Needed a break from "Pack" too much writer's block. Enjoy the new chapters for Alpha's construction company (ACC).

Alpha's Construction Company

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I sigh and I clicked off my college school website and fell back on my bed. I was getting frustrated and feeling low. I'm 25 years old, with a Master's in both psychology and computer programming, but I still have not been able to find a good job with decent pay.

I've been spending all my time just thinkin about ya, I think I'm fallin' for you

Fallin for youuuu

I looked to my right as I heard my ringtone go off and sighed again…I hope it's not Jenny. I smile as I stare at the locked screen with Jenny's face flashes on my cell phone…I have bad luck

"Hello Jenny", I roll my eyes

"Hey girl! Whatcha up to?", she yells into the phone and right into my ear

This is typical Jenny she's my loud, bold, intelligent, and kind hearted cousin. So overall I can't stand her, but I put up with her since she's family.

"I'm tired, classes are over so I'm moving out of my apartment and moving back home", I stated while getting up and going to the small kitchen to make myself a snack.

"Girl please, you are getting too worked up. Honey you always work it out so relax, how about this, me, Ranisha n them are goin' to a club. You wanna come and have some fun?

More girls like Jenny? Hell no

" Naw I'm a good girl thanks I'm gonna go look in the newspaper for something close to home."

"Hmm okay girl but remember what I said ok? You'll be fine; you're smart, articulate, and reliable. What employer wouldn't want you?" She stated softly and hung up.

That left me with a small smile. Jenny was the definition of family, she was annoying but she was always there for me when I needed her. Of course I still couldn't help the shiver that ran down my spine at the idea of going to a club with Jenny and her friends. Whenever they got together it was like fuel mixing with fire….Boom. No they got way too wild for me.

"Maybe I should commit suicide…",I mumbled in a considerate tone.

"I wouldn't be missed…much. And life is getting way too hard. What other alternative is there for a person that's far too sensitive living in a harsh world."

You would be missed. And you're not that damn sensitive.

"Let's face facts I'm sensitive, I'm weak, I'm tired of living. I'm tired of feeling uncertainty for the future. I'm tired of feeling inadequate even when I prove myself competent at almost every turn either by passing tests or getting into the toughest programs…", I signed and sank lower into a hopeless emotional state. "If I can't prove to myself that I'm good enough to go on to be…something better than I am now, how the hell am I going to convince an employer?"

You won't be able too. Not with the way you are now. Just stop worrying, listen to Jenny. Everything is will eventually work out.

I shook my head and sighed again. I was tired of arguing with myself… Tired of that endless choking fear that spread throughout my limbs whenever I seriously contemplated ending my own life.

Don't be stupid you have more than enough to live for! What about all those people who are living in so much poverty, war and pain that they truly wouldn't be wrong to want to take their lives simply to have the very freedom you claim you want.


I shook my head and cried quietly. I was arguing with myself again. Logic and emotion clashed and fought for the upper hand. I put my forearm over my face as tears spilled from my eyes and whispered, "God I just want to be free. Free of the feelings of dread I get every time I go for an interview or think of starting a life in this economy. Free of the intense worry and uncertainty I've been bound with for most of my life. Free of everything. I want to be up there…with you God…no worries…no pain…no pressure…no uncertainty. God I've wished for this my whole life and even as an adult I wish for it…even as I've worked hard, and stiffed my childish wishes and dreams of traveling and of doing nothing yet doing everything.

I sighed a third time and chuckled. And of course all of that would be impossible even if I could cook, had the money for the ingredients and had the knowledge, willpower and even the tiniest bit of confidence to solve every problem that came my way.

"I'm just being a whiny brat. Even if I did seriously believe I could pray to be all of what I've stated God wouldn't want to listen to a whiny brat rant about how she hates living and would rather be powerful yet and humble, intelligent and whimsical, knowledgeable yet content in blissful ignorance." I turned my head and stared at my laptop, "I'm one weird fucked up introverted shut in."

Maybe we should go out with Jenny

I looked over at the night stand by my bed and saw 9:52pm flashing back at me in red letters.

"Naw, its Friday I have a date with my Netflix movie." I giggled and hoped up feeling a little better because I got to open the red envelope to find the movie entitled, "Despicable me" that I ordered three days earlier. I shook my head and laughed quietly, "I'm a lonely straight A, graduate student about to watch a cartoon movie on a Friday night, I'm sooooo pathetic."

An hour and forty-five minutes later

I couldn't stop giggling, "Wow that was a really cute movie" I smiled contently my mood lifted. I fished around finding the remote and switched the T.V. from DVD mode to T.V. mode, "okay…now let's see what on the Tele".

