Hello and welcome to the first chapter! First of all for those who didn't notice, or didn't read, or whatever... this is slash! You know, m/m and such. So if you don't like - it's cool, just don't read.

Ok, now we can get back to business... have fun!


"Oh SHIT!" I cursed loudly as I smacked my head against the shelf above my girlfriend's bed, and for the 100th time I wondered - who the hell puts a shelf right above his bed where it can hit his head about 30 times a night.

Seriously, what If you have a nightmare? Like in the movies! When you wake up suddenly and sit up? You will probably hit your head so hard you'll lose conscience. I mean really, this shit is dangerous.

But well, apparently Anna thought differently.

"Good morning to you too sunshine," Anna said as she yawned loudly and gave me her best smirk, which I got to admit, is pretty damn good.
"It's not my fault your shelf is trying to kill me every-fucking-day!" I said stubbornly and gave her my best glare. And believe me I have an EPIC glare.

But apparently Anna thought differently. Again.

"Ohhhh my poor baby! You want me to kiss it and make it all better?" She smirked "come here…" She sat up and tried to grab me, but I was faster and went flying towards the bathroom.

And of course she started to laugh. Bitch.

"You bad, BAD shelf, stop hitting Jess all the time or else..!" I heard her saying to the shelf from hell, and as I sneaked a look back I saw her pointing her finger at it like she was scolding it. And of course, she was smirking.


"Jess you remember our date tonight yeah? We are going to meet Sam at his new place," Anna said as I walked out of the bathroom.

Wait. Is it Thursday already?

And because I had no idea I asked "Is it Thursday already?" Anna of course gave me her own epic glare, not as epic as mine I must say, but creepy nether less.
"God, buy a calendar already you big baby! Of course today is Thursday! And you knew about this date a week ago, so there's no way you're getting out of it! You hear me?"

"Yessir." I answered.

It's not like I planned something else, it's just that the week had gone by so fast I was shocked.

Man, I do need a calendar.

"Good boy. Don't forget to pick me up at 8; we are going to his place." She said as she went into the bathroom.
And Because I was a guy like that - I stared at her ass until she closed the door behind her.


Anna and I have been dating for almost a year now, and you could say things were getting pretty serious. Oh I was lucky, I knew it even without my coworkers reminding me practically every day. Anna was smart, funny, and yeah - drop dead gorgeous. She has a long curly blond hair; the biggest honey-brown eyes you'll ever see and a wide smile that will make you wanna smile all day long.

"Come on," I murmured as I tried to get my wavy and wild blond hair to behave.
You could say that we are pretty matched Anna and I; some of her friends go as far as to call us the golden couple as we are both blonds, and rather hot I must say.
And no, I'm not a narcissist. But I'm also not blind; I can tell I'm pretty good looking. My biggest attraction I've been told is my eyes, my cat eyes as Anna calls them. They have this nice combination of green and gold that make them… well yeah, cat like.

"What about coffee?" Anna asked as she watched me put on my jacket and looking for my keys.
"I gotta go, I need to be a little early today." I walked up to her and gave her a soft kiss.
"Ummm alright, today at 8, don't be late or else…" she gave me a fake glare and a wide smile. "I won't dare." I said, smiled back and left.

Minutes later as I drove to my work place I was thinking about this "Sam" dude.
I didn't know much about him except for the fact that he was Anna's best childhood friend and he was half British and lived in London for the past 6 years. Or was it 5?

I should really start paying more attention to what Anna's telling me.

"Good morning man." Ben said as we met at the entrance to the company.
"Morning" I answered "I know why I'm here so early, but what the hell are you doing here?"

"Well you know I thought maybe I could catch Mrs. Pattison for a hot round in the bathroom before everyone else showed up. I bet she hides some really hot stuff under that hideous uniform..." He said with an evil smirk.
"Ewwww man… that is just wrong." I said with a disgusted face. Mrs. Pattison is the cleaning lady, and she's about… 150 years old.

"Kidding man. I'm here to catch up some work, like you I guess," Ben said as we entered our office.
Ben and I work as editors for a publishing company. Ben, you could say is the office resident clown, but sometimes his jokes go too far – even for me.

God, The picture of him and Mrs. Pattison will stay in my head all day now.

"So, hot night?" Ben asked with an innocent smile, but you could clearly see the smirk in his dancing blue eyes. "Well I guess every night is hot for you and that hot lady you got. When's the wedding man?"

WTF. Wedding?
Hold your Horses man.

I mean it's not like I wasn't thinking about it, we're both 25 – a good age I guess, Anna is great and we're doing so well.

But wedding?

I mean I love Anna, really I do, but for some reason I can't think of us as a married couple, it's like something is not right with that picture. Maybe I need some more time… yeah that's probably the most logical reason.

But of course Ben didn't need to know that.

"In the summer! Wait for your invitation, It's gonna be awesome, we got this private island all for ourselves and..."
"You're so full of shit man," he said.
"Look who's talking," I said back.


