Background: A young girl with her bear in hand is sat amongst the audience. She has ribbons in her hair but they have seen better days and so has her bear. The date is 1984, the time of the Miner's strikes in Britain. The child's father was arrested at the picket line like so many others on strike and his family were left to pick up the pieces while he was away. This is not a true story but it based on what was happening at the time of the strike and this event would have happened.

(Going around the audience) Round and round the garden like a scabby bear (making her fingers 'walk' on the audience members) one step (pause and again making her fingers 'walk') two step.

(She goes to sit on the stage right in front of the right hand seat closest to the walkway in the audience. She makes her fingers 'walk' on the floor in circles). Round and round the garden (she looks up at the audience)...mam and sis ad an argument last night... (She looks back down at the floor boards and makes her hands 'walk' again. Then she looks back up at the audience) like a teddy bear...(her gaze is straight at the audience) ... They were fighting over dad again... (she looks back down at the floor her fingers making 'steps' on the floor)one step ( she looks back up at the audience)they got very angry and ma mam got drunk (she looks back at the floor and makes her fingers take another 'step') two step... ( she looks straight at the audience as if out of the trance of the rhyme ). My mam wasn't always like that. She used to sing songs to me to help me sleep. (Pause)They both think I'm still that little girl but ... I'm not (pause)and I know about dad. He should listen to ma sis she's right. I miss him.

(She stands up in the middle of the stage and then as she says the next line she looks more desperate) Round and round the garden like a scabby bear one step...two step.

She pauses and then exits holding her bear in one hand as the lights fade.