The mirrored room was dark and cold when Frederic Braun walked in; he shivered from the sudden change of temperatureand watched as his breath materialized briefly before disappearing, "Why is it so cold in here?"

"Why do you think, sir?" Kyrie asked, he could detect the edge in her voice and ignored it.

He looked at her short sleeve shirt and rolled his eyes. It figured that a girl raised in Montana wouldn't be bothered by the biting temperatures, and she was also a tech. He also had to remember that she used to be in a small cubicle with a computer, and the temperatures were naturally cooler in there.

"Get me the files," he told her.

"I put them on your desk after you asked for them. Why didn't you bring them?"

He gave her an irritated look, if she didn't figure out that he left the files on the desk on purpose to send her back to the office and get her out of this room, then perhaps there was no hope for her intelligence after all. "Well then find something you need to do; I think it'd be best if I take care of this alone."

Her expression didn't change. Normally she would've groaned at the idea of missing this. She was angry at him and she wasn't bound to get over that soon, "Now?"

"Yes, now," What did she want? Did she want a show? Did she want to watch this behind the glass like it was a display for her to oogle at?

"Fine," she muttered and stormed out of the room, "Shall I cut the camera feed or keep it on?"

"Keep it on if you want, I doubt much will happen anyway."

"Oh, can't be in the room, but I can watch the camera feed," she muttered and walked out of the room, "How does that make sense?"

Why did she have to be so unlike herself at a time like this?

He took a couple of breaths and turned on the light to the room on the other side of the mirror. The figure immediately raised their head and looked at the mirror blearily, the mild tranquilizers and the medication that they'd been injecting the subject with for the past couple of hours were definitely in effect..

"You put us through a lot these past two days," he said into the intercom that connected the \ two rooms, "You and your team wounded 24 people and killed 13 clones last night. You're going to have a lot to answer for in the next week or so. You've decided to put yourself on shaky ground here, so I advise you to start cooperating."

The person sent a small fireball at the glass, which he ignored. The room was built specifically against someone with her ability, "Oh good, the sedatives aren't helping, that's quite imperative to know."

She glared through the dirty blonde hair. He had a feeling that she probably needed a bath badly, and it was a bit sad that she wouldn't get that anytime soon. Not with how hostile she was.

"Naomi," he sighed, "I think after today you can agree that due to what happened, something needs to be done. Just please tell me where the others are."