~The House of Maria~

Beth looked around the house speechless, it was infested with cats, they were all black cats of different sizes and eye color. They wondered around like specks of shadow and they truly disgusted her. Beth was a maid and she never liked working for people with pets especially cats. She was always expected to clean the litterbox, a task she could not stand, Beth guessed this house had to have more than one litterbox. The thought of leaving was dismissed the owner of this house was paying very well, she couldn't pass it up no one else in town was willing to pay so much for maid service.

Finally a woman walked down from the long staircase it was the house's owner, Maria Aubrea. She was the tallest woman Beth had ever seen. Her black hair reached down to her hips almost blending in with her dress. The woman's face was very cat-like with glowing green eyes and high cheekbones, she was strange looking but at the same time still very beautiful. To add to her beauty her lips were painted with bright ruby red lipstick. "Your the new maid" Maria's eyes observed Beth up and down then she shrugged, "You don't seem happy"

"Just a little nervous" Beth said, forcing a smile. It was hard for her to stay calm in the prescence of so many cats.

Maria chuckled, "You don't need to be, my cats and I welcome all" A cat brushed past Beth's leg and she shivered. She then noticed that more cats were coming in to the room, they covered the furniture observing, blinking, stretching and yawning. Many rubbed aganist Maria's legs but the woman didn't seem to notice.

"The dishes in the kitchen have piled up terribly, you can start there" Maria said.

"Does anyone else work here?" Beth asked, the house was so big surely there had to be other workers. "So far no...for now your alone" Maria replied, turning back towards the steps. "The kitchen is the next room" With that the woman began making her way up the steps. Beth watched her until she was out of sight and then walked in to the kitchen.

When she was in there she nearly gasped at the sight of the room. The counters were covered with food stained dishes, cats roamed around without a care and the flies buzzed. The tile floor was an array of trash and cluttered junk. Surely that woman didn't expect her to get this disaster cleaned! More cats came pouring in to the kitchen causing Beth's anger to rise it was pure madness to have so many cats and to let a kitchen get in such a state.

Beth closed her eyes tightly for a moment of thought then opened them again and unzipped her tote bag to pull out a pair of yellow rubber gloves. Since she cleaned for the rich upper-class Beth had never encountered anything this bad, she'd expect to find this sort of mess in some crummy low class neighborhood. Beth put on the gloves and then her white apron as she did so she dreaded any progression.

"Get away!" Beth shouted kicking towards several cats that had surrounded her tote bag.

She rolled her eyes and walked towards the sink, she took a deep breath and started moving dishes around. The wet food that dripped from the plates had awful, unrecognizable smell and she almost gagged. "Oh my god!" A sharp pain suddenly came to her leg, one of the cats was digging in it's claws.

Beth dropped a plate missing the cat only by a few inches it shattered on the tile floor, the sound didn't budge the cat at all. She shouted and screamed violently jerking the creature around but it was relentless and it's claws only dug in deeper.

"Get off!" Beth shrieked desparately. It began dragging it's claws down leaving deep slash marks behind.

In a last desparate attempt Beth tried to kick away the cat with her free leg. Almost immdiately she lost her balence and feel hard to the floor. The cat then realesed it's claws and took one bored glance at the distraught woman then returned to the other cats, Beth watched angerily as it left her with it's mark.

Pieces of glass were in her legs like splinters but it was not so severe. The cat's scratches stung terribly and Beth feared she would get some sort of infection from the filthy animal. With a small growl she lifted herself up from the ground wincing from the pain. "There's no way I'm working here!" she shouted.

Beth snarled and spat on the floor, "This place is disgusting -" she then heard the sound of footsteps coming down the stairway. She wasn't afraid to tell Maria just what she thought her anger was at it's highest point. Was Maria Aubrea crazy enough to believe anyone could work in this home?

Maria was soon in the kitchen her face very intense. "What are you down her yelling for?" the woman snapped, behind her more and more cats came in. The kitchen was a clutter of pitch black shapes.

"I can't work with these cats walking around and I do believe it's illegal to have so many pets" said Beth.

The woman glared at her, "No one tells me how to live-"

"This is no way to live! It's just plain sickening!" Beth shouted.

"Well I see your no different from the other whores that come walking through here" Maria smiled and looked at the cuts on Beth's leg. "Luckily I can handle them" The woman's slightly deep voice then turned in to a harsh whisper, "You were scratched how would you like to be bitten?"

Beth's face grimaced, "I'll be leaving now I hope you can change your ways" She walked to the kitchen doorway but was blocked by Maria's long, slender body. "I didn't say you could leave" the woman said harshly.

Right now Beth was afraid of Maria she was so intense at the moment. It was hard to admit but Maria was a much stronger prescence than herself. "You just can't- " without warning Beth was shoved to the floor and instantly the cat's came for her.

She thrashed and screamed as they clawed and bit in to her flesh they covered her, each time she got one off another came. To Beth's surprise the cats began backing away, leaving her a mess of torn clothing and scratches. Maria was staring at her with a wicked smirk her cats gathered behind her.

With one swift movement Maria tore off her black dress and tossed it to the side. Beth shook under the sight of the tall naked woman with black felines behind her. The image was like beautiful art bleeding shadows, who could she not look in the face of her tormentor?

Maria's eyes began to glow bright green, their shine almost blinding. But still Beth could see the woman's limbs suddenly go in to rigidty. The bones cracked loudly causing her to cringe, the sight of the transformation was very grotesque. Maria's beautiful body becoming mishapen and distorted sprouting small black hairs everywhere. Her fingernails became long, sharp cat- like claws and her teeth sharp fangs.

When the transformation finally ended Maria had turned in to a large cat- like creature a type of feline of its own. It was shockingly large its black fur shined beautifully. A beautiful and chilling monster that was Maria Aubrea in any form. Looking in to it's eyes Beth could still know the beast as Maria, there was no change in her state of mind.

The creature let out a ear-splitting hiss and pounced, once upon the maid it first bit in to her arm. The power of her bite was so great the bone snapped instantly, the sound of the snapping was almost as horrifying as the pain. Beth let out a scream of agony and felt herself close to vomiting, her vision becoming clouded.

Maria realesed her bite and then with amazing swiftness and accuracy she slashed open the maid's abdomen with one of her claws. The last thing Beth felt was that of the cats biting in to her.