All of Batilla village was in great excitement. The lazy little village had finally gotten what it had been waiting on for a very long time. The townsfolk always looked forward to a celebration and finally it was time. But on this particular occasion it was a bit more than anticipated for. The cause for celebration this time was a surprise wedding. But even more than that; it was two weddings in one, twice the fun, twice the merriment, twice the celebration.

It was not only The Din and the Mudd that found love in each other, but also Kry and Ishani. It was the first time ever that such an event would take place and all in the village were stirred up in great rejoicing