Bride in the Bath

Beautiful beyond compare she bathes in the blood of her lovers. The Bride looks at me with her lovely hazel eyes and a smile forms upon her face, "Do you hate me, Madeline?" she asks me. "No not at all, your family now." I reply, my eyes locked on her as I sat on the stool next to the tub. The bathtub was filled with blood up to her breasts, soothing it was to her body she spoke to me in a relaxed tone, "You little liar the whole family hates me and that includes you." she said moving her arms in a slow swimming- like motion.

"I don't know about the others but I support my brother Eli in the decisions he makes" I say.

The Bride laughed, "I have killed many while living here with you and Eli...and you have not turned me in. Why is that Madeline?"

"I've seen far worse murderers than you." I replied boldly. "My dear sister are you thinking of Jacob?" My body shivered and eyes grew wide from her words. How could she know about Jacob?

"You loved him and willingly joined the man in his crimes, no matter how brutal." She leaned her head back looking to the ceiling, "You and him raped, tortured and killed little children, mostly little girls never older than eleven."

I was both amazed and angry no one else knew about Jacob and I, my family had never found out anything. I had kept it well hidden. "No one ever found out about you two thus you were never brought to justice." the bride went on.

"How do you know?" I asked in a harsh whisper. Jacob and I had been together for a long time, I didn't always agree with his murderous tendencies, but I just couldn't help but love the mysterious and chilling man. "I know a lot of things darling." her eyes turned to me, "Your family despises me believing me to be immoral...if only they knew what the sweet and lovely Madeline truly is."

"They know who I am I was simply blinded by love during the times with Jacob." I said with slight uncertainty.

The Bride's gaze was mocking, as if she knew all of my secrets but I knew that was impossible. But her knowing about Jacob made me want to drown her in the blood she bathed in. This beautiful sadist in front of me seemed so powerful. With a strong sense of weakness I stayed painfully still in my seat.

She then lifted her hand up to her face, "Blood is simply irresistible don't you agree?" My brother's bride was a woman who enjoyed the torture of other beautiful women and of course bathing in their blood. I considered my former lover worse because he had killed mere children. I clearly remember how he loved their cries of pain, how their tears aroused him.

"Madeline you are such a pathetic yet interesting creature." she licked some of the blood on her hand then turned back to me. "It's been so nice living here."

"My family has a right to hate you, you don't really love Eli, you don't even care for men in general! All Eli sees in you is your beauty and nothing else," I paused for a moment and shot the woman a dark look, "Tell me why did you marry my brother? He's wealthy but you have so much more. Be honest and tell me."

Her eyes suddenly became warm and loving, "I thought you and I would make an amazing pair," she said sweetly and then she arranged herself in the tub so her arms were crossed over the side. The blood from her arms dripped to the floor in rapid drops. "Madeline, I've read many of your stories as you can guess that's how I found out about Jacob. I thought you were great before but reading your stories I've come to think of you as sort of a goddess."

When she and my brother started seeing each other I didn't care for her but she was still fascinating. So naturally I made her a character in my stories just as I had done with Jacob. In my stories she was only known as, "The Bride"

"I quite enjoy your stories especially the ones about me" she reached over and placed her blood soaked hand on my knee, "Madeline, my greatest desire is you."

I couldn't help but smirk, "So that's the only reason you married my brother, to get close to me?"

"Well you're not easy to get close to so I made it so that you could not avoid me." Though The Bride was enchanting she was also very foolish, right now she was becoming more and more childish. "Can you accept the feelings I have for you?" she asks.

"I suppose I can," I replied with a smile. The Bride's face lit up, her childlike joy was rather amusing.

"Then you'll understand why I killed your brother this morning, he would have gotten in the way. I planned confessing my love today, it was best for him to be gone beforehand." she was slightly worried that I would be angry it seemed her character was truly broken.

"Believe me I understand." In a way I did love her almost in the same way I had loved Jacob. With genuine affection I stroked The Bride's lovely smooth cheek.

"I love you." she said with a delightful smile. With my hand still upon her cheek I rose up from the stool and I say, "I love you too."

With those words I swiftly seized her by the hair. She thrashed violently and screamed as I pulled her over the tub I was much stronger and her fighting was useless. I then positioned myself over her thrashing body then with all my strength I slammed her beautiful face against the hard floor over and over again. I did not stop until her body was completely limp.

I let go of her hair and stood there to observe her lifeless body. It was actually quite sad but like Jacob, her story had to end.