Blake resisted the urge to gulp at those words. Lust was pouring out of Rak and his only hope was that some human bit of Rak would keep the animal instincts from completely taking over. His leg was lowered from Rak's shoulder and hands nudged him in such a way to get him to turn over. It took ever once of his ingrained training to behave. Keria had commented on it many a time, as had other Rugrats. They were trained to survive at all costs.

Just Blake had never in his life thought this would happen! He had been in touchy stops before. With rouges and enemies of all three species. But never had it got this far. An engrained fear of what was happening forced him to remain focused on the room, instead of employing the training tactics which had made him so famous. The ability to distance himself from the real world.

Again hands pulled upwards on his hips, knees spreading his own wide. Giving Rak full access to his ass. Gentle whispers were murmured into his ear, not meaning much to him, other then making him feel more helpless then he already was.

"Please Rak don't" Blake begged one last time, one last hope. He wanted to fight back, to lash out. But anything like that would no doubt result in him in a lot of pain. Something he was going to avoid.

The hands paused from moment, but continued there exploring. Kisses were pressed down his back, a deep chuckle. "Mine" The voice was deep, barely above a growl. It was all Blake needed to know for an answer. The instincts had all, if not completely, taken over.

There was a blunt pressure as something pushed inside him without warning. Blake bit down sharply on his lip. It hurt. It was only the head as well. Rak was not a huge, but still a fair size. Still far to big for him to take as far as Blake was concerned. Kisses were pressed back onto his back. A hand wrapped around his own cock, pumping it gently.

As he relaxed, Rak pushed in. Pushing against tight muscles which were trying to keep the intrusion out. Blake concentrated on not screaming as pain flooded him. His muscles tense, despite the soft kisses and caresses Rak granted him.

This was not how he saw his first time happening. He was a top sure. But he would have wanted his first time to be at least with someone he trusted, not some enraged abomination.

"There, that's not so bad is it" cooed Rak, sounding oddly high, no doubt in pleasure. He was all the way in now, the human part of him battling with instinct. The human part demanding he at least let the man he had forced to the ground adjust, the instinct screaming just to take him as rough as he wanted. That he would heal.

Luckily for Blake, while the human side didn't quite win, the time it took for the two sides to war it out gave him enough to adjust to the hard flesh filling his ass.

"Easy for you to say" snapped Blake, his voice strained from pain.

Rak growled lowly, snapping his hips back and forth in a sharp thrust in retaliation. Blake cried out in pain, unable to bit his lip in time to stop it. "Ungrateful Rugrat!" Growled the enraged abomination. He had tried to be nice. Tried to go easy on the human. "You should be grateful that someone like me would take someone as worthless as you for my mate"

Rage ran though Blake, making him forget he was dealing with a test tube human with no control over his instincts or emotions. Making him forget any thing along the lines of self preservation. "How dare you assume you are better then me you abomination" yelled Blake. "You're nothing more then a drone!"

"abomination? It that what you think of your master?" growled Rak, his eyes going red. "You're nothing more then a broken tool. No longer useful to anyone! Why did you think no one stood up for you when they kicked you out? No one wanted you" Not true, but Blake didn't know that.

Blake wanted to shout back, but found himself wordless. Thoughts back to that day returned. The announcement. Many had been pleased about the fact he was being kicked out. No one had wanted him to stay. No one had stood up for him, not even the people he had thought he could call allies. It was only by chance he had found Keria and She alone had offered him a new life. At great expense to her own reputation where She had lived.

Even if he had, had a retort to that question he wouldn't have been able to give one. At the end of his taunting Rak and drawn back and slammed back into Blake. All gentleness gone. Only the need to dominate and punish the man below him.

Blake wanted to scream as the dick slammed in and out of him repeatedly, only once hitting his prostate. Once Rak had found it, he had angled away, not wanting the man to feel any pleasure from this. Blake could feel something dripping down his thighs. Blood. He was torn.

"You are nothing more then another mouth to feed. Always have been, always will be" growled Rak, ignoring the blood, uncaring of the man's comfort. "Good for nothing but gun fodder and this" He punctured the last word with a harsh thrust, this time making Blake scream in pain.

Mentally Blake was being to lose his barriers. How many times had he been told those words. How many people. Nothing but gun fodder. No one wanted him or cared for him outside of the Rugrats. He had non-human allies sure, but they were more Keria's friends. They would lift a finger for him but nothing more. As for the Rugrats, most were in the same boat as him. Without the help form the government, they were all left on there own. No one to help them and no one to care.

"Worthless little whore. I bet, no I know that the people who work in HQ were glad to see the back of you. Though its a good view" the last comment was said in a leer, closely followed by a slap to the ass.

The memory of the person he had thought was his best friend sneering at him calling him worthless. Telling him it was good he was being kicked out because he didn't know how much longer he could withstand pretending to be his friend. Something in Blake shattered.

He let out a sob. All the walls which had had built up around him came crashing down, with it a life time of depression, of rejection came rushing into him. He really was worthless to everyone. Everything he had done and he was throw out with the trash.

Hearing the sob, Rak paused, grinning almost sadistically. Grabbing the man's legs, he flipped him over so Blake was on his back, facing him. Thrusting in deep and leaning forwards he claimed Blake lips, forcing them open and ravishing the mouth that was rightfully his. Blake gave in, unable to force himself to fight back.