"Take a seat near the back" Jon murmured into my ear, whilst nudging me without his elbow.

"Got it" I murmured back, but the teacher grabbed my arm before I could continue.

"Class, we have a new student with us today."she pulled me forward, "This is Lee, he just moved here so, any volunteers to help him out with our procedures?" she paused as a few hand went up, "Um, how about… Kendra" she said, pointing me towards one of the many girls staring at me(let's hope none try to approach me if ya know what I'm sayin)

"Sure…" I said, shooting Jon a 'HELP ME' look. All he did was smirk, point at Kendra, and shrug as if to say 'At least she's hot'

'Moron' I mouthed, taking a seat.

I turned to her, "So…"

She looked at me, "Don't talk." then under her breath, "idiots, the lot of them."

I grinned, "You know, just cos we break the rules don't mean we're stupid."

"Well either way, I prefer the rules over some hot guy."she replied; if she was surprised I heard her, her features didn't betray it.

"Thank you"

"What?"she asked.

"You just called me hot"

She rolled her eyes, "Just shut up"

"Martinez, stop flirting and pay attention to the lesson!"Ms. Johnson snapped.

I smirked while she blushed a deep scarlet, "I was not flirting!" she argued/whatever girls do.

"But you know you want to" some random chick blurted, "He's hot"

I smirked some more, "See, c'mon, ask, maybe I'll say yes"

Her face darkened another two shades of red.

"As much fun as it is watching you two, we need to get this done"Ms. Johnson said with a grin.

"Fuck my life" Kendra muttered turning her attention back to the front of the room.

~However long until the lesson was done later~

I walked over to Jon, "Sup"

He let out a laugh, "I swear to god, if I keep you around I'll never stop laughing."

"I take that's a compliment."

"Yea, you handled that perfectly. See"he said, pointing.

Now the first time I saw Kendra, I thought she did look good with her brunette hair and blond highlights, her chocolate brown eyes, along lightly tanned skin, but she looked even better when she was ready to beat the crap outta me.

"I can't believe you did that!" she (angrily) began, "Since when does a guy do that?"

Jon stepped up, "I think I can answer that to the best of our knowledge-"

She cut him off, "Oh, so you're with him"

"Yes; why, wanna join us in our quest to dominate?"

"Oh. My. God."

"So, yes?"

"I have pepper spray"

I started laughing, "As much as I love this, we need to get to whatever class is next"

"English"they said simultaneously, looked at each other then grinned.

"Maybe I will join you guys…"Kendra said, then walked off.

I looked at Jon, "Seems as if we just made a friend"

"That it seems, that it seems…"

"You do know you're not Sherlock Holmes right?"


"Never mind,"I told him, running off after Kendra, leaving Jon in my dust to catch up.

"I never got to properly introduce myself, I'm Lee" I told her once I was close enough to stick out my hand.

"Kendra Martinez, call me Ken"she replied, taking my hand.

"Why a dudes name for a nickname for a girl?"

"Would you like for me to demonstrate my manliness?"she asked in that way that only girls can pull off; you know, where it's falsely cheery, yet steely, or something like that.

"Um, no thank you."I answered as Jon reached us.

"Hey, you better not be asking her out, that's my job!"he joked, or at least I hope he was joking.

She looked at him like he was stupid (which he is), "I don't even know you're name."she pointed out.

"Jonathan Black"

"Kendra Martinez"

"Now you know me"


"Will you go out with me?"

"Maybe, maybe not; most likely not, Lee has a better chance than you, his hair is cooler"

This is where I ever so brilliantly step in, "Why thank you, but we need to get to class."

"Why don't we skip, walk around a bit, then come back for lunch?"

"Best idea I've heard today"


"Then let's go"she said, taking the lead.

Note to self: this girl's kickass, ask her out.