Warning:The following Author's Note is a bunch of rambling that you don't need to read, if you do not wish to read about the how I got the idea, my writing experience, etc etc, please skip to the non-bolded words

Me:If you're actually read this, thanks for caring, it makes me happy...

But anyway I just wanted to state where the idea for this (hopefully) fabulous Novel came from. I originally first thought of it just reading a Maximum Ride book, I was reading when a little plot-parasite latched onto my brain and sat there, feding off of my later reads and other writings, and slowly it grew into a full novel. I developed the names, the events and everything else until it had the makings of a true story and here ya go

I stopped in front of the double doors marking the entrance of Jefferson High School, where 'Your child get the better education' as their motto put it. My 'parents' thought it would be a good place to spend my sophomore year. I hate my parents...

I saw the Jocks; the Popular kids; the Nerds; the Emo/Goths; the occasional loner; all the normal stuff. But if that was the case, why am I so nervous? I've done this before, nothing's ever happened. Maybe I was nervous about my appearance; I looked down at my clothes; black converse, black skinny jeans, and a black hoodie over a Pantera t-shirt. Perhaps my hair; dark, shaggy, a little past my ears; wait, since when have I been so self-conscious?I blame the kids, they give off a bad aura...

I know what you're thinking; 'Its just high school; You're a Junior, you've done it before; what could go wrong?'. Well for one, I'm not exactly normal; I have some—call me crazy—powers…

So yeah, call me crazy, insane, whatever; but I have powers; I can turn invisible(a skill I'm working on, sometimes it goes off without warning), and I can kinda use magnetism to move metal around(this is the one I'm good at)

Now that we have that out of the way; school. As you can see, with my powers you wouldn't think I would attend a regular high school, but here I am; my 'parents' think it would be good to try and blend in, which I seem to be genuinely good at, rather than home school or something like that… I shivered and looked up once more, took a deep breath, and walked in.

I was actually a little surprised; it didn't look half bad on the inside. The lockers were freshly painted, there weren't any Slavs (You know, slut/chav hybrid, lots of make-up, skimpy clothes, hit on every guy the see, or rather the hot ones... I'm in for it) and I didn't see any strict teachers (i.e read as stalkers that enforce the rules by stalking you and telling you off for doing pretty much anything)

Before I could further investigate the interior of the death trap known as Jefferson High School the bell rang, signaling one minute until class began. I looked at my schedule—cue groan—Math, the ultimate doom of high school attendees. Oh well…

~Five minutes later~

I ran in the classroom, "Sorry I'm late Ms. Harris, I got lost"
She looked at me sympathetically, "It's fine Mr. ?"
"Lee Anderson" I answered catching my breath.
"It's fine Mr. Anderson, lots of people get lost on the first day, why don't you take a seat next to Mr Black" she told me, pointing to a kid in a green hoodie and Green Day tee with hair short enough to be a buzz cut.
"Yes ma'am" I said, taking a seat, she was actually kinda nice, a change from most teachers I get stuck with.

I naturally tuned out and turned my attention to the kid next to me—she called him Mr. Black—, "So, you like My Chemical Romance?" I asked, recognizing I'm Not Okay blasting out of his headphones—no doubt Ms. Harris had no clue he had the iPod—
He nodded, "It's my favorite"
"Cool, I'm more for The Sharpest Lives, favorite album?" I asked, liking him more and more.
"Danger Days, you?"
"The Black Parade"
"Ah, you're a fan of their older music, I like that"
"Cool, I'm Lee"
"Jonathan Black, call me Jon" he said, extending his hand.
"Nice to meet'cha, Jon" I said, taking it.
"Anderson, Black, quiet"Ms. Harris snapped.
"Rude much?"I muttered under my breath, earning a snicker from Jon.
"If I have to tell you again it's detention"she threatened, so much for nice. Well, looks can be pretty deceiving, I should know...

There's the first chapter I know it was short but they all are gonna be kinda short, but there will be lots, so please review, I know I must've messed up somewhere and I just wanna know if whoever is reading this liked it. I'm gonna write either way cos I could care less if you hate it, but it's a great confidence booster to read that someone likes it.

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