves my belly alone. Just this morning I woke up to find him talking to my stomach" she giggles, making me glare at her playfully.

"It's alright man; I hear you're supposed to talk to them when they're in the womb" Derek pats my back, making me nod.

"How are the sleepless nights going for you this time around?" Katie probes Aleah.

"Alright actually, Jamie doesn't really cry; he's as good as gold," Aleah smirks at Katie "just wait until you have the twins. I bet you won't sleep at all" Aleah teases, making Katie groan.

"It doesn't help that Alexander sometimes gets pulled off to different countries, leaving me here to watch over Sammy. Little Sammy here doesn't really sleep that well when his daddy isn't here. If the twins are like him I'm so screwed" she mumbles as Sam hugs her.

"I'm not going anywhere this time, I promise. I've already told my manager that I want to stay here with you and the children. He says it's fine, anyway, I have plenty saved up to support us" I assure her as I lean down to kiss her.

"Eww, grossy!" Sam shouts, making everyone laugh as I pick him up.

"Who's up for a game of football? Bearing in mind there will be young children playing" I probe. Derek, Zac, Abby, Aura, Freddie and Mimi all shouting that they want to play. Hmm, this is turning out better than I thought.

"What about you, Sam? You want to play?"

"Umm….Yeah" he shouts happily, making me chuckle as I place him down before racing him over to the group of people who want to play. Of course I let him win.

Katie's POV

"Go on, something's bothering you. I'm here to listen" Aleah assure me, Jamie trying his hardest to try and stay awake.

"Nothing's wrong, at least, I don't think so. I'm happy; I have a supportive husband, a son and two more children on their way. There isn't much more I could want" I smile just thinking about it.

"Then what's the problem?"

"There isn't one. I guess I just never thought this would happen. I never thought I would fall in love with the number one player in the school, I never thought he would fall for me; I never anticipated that we would have children together. I guess I just never expected any of this. But I'm glad that it did all happen; I love him with all my heart. I really d-" I cut myself off there as I feel a sharp pain shoot through my stomach. Oh, no, no. Not yet.

"Katie?" Aleah probes as she looks at me, my breaths becoming deeper. Then I felt it.

"My waters just broke" I breathe as I look at everyone playing football.

"Oh, shit. Alex! Alexander get your ass here your wife needs you right now!" Aleah shouts over to them as she gets up, still carrying Jamie, and heads towards them. Alexander turns around to look at us, the second he sees my face he says something to Derek before running over to me, Derek picking up Sammy.

"Where did we put your birth bag?" he rushes out when he gets to me. I tell him its whereabouts, and while he is gone I get up off of the lounger, my hand on my stomach as I waddle towards the car with Aura's help.

"Don't worry about Sammy, we'll look after him. We'll bring him straight there, he should be able to see you after you've gave birth" Aura assures me before she runs back into the backyard, just as Alexander throws my bag into the backseat before jumping into the driver's side of the car.

"Deep breaths, Angel, deep breaths" Alexander tries to soothe me, making me groan. The last time he said that, he wouldn't stop saying it and I ended up clouting him one round the head. Let's just say he had a nice bruised cheek afterwards. It's not that bad, though, I guess. Tom ended up with a black eye while he was helping Aleah give birth.

"Don't start that again" I warn him as he drives the quickest route to the hospital. This is my first hospital birth; I gave birth to Samuel at home. Alexander ended up actually having to deliver Sammy; it took the paramedics that long to get to me. While I try to breathe through the contractions I think back to when Alexander proposed.

Walking into the house I could smell this beautiful fragrance; I just had to follow it, but what I saw I definitely did not expect. There was Alexander, stood in the middle of the room, loads of red roses scattered around him.

"There are 108" he tells me before I can say anything, my jaw dropping open as I think back to my flower knowledge. 108 red roses.

"It means-"

"Will you marry me?" he finishes off as he gets down onto one knee, pulling out a box from his pocket where he presents it in front of me. The lid still closed on it.

