Ch 1: A-B

Author's Note: The first five of my Hundred Haiku collection, please R&R! Tell me what you like, what you don't like, give me pointers. All of my haiku are original creations, inspired by nature :)


A dark silhouette,

Bathed by the light of the moon

Gracefully, she flew.


Artistic Flair


madness, enslaught of colours

Splashing the canvas.



Leaves falling down with

Flashes of crimson colours

Prancing playfully.


Beautiful Eyes

Your eyes, they sparkle

The deepest shades of pure blue,

Like sapphire pools.


Blue Skies

The majestic sky,

Clothed in a blanket of clouds,

Reaches forever.

Author's Note: Hopefully I'll be back soon with another five Haiku. Until then, Sayonara! -Moonlite Streak-