"Sick shit."



"This is stupid let's go back to work."


Good, got out of this one.

"Just for the record I must say I was here on time." I said to Anna as I watched her putting on her makeup.
"Oh shut up! Bring me my bag; I will be ready in a minute."

Sure you will, and I'm going to be crowned as the king of England tomorrow.

20 minutes later we were in my car on our way to Sam's apartment.
"Oh I'm so excited to see him again, it's gonna be awesome!" Anna said with her wide smile stretched all over her face.
"He sounds like a cool dude, what did you say he was doing for…." I started.
"He's gay." she suddenly said.

Oh. That was uhm... random.

"I see." I said dumbly.

"I just thought you should know; you're cool with that right?" She asked.
"Yeah I'm cool with that, why shouldn't I be?"
"No reason. It's just that there are some people who are not." she answered.

Gay. Sure I can handle that.

"Wow, he's sure living in a nice place," I said as I looked at the nice building.
"He's a photographer, a damn good one; I've seen some of his pictures. So I guess he's doing pretty well for himself," Anna said as we reached the entrance.
"Oh, and it's not going to be just the three of us in case you were wondering. He invited some more friends, something like a house party."
"Oh" I simply said.

"Jess?" I suddenly heard from behind me.
"Tom?" I said in a surprised voice as I saw the man who called me "how are you man? What are you doing here?"
"Well, just visiting a friend." He said with a shy smile.

Tom was one of my coworkers and even from a man POV I must say he's pretty darn uhm…cute. He's a few inches short of my 5'11, he's got warm brown eyes and lot of freckles which give him a boyish adorable look.

Not that I think he's adorable of course. I'm just being objective.

"Oh this is Anna, my girlfriend," I introduced them quickly. "Nice to meet you." Anna said as they shook hands. "You too." Tom answered politely.
"So what floor do you need Tom?" I asked as we entered the elevator. "Six please." he said quietly.
"Oh this is our floor also! Are you by any chance here to see Sam Grey?" Anna asked with her signature smile.
"Yes, you are here for him too?" he asked, surprised.
"Yeah! Me and Sam, we go way back," she said excitedly "this is so funny! Meeting you here I mean, small world I guess."

We almost reached our floor when suddenly Anna said she forgot the present in the car. "Shit," she said as the elevator doors opened "you go first, I'll be right back".
"But…" I started; really I didn't know the guy.
"Just go with Tom, he knows him. Tell Sam you're with me." she said as the elevator doors closed on her.
"Uhm…shall we go?" Tom said shortly after.
"Yeah." I muttered.

We reached the door and I could hear the music playing inside. Tom rang the bell and in a few seconds the door opened.

My first impression of Sam Grey was 'fuck he's big'. Now I am not a small guy, I'm not short and even though I'm more on the thin side – I'm not skinny!

But man, was he big.

He was at least 6'4, had on a T-shirt that clung to his wide chest and jeans that showed his muscular legs. He was standing there all solid, rippling muscle and suddenly I felt the need to go to the gym, badly.

And if that wasn't enough he had the perfect face to fit too.

He looked at me with a curious look in his blue, and I mean BLUE eyes and his straight black hair fell softly on his forehead, ending just above his eye brows.
After a moment I realized something more - the guy was totally checking me out.
His eyes roamed all over my face and then slowly down my body and by the slow smile that spread on his face I realized that he liked what he saw.

God, so awkward.

Then he noticed Tom and gave him a huge smile "Tom! How are you babe?"

Oh I see.

"Good how are you?" Tom said shyly. Sam laughed and suddenly pulled Tom into his arms and gave him a big sloppy kiss.
And fuck me if there wasn't some tongue action going on there.

So awkward.

"So who's your friend? I better welcome him appropriately," Sam said with a seductive smirk and before I could think 'OMG British accent…' I was pulled into a big strong chest and felt hard full lips press mine, hard.

For a moment I froze. And went into shock... maybe?
But as soon as I felt his tongue trying to creep into my mouth I snapped out of it and pushed the big man off me.

Which wasn't so easy because he's well… big.

"WTF man? You can't go kissing people like that!" I yelled and gave him my epic glare which I hoped would show the bastard how pissed off I was.
"What? But aren't you…?" he looked at me and then at Tom. Tom, who looked more shocked then me just shook his head.

Sam surprised gaze turned back to me "then who are…" before he managed to finish the sentence we all heard a loud "SAM!" and then Anna was jumping into his arms laughing loudly. Sam who was still a little shocked from our recent incident just hugged her back with a dumb look in his eyes "Annie! How are you girl?"

Soon she jumped off him and looked at him with her wide smile "awesome now that I saw you!" then she looked at me "So I see you met my boyfriend!"

At that Sam's eyes widened significantly.

Oblivious to my pissed off state she smiled at me and then back at him and said "I'm sure you will get along great."

Sam's eyes widened even farther.

So awkward.