"I have thought about this moment for a long time now and now that I'm here, actually knelt down with the ring in my hands. I know this is right, I love you. And I don't think that emotion will ever go away, you're all I want. When I'm not with you, I think about you, when you're in the next room, I still think about you. When I'm making love to you, I still think about you. You're the only thing that is ever on my mind. So that's how I know this is right, I love you. Will you marry me?" he probes, hope flaring in his eyes.

"Of course I will, you daft thing" I laugh as tears pour down my cheeks. He stands up, ready for when I throw myself in his arms where he kisses me. Once we have pulled away from each other he opens up the box to present me with the most beautiful ring known to man.

"It was my great grandmother's ring. I know it's not exactly fashionable or expensive, but it's special to me. And for you to accept this, it would mean the world to me"

"Alexander, this ring is better than any ring I have ever seen, well, other than this one" I laugh as I show him his grandmother's ring, the one he gave me when I was 16. I'm 19 now and I'm 4 months pregnant. I turn 20 in a couple of months.

"Sammy is with my mother. I'll pick him up later, I just wanted us to have a few hours alone" he murmurs in my ear, his hot breath caressing my skin as he slides the ring onto my finger, his hand then travelling under my skirt and into my panties. Making me moan into his mouth as he picks me up and lies me down on the sofa.

"It's okay, Angel" he soothes me as the doctors take me into a hospital room.

"Okay, we need you to push right now. This baby is coming" the doctor orders me. The birth is just as painful as Sammy's was, if not more so, but by the end of it all I had two beautiful children in my arms. Well, I had Rue and Alexander had Shane.

"I love you, Katie Eras. Thank you for giving me the greatest things in life. Love and a family. I couldn't have asked for more" Alexander smiles at me, I could only muster up enough energy to return the gesture as Rue wraps her small hand around my finger. I can't believe they're 3 weeks early.

"Mummy!" Sammy shouts as he runs into the room with the nurse following behind him.

"We could only allow your son in for now, you must be exhausted after all" the nurse explains herself before leaving, Sammy is nestled under my arm as he looks at his little sister.

"She Bootiful. I wuv her. Where the oder one?" I couldn't help but laugh at his attempts at trying to pronounce those words. He's so cute.

"Daddy has him. Sammy, this is your little sister Rue" I introduce him.

"And this is your little brother, Shane" Alexander pipes in as he comes to sit on the bed so that Sammy can look at his little brother as well.

"I never thought I would be able to have one child, let alone three" I mumble out through a yawn. Damn, giving birth is exhausting.

"We're blessed, and I'm thankful for that" Alexander smiles at me. I eventually had to pass Rue to Alexander so that I could go to sleep, I was just so tired. Giving birth does that to you.

"Sammy, Shane, Rue; come on, get your butts in gear. You're going to be late to school!" I shout up the stairs, my children calling down to say that they are on their way. Soon enough I have my three children in front of me. Sam has shaggy blonde hair, like his father, and bright blue eyes; my shade of blue. He's a very handsome eight year old boy. Shane has brown hair, like me, and he has my shade of blue eyes, but he has Alexander's features. Other than the nose, he has the same nose as me. Rue is quite the opposite to her twin, though, she has long blonde hair that goes halfway down her back, she has Alexander's shade of blue eyes but she has my features. But she does have Alexander's high cheek bones. She is beautiful and I think she will make all the men go crazy for her when she's older. Something I am not looking forward to.

"Here are your lunches, and be good. No more fights Sammy; I'm not accepting that type of behaviour. And Shane, you need to make sure everyone is nice to Rue, you hear me?" some of the kids in their class have been bullying Rue because she's apparently a 'teacher's pet'. Just because she's intelligent.

"Will do, mum" Sam assures me.

"I promise, Rue is my sister and they will be nice to her. I will make sure" Shane grins at me.

"I love you, mummy" Rue smiles as I crouch down so she can hug me. Rue is a big hugger and she loves me to bits, I think I'm like her hero, just like Alexander is the boys'.

"And I love you, too" Alexander smirks as he comes down stairs, twirling his car keys on his finger.

"As I love you" I assure him, his lips grazing mine.

"I'll see you in a few" he kisses me one last time before I watch as he takes our children out the front door and to school. That right there is my family. My everything.

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