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She did not try to conceal her nakedness nor did she try to run away. The woman named Delia just stood there with her eyes filled with fear, she was a very beautiful and had a lovely figure but right now the poor thing looked rather broken. My older brother, Andy stood next to me licking his lips in anticipation. The crowd around us was a blend of different emotions excitement, awe, fear and many others. I wasn't sure how I was feeling, I knew what was going to happen to Delia but I felt nothing. This was the first time I came with my brother to see the show first hand, Andy was a regular and he loved what was going on. A few people were newcomers like me. "I hope they shove knives in her that's one of my favorites." Andy said.

There was then a roar of applause as a long-haired man stepped from the crowd and stood next to Delia, in his hand was a glass bottle and my brother smiled. "Andy, who's he?" I asked curiously. "That's Alex, he's a fucking genius." Andy replied. So he was the one behind the celebration. Alex was a gorgeous man with long sandy brown hair, a lovely slender build his appearance was a amazing to me, never had I seen such a beautiful man. His beauty seemed inhuman to me. I loved his looks and playful cruelty, my interest was growing more and more.

"Thank you all for coming." Alex said, silencing the crowd with a raise of the hand. He then took a glance at Delia and I saw her shudder. "This girl will entertain us whether she wants to or not, if she tries to fight us we will kill her."

With those words came a roar of applause, but Alex raised his hand again and then it went quiet. We watched as he licked and spat upon the glass bottle Andy understood this but I did not.

Soon the trembling Delia was handed the bottle and with her shaking hand she took it. "Now shove that as far as you can in to your pussy." Alex demanded, taking a few steps back. He would then clap his hands and almost immediately two black-clad men wearing masks appeared from the crowd holding knives. Both of them were very muscular, there masks made crudely from black cloth, only to show a set of cold eyes. "And my little Mary, queen of whores don't think you can get out of it."

Delia parted her legs grasping the bottle with her pitiful shaking hands and the crowd shouted with delight although a few others like me observed in silent wonder. The naked girl whimpered as she tried to force the object inside herself she was really struggling. As we all knew she would not be able to get it in as far as Alex wanted. "Put it in more! All the way!" he shouted. Letting out a scream Delia did the unthinkable she tossed the bottle to the side, "No I can't!" she then fell to the ground sobbing. Everyone in the crowd laughed, well mostly everyone.

"Janie don't you worry it's gonna get better." Andy tells me. The masked men held out their knives and Alex licked each one of the blades all around. I soon noticed a change in the crowd those who had been observing the spectacle in silent curiosity, had all gone to embrace the ceremony with greedy anticipation.

A roar of applause sounded when each of the men jammed their knives swiftly in to Delia's beautiful body, from the girl came a drawn out sob of agony. In various places they stabbed and stabbed again, each stab came with a greater cry of pain... all I found to be somewhat beautiful. "Didn't I tell you Janie just listen to that bitch scream, the greatest sound ever!" I agreed with my brother her pain and screams seemed like magnificent art and a lovely song.

Delia lay on the ground hysterical with suffering and fear, with a wicked smile Alex stood before her as his eyes closed tightly he absorbed the girl's atmosphere. His face the contorted then he clapped his hands and from the crowd came two naked and identical women with wondrous figures. One held a worn and faded blanket and with it she covered the bleeding girl, the other woman carried a red container of gasoline which she poured all over Delia. Under the blanket the girl shook and whimpered with pain and fear.

Alex pulled a match from his front pants pocket and swiftly he lit it then tossed it upon the quivering blanket. The flames came quickly along with Delia's screams that silenced the air she ran in hysterical, mindless movement circling us all like a beautiful star. The girl thrashed and thrashed until she fell.

In the end Delia's charred corpse lay at Alex's feet and from the crowd there was another roar of applause. "Could we meet Alex?" I asked my older brother. In response he shrugged, "I doubt it but sometimes he picks people from the crowd to go home with him, I wouldn't get your hopes up though."

"Get her out of here!" Alex ordered the masked men and they complied instantly. He then looked around at the fascinated crowd, "Well that's it for..."

Without thinking I dispatched myself from the crowd and began running towards the beautiful man that was Alex. Andy yelled for me to come back but I did not listen. There was probably some rule about approaching Alex without approval... but as I said I wasn't really thinking.

I fell into Alex's arms as soon as I was within his reach and to my surprise and probably to the the surprise of everyone in the crowd he accepted my embrace. "Well, looks like this little Mary has a thing for me." he said playfully, "Mary" being the term he gave to all females. I could almost feel the shocked and curious gazes of the crowd and his minions, they thought he would surely kill me.

Soon Andy came approaching, "I'm...sorry...sir." he said carefully to Alex and then grabbed me by the back of my dress and pulled me away harshly. "My baby sister... she has problems."

"Don't even worry..." Alex looked around at the crowd and then frowned. "That's it! Show's over, nothing else to see! You all can leave now!" The crowd quickly obeyed and began walking away. My brother became less nervous and thanks to me he was meeting his idol.

"That means you fools as well! You've done your job!" he shouted to the masked men and two women. They nodded politely and left with the remaining members of the crowd, leaving Andy and I alone with Alex. "Would you two like to come home with me? It's been awhile since I've had siblings in my bed."

"Yes!" The two of us replied in unison. "Well good, I'd love you two to show just how much you really love me" Alex said, grabbing his crotch. His large home rested above the field in which we stood, the two of us eagerly followed him up the steep hill.