To anyone who likes my other stories, sorry, it looks like I won't be able to work on any of them anytime soon because I keep coming up with new ideas. Hopefully one day I'll continue on them. This story isn't very well developed yet, so I'm just writing as it goes along. If it's confusing for you, then it was probably confusing for me too, so sorry. =_= This story is actually kind of similar to another one of my stories but in this one, I wanted the main character to be more delusional than the other character's story. And the guy is a different type of guy than the other story too. He's your typical shoujo male lead I guess?

nerd [nurd]
noun slang.
1. a stupid, irritating, ineffectual, or unattractive person.
2. an intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit.

I am a nerd. I was often called a nerd in my previous schools as well. Of course, the first definition serves to piss me off a bit, yes. But a nerd is a nerd, through and through, although I have to say I am not stupid, irritating (at least to myself) and definitely not ineffectual. I am actually a very capable girl.

I do admit, I lack in the looks department. My messy long black hair is unkempt, and usually braided on both sides of my head. My bangs reach the rims of my thick circular glasses that hide my bushy eyebrows, and my lips are anything but kissable. My figure isn't bad, seeing as I schedule my time well and exercise thirty minutes a day, as everyone should. If I had to choose what I liked best out of my physical appearance, I would have to say the color of my eyes. It's strange because I come from a long line of Japanese descent. Most of the family has plain, gray colored eyes. Not interesting or strange at all. But I came into this world with sky blue eyes, as if staring at the sky too long had somehow stained them blue. Perhaps that was how I got my name, Sorami, meaning "beautiful sky." Not that my name has ever really reflected on me personally.

"An intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit," now that seems to describe me to a T. I am very intelligent if I do say so myself. Ok, well, not really, but I am smarter than your average highschool-freshman-to-be. That's because I actually study, one of my "nonsocial hobbies," nerd point one. I also like to read fantasy and romance books (including manga and anime), nerd point number two. I like to keep to myself more than try to affiliate with others, and I like to take my delusions to the extreme. That's nerd point number three and weirdo point number whatever it is. All nerds seem to have a quirk or two after all.

Ever since I was little, I had a dream. At the time, I was already being called a nerd and an ugly girl and any other insult that you might think of. However, from reading that much shoujo manga and romance novels, I was already a determined elementary brat. My dream would be one of the most beautiful dreams any girl could have. That was... a beautiful boy harem.

I can imagine it vividly. "Sorami-sama, welcome home." My gorgeous group of beautiful men would welcome me home with fierce eyes full of longing, all lined up in the hallway of my luxurious and sleek mansion.

"I'm home." I would say. Then I would walk the hall, inspecting each man carefully. "Who should I choose to serve me today? Flirty playboy? Dark and mysterious? Serious and cool? Mature and experienced? Or... young and mischievous?" All of them would await my answer eagerly, all the while staring at me with their passion filled eyes. And then I'd laugh and say, "How troublesome, it seems I can't choose again. Why not have all of you join me?"

All the men would smile and say, "As you wish, Sorami-sama." And then as if being washed away by a flood, the men would bring me to a room and-

"Hey, watch it you weirdo!"

My butt crashed into the floor as the contents of my bag spilled into the pathway. "Ow." I attempt to rub the pain away as I look up to see a girl in the same school uniform I am in; a red blazer, a white blouse, and a black and red plaited skirt and ribbon around her neck. Only her way of wearing the clothes was more loose than mine was. "Haha, very sorry." I laugh.

Her friend behind her tugs at her sleeve and tells her, "Just ignore the freak. Let's go to class." They proceeded to quickly leave the scene of collision, the girl I bumped into saying, "Did you see her? Her nose was bleeding. What a perv."

I stood up and laughed while I dusted off my skirt. Then I moved to gather the innards of my now empty school bag, all the while pitying the pair that had just left. Poor, poor girls. Sure, you can make fun of me now, but once I create my harem fit for a goddess, you'll be steaming with envy. And this school will be the perfect starting grounds for it, the prestigious Ryuusei High School!

This school has a 99.9998% of college after graduation, ranks in the top ten of the best schools in Japan, and is super famous and popular among the women of any generation for good-looking and successful men. A perfect hunting ground. *insert evil grin*

"Hey you! Hurry and get to class or I'll give you detention!" A random teacher in a track suit yelled at me. I perked up.

"Yes sir!" I answered promptly, and ran off to class. I rummaged through my bag as I was running and pulled out my brand new black leather who knows how many pages journal, whose sole purpose was to stored information collected on my potential harem mates, and my number one in the whole wide world super-duper loved to death favorite pencil, a fat, clear and neon green mechanical pencil. My only writing companion to survive the past sixteen years of my life and still managed to stay intact. My eyes wide open for any potential hotties, I rushed off to home room.

