Defining Love

Love is something hard to define.
It can only be perceived with the simplest mind.
Love is one frequency, one dimension, one of a kind.
Like two points of absolute distance connected by a line.

Love is something soft,
Warm to the touch.
Love is something that hurts too much.
It is something enjoyed,
Something to make your insides melt.

Love is a burning flame,
Causing infinite pleasure instead of pain.
Love is hot.
It will make you scream,
And cry out from your most passionate dream.

If love were a colour,
It's hue would be red.
If it were human,
It'd be speech-dead,
For love knows there's nothing to be said.

Love will hurt and never explain.
It is something in feverish pain.
But from its agony will smile just the same.
To have known you is its only gain.

Love suffers
and love bleeds.
But love is strong
Because although love cries,
Love never dies.

To hear the sound of love,
Put your ear to your mate's chest.
The heart will skip a beat,
then rapidly -
Without warning -
Suddenly speed up.

The dictionary will probably define the word,
As a chemical reaction between two people.
But this meaning is for a nerd...
And is much too complex.
For I would say love is simply powerful romance -
Without the sex.

Love is represented:
By hearts.
The rainbow.
Fresh cookies from the bake.
A melody.
A sunset.
A gold pendant that's not fake.
It is a kiss.
A warm embrace.
A gentle smile.
A friendly wink-eye.
It's a turtle dove.
God is love.
It's when your pits are twisted in ties:
A stomach filled with butterflies!

Love is something you cannot bend.
Love is like this poem:
And seemingly will never end.

All so simple,
Yet I tremble to think,
How it would stop the flow
Of space and time,
From ground-zero below,
To the absolute above
If we didn't have this feeling called...


D. S. Eden