I began switching from channel to channel not finding anything I really wanted to watch I settled on some a Friday night movie. I began to settle into the plot finding the character's interactions interesting when the scene fades to black and a series of boring redundant commercials began.

I rolled my eyes at the commercials for the late night news and new up and coming sitcoms. I decided to go to my small kitchen again. The tiny marble island complimented the tiny marble countertops that held the small stove, microwave and the used refrigerator I borrowed from my auntie. I smiled at the small white sink containing one blue and yellow poke-a-dot plate and one blue and yellow tall glass cup. I washed the plate and cup, and went to the fridge and grabbed my sweet tea and gourmet microwave pasta dinner.

I snuggled back on my brown soft love seat and angled the T.V dinner tray between me and the TV. I let out a groaned when I saw that the commercials were still on. I leaned down and took a bite of my gourmet fettuine alfredo pasta, and moaned in pleasure as the cheese and the seasoning exploded in my mouth. "Man I love this stuff!"

"Five local college students commit suicide; investigators say that the students had some sort of suicide pact. Details on this tragic situation and more tonight on late breaking news channel five."

I looked down at my meal after listening to the well groomed anchorwoman's announcement and sighed yet again. "Lucky bastards", I muttered jealously. "I wouldn't have the guts to do it myself, that makes sense to have a pact. And its sounds nice to have people who understands that you need a way out."

I rolled my eyes as yet another commercial for Alpha's construction company came on. The commercial advertised the quality construction equipment, tools, workers, and licensed contractor's service.

There was something about the commercial that drew my attention, but I shrugged it off and kept watching the Friday night movie.

2 hours later

I stretched and leaned back cracking my back. "Oh it feels good to get lost in a movie." I yawned rolled my neck while I walked towards my small bedroom.

I smashed head first into the soft mattress and crawled towards the cool pillow. I stretched once more and began to snuggle under the covers, and smiled contently as a wave of fatigue washed over my body. That damn Alpha's construction company commercial kept running through my head. I looked across the small bedroom at the desk near the window where my laptop was located. I kept the screen on my desktop background of me and mom in plain view every time I was about to go to bed.

"Grr fine I might as well look it up…" I grumbled

I sat up on the bed and stretched out towards the desk and grabbed the laptop. I picked up the laptop and clicked on the search engine and typed in Alpha's construction company. I was blown away by all the equipment they had, Bobcat skid steers, excavator brand bobcat lifter, an abundant amount of dump trucks, hell even a giant industrial strength mega mover crane. And then there was the proud declaration about the 300,000 hard-working employed construction workers that were each well trained skilled professional men and women.

"And that's just in the state of California!", I mumbled in amazement.

I rolled my eyes at the amount of success the company had. I yawned and was about to check my e-mail then go to bed, when I saw something on the site that caught my attention. If you would like to be one of the many happy employees here Alpha's construction company please view our current list of available positions today…

Couldn't hurt to look….

"Okay let's see. Carpenter…nope, Electrician…nope, Licensed Contractor…nope…well they have a variety of drivers for trucks, vans, and machinery transport. Yea right.", I rubbed my face and looked longingly towards the bed.

"I'll just scan the rest and then check my e-mail."

"Carpenter, Interior Designer, Architect…damn this company must be its own city with all these skilled people they want to employ and probably already employ. Okay well never mind this is hope- wait a minute! Executive assistant position available."I smiled finally something I can see myself doing. My curiosity now fully peaked I clicked on the link to see the qualifications and requirements to apply.

Executive Assistant


- Detail oriented

- Able to deal with a diverse population

- Computer literate

- Strong customer service background

- Strong Communication skills

- Able to work in a high energy environment

- Able to perform receptionist duty

- Able to work closely with Vice Presidents, Presidents, CFO, and CEO

Application Requirements

- Resume

- Cover letter with 6x4 Picture

- Personal statement indicating applicants reason for applying.

I read then re-read the Qualifications and Application requirements. I felt torn; I was a bit skittish about applying especially since if I were to be hired I would have to work with the VPs and CEO. "Well I guess that's what they mean by an Executive assistant."

Here goes nothing

I filled out the application, attached my resume, a cover letter and a recent picture of me dress in formal attire. After I made sure all my "I's" were dotted and my T's crossed I submitted my application. "Well that's the third application I've submitted. Even if it's not likely that I'll be hire it couldn't hurt to have another application out there."

If you don't like it oh well, this is my process.