This is a work of fiction. Although the characters' personalities were inspired by real individuals, their actions, thoughts and relations to each other is entirely a writing of fiction and is a product of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual life of the above mentioned is entirely coincidental. The only idea that holds true in this work is the scientific principles and theories. But even so, they are still used in a fictional sense.


He opened his eyes. He was standing; two characters before him in a dimly lit room. He was confused. What was going on, he wondered. Why was he here and how could this be? It was strange, but so incredibly wonderful. He existed.
''What is this?'' He asked.

Only the female spoke. The cloaked man to the left of her said nothing.
''This is creation.'' She answered. ''Welcome. You have been made aware before your time.''
He shook his head. ''But why? Who am I?''
''You are substance. That's all you will be for now. You are not alive yet, and you will not be for a thousand years more. But you have been made aware for a purpose.''

He looked at her waiting for her to continue.
''You have sinned,'' She said.
He was confused. He had just been brought into existence and he had sinned already? What did he do wrong?

As if she could sense his thoughts, she answered. ''You have made the angel cry, and now the world suffers. You see, the tears of the angel is the suffering of this world, or rather the world to come; your world.''
He scratched his head. ''Why is the angel crying?''
''There was not enough matter for creation,'' She answered. She had to scrape matter from herself to create you.
''And why create me?''
''Without you, creation wouldn't be complete. But now, her tears cause creation great suffering. You have sinned.''

Oh, now he understood. He was being blamed for something he hadn't done! What a lovely plan for creation. Bring him into consciousness and place him before an impossible paradox!

She sensed his frustration. ''All is not lost. Only you can fix it and end the suffering of this world.''
He sighed. ''What must I do?''
''That you must discover for yourself, after all it is your sin.''
''But will I remember?''
''No. Nothing will be remembered.''
''Then how will I know?''
''The pain of the angel, your entire world would know. They will taste the salt of her tears when it rains; they will see her pain written upon the seashore.''
''It will be washed away.''
''It wouldn't be.''
She seemed to know everything...

''If I wouldn't remember, then why have this meeting in the first place?'' He wondered.
''Because there is something you must have.'' With that she produced an old broken rock and handed it to him.
He studied it. ''What is it?''
"It's a wishing stone.''

A wishing stone! Sweet! All he had to do was wish for the angel to be healed or something like that and problem solved! She answered his thoughts.
''The stone will not work,'' The woman said.
His jaw dropped to the floor. If it wasn't going to work, why the heck was she giving it to him?
She answered. ''Nevertheless, it should prove useful to your quest.''
Great. She just gave him a wishing stone that wouldn't work that should be very useful to him. Very sweet...another heart-sinking paradox!

''What is my punishment know...this...sin?''
She answered simply. ''No love.''
Okay then, fine. He would always be single. No biggie. At least they weren't about to throw him into a lion's den or something.
''You also have to survive the lion's den.''
He almost fainted.
She laughed. ''Just kidding.''
Some humour! But he now confirmed to himself that she could read his thoughts.

''Is there any other thing you can tell me? You know; to break this curse; to end the suffering?'' He probed.
''You must find love,'' She responded.
Great. Here we go again. His punishment is to never find love and yet to end this punishment and break the curse he must do just that. The third paradox and counting.

His heart became heavy. This mission was impossible!
''I'm sorry Ishani. This is the way it must be.''
''What did you call me?''
She smiled. ''You will be known as Ishani.''
That wasn't too bad.

''If I wouldn't remember this, how would it be documented? This is history, you know. It shouldn't be forgotten.''
She laughed. Ishani felt another paradox coming.
''It will be documented by none other than you,'' She smiled.
Paradox confirmed. He will document it although he will remember nothing of it.

''Not only that, but you will document many lives; many stories; your story; this story. And through the writing, it is you who will create the pains.

Four paradoxes and an innocent sin.

He had had about enough. ''Can we end this?''
"Do you want to?"
"What do you think?"
"Why don't you tell me?"
"Because you can read my thoughts!"
"Is that all?"
"No! You can also put me back to sleep and end this!"
She frowned. "I may be able to put you back to sleep, Ishani. But it is only you that can end this. Remember these words well."
"How can I? Didn't you say I will remember nothing of this?"
"But the words were spoken. And that is all that matters."
"I don't understand."
"I know."
"Please send me back! I can't take much more of this!"

''Of course. Go to sleep for a thousand years more and then be born,'' He heard her whisper. ''Good luck Ishani. Now sleep...sleep...sleep...''

As the world became dark around him, he held on tight to the wishing stone - the thing that would not work; his only hope. Then the world faded and he remembered nothing.