It's been almost two days since they told us about it. Since the government told us about the secret weapon they had been hiding from us all along. They said scientists had experimented on making humans who would forget pain, anger, and any feelings whatsoever. They were dawning on a new human race that would become the best army on Earth, capable of fighting even when wounded badly. They would numb the nervous system so that these soldiers would only be able to follow orders and think of nothing else. They were going to be the Alpha brothers of humans…that is, if the scientists had organized their DNA correctly. Unfortunately, they didn't.

We could say that they messed up. Maybe something wrong in the way they reformed the nervous system or something. Not like it matters now, because the people they experimented on killed all the scientists in that facility, escaped, bit many people, ate a few, and are now causing something that humans have never really believed in. The first Apocalypse in humankind had just been born.

-insert epic music here-

Before I continue with my life story about how I survived the apocalypse, I'll sum up some things about first encounter with them so you can understand my situation a bit more. I lived with my mother and father in a condominium on the 10th floor. When the breaking news came out that these "zombies" were on the loose…we didn't even know about it until one of them showed up at our doorstep. Truth is, we didn't like TVs much and didn't check the news frequently, so when this particular guy started banging on our door at 1 in the morning, we weren't expecting the following to happen. Mom opened the door while Dad and I stood watch. The zombie came in, all bloody and disgusting with guts all over his body and face, screaming like a normal person.

Of course, on instinct, my parents (who were doctors) rushed forward to help him out. Thing is, he must have not wanted their help, but instead grabbed my mom's head and crushed it while sinking his teeth into my dad's face and tearing away a large chunk of cheek flesh. Yum. All this happened before my very eyes and I was only 14. While my dad, who was still alive, tried pushing away this zombie, I snuck into my parent's room and took out the master key…to the gun locks, ammo box and everything. Our family had a huge collection of old guns (both rifles and handguns, just no shotguns sadly enough) so I unlocked a Revolver, put in 6 rounds and shot the zombie in the head. The good thing was that zombies still need their brains to function like normal humans, so shooting them in the head kills them instantly, efficiently and easily. Now, to the story.