Space realm. Thirty years prior, the humans of earth went to war with a technologically advanced race nicknamed the elves, after old Celtic legends. A few years after this another race got involved. The war loving Caspians. The war raged on for twenty eight years, until there was a cease fire and uneasy treaty was formed against a more deadly enemy. Surprisingly relations between the all three sides are going well, to the point where its not uncommon for ships to house both humans and elves. However Caspains are still very much there own people and while get alone with the elves and Humans don't particular want them on there ships and vice visa.

Twenty five years ago a project was formed to house any orphans and at the same time produce more soldiers for the future. Nicknamed 'the Rugrats'.

Said children were brought up to fight, and have there own set of rules and believes over things like life and death.

Some of the more famous Rugrats are Blake Lurijack, the strongest known Rugrat; Keira Grez, the only human to ever go into the elves crucible and survive ; Chantlon Ernon, Keira Grezs flight technician...

At the end of the war all Rugrats were made obsolete and decommissioned from the army. The reason for this was the army perfected a way to grow soldiers, but were limited to the number they could make at a time by the treaty between the elves and the human. The project was nicknamed 'Eden' Some Rugrats adapted well, others not. The children of Eden, not counted as true lifeforms meant they had an unlimited amount of soilders. Something they couldn't do with the very much human Rugrats.

At the end of the war Kiera (18) and Chantlon (17), were already on good terms with there 'enemies'. But with the decommission of the Rugrats they left and began a new life. Much to the destain of many of there allies, who continued to view them as warriors not civilans. Blake (20) struggled and ended up moving in with them, along with several other Rugrats and former army officers, and slowly they all began to live normal lives. But fate has a way of messing that all up.

Two years later, those who lived on that planet were forced to evacuate to a the first city based ship made. Designed for the purpose of housing civilions and also army officers.

Many of the officers on the ship, on both sides know Kiera and Chantlon, giving the ship a home like feel for the Rugrats, who continue to live normal lives among the crew. Chaos and Reins (both elf officers) welcome Keira and Chantlon back to the ship and keep trying to get them to re-recuit to the human army, and treat them like they are still officers of the army. i.e., giving the Rugrats access to all areas they would have been allowed to if they were still officers.

But there is trouble of the ship. The 'children of Eden' aren't happy about the way everyone treats the Rugrats, believing the Rugrats to be inferior to them. As time processes it become clear that the ship will need the help of the Rugrats as well of the 'children of Eden' officers (CoE for short), not to mention the normal soldierss and the elves as welll, to survive the new age of space.

The head of the army on the ship is a CoE, as is quite a few of the heads of divisions and operations.

The head of the army and Captain of the ship is called Rak 001.

The head of the elf army is Chaos.

Other important people are the head of research and design, Cal Bearings (human)

the head of the ship, Issac Christopher (human)

his second in command, Bloodhound (elf)

Kiera Grez's cousin, Kei (human), Kei is one of the few Rugrats to still be in the army.

Kiera's former partner, Jake bardy (human), normal solider

Reins (elf), a head of an elf unit and Chaos second

Ruffins (elf), a member of Reins unit.