"Nice to meet'cha. The name's Kobayashi, but everyone calls me Kobasen for god knows why. Just to let you know from the start, you try pulling anything in my class... Well, you'll just have to wait and see." The home room teacher grinned evilly. His scraggly hair and his scraggly whiskers seemed to go well with the red with white stripes track outfit he was in. I realized he was the teacher who told me to get my move in earlier just a bit ago. It was hard to believe he was really a teacher at the Ryuusei academy. He had more of a "public school" feel... Although actually, this was a public school anyways...

He continued on with his self introduction. "Anyways, I'm 45 years old, I've taught since before you guys were crawling around in your diapers. I'm married, so to all the girls out there, sorry, I'm taken." He grinned. The class laughed at his joke. "As for the subject I teach here, it's anything on math. I am tolerant, but if you try to screw with me, then you're going to get it... Eh, somehow I don't really feel like talking anymore. Any questions anybody?"

No one raised their hand. "No? Then you guys can start introducing yourself. Starting with this row." He pointed to the desk nearest to the front door, furthest from the windows. The girl stood up and introduced herself, her age, mentioning her middle school, her hobbies and what she wanted to do with her life or school life. The others followed in similar suit. I waited quietly for my turn, scanning the room for any potential hotties to add to my harem. However, I wrote down everything everyone said anyways, including a floor map and where each person sat. This way, I could get to know everyone.

About halfway through, someone interrupted at the door. Who was this I wondered? It was a very beautiful boy. He had slick and glossy black hair, his eyes were almond shaped and they were olive-green. His shoulders were broad and his long legs stretched from his nice ass (yes I was checking him out, is that so wrong?) to his white classroom shoes. However, the way he was sloppily dressed either hinted at someone who was lazy, or a wild type. I didn't mind either. I flipped to a new page and chewed on the end of my pencil in eager anticipation.

Harem target number one, lock on.

"And who might you be, Mr. Late to class on the very first day of school?" Kobasen didn't hold back on his blatant display of irritation in his voice, or face.

"Kitano Yoichi." The pretty boy replied.

"And why were you late Kitano?"

"It's my first day here and I got lost. I'm sorry. It won't happen again." He smiled a dazzling smile. I wouldn't put it past him if half the class fell in love with him from just that smile alone.

"You're damn right it won't. Don't think you can get out of everything just because you're pretty... I'll excuse you since it's the first day, but be here on time the rest of the year." Huh, I had thought Kobasen to have been more of a hard ass than that. So the smile worked on men too. I jotted it down in my notebook.

"Yes sir, thank you sir." Yoichi walked into the classroom.

"There's a seat open next to... Uh, Abe I think it was? Last row next to the windows." I realized that was me. He sat down to my right. The introductions continued, and I began busying myself with filling out my book with class information.

"Psst, hey."

Was that directed at me? I looked up and to my right to see Yoichi trying to get my attention. "Can I help you?" I asked.

"Actually, you can. Since the home room teacher hasn't gotten to us and assigned us seats yet... what was his name?"


"Yeah. Since Kobasen hasn't gotten around to us yet, I was wondering if we could switch seats?"

"Switch seats?" I considered. "Why?"

Yoichi seemed a bit baffled at first, but soon regained his composure. "A window seat in the last row has always been one of my favorite spots. If you'd be willing to switch with me, you'd be doing me a great favor."

Ah, I was getting his game now. I quickly wrote it down in my notes. And now, to judge his character, I'd have to see how he'd react. "Hmm... No. This spot has always been one of my favorites too."

Another shocked face. Shocked at denial of opposite gender. Perhaps first time rejected? Conceit level plus one. "Please?" He cocked his head in a way a puppy would whenever it wanted something.

I took notice of this. Expertly pulls off puppy face and high level puppy tilt technique without overdoing it. Even asking with an endearing "please?" A true master of utter adorableness, feigning interest and manipulation. "Hmm... After all, I have to say no. I chose this seat first. You should have gotten here earlier if you had wanted it."

"...Fine then, suit yourself, ugly." Was all he said in reply and turned away. I laughed. He's used to getting his way. He's like a spoiled brat. How interesting. But so far, all he had were bad qualities. Could he really be a good contribution to my harem?

...Unless I could tame him somehow.

I smiled at that. Taming the selfish puppy and training him into a full fledged prize-winning (not to mention very obedient and faithfully loyal) dog?

This was going to be fun.

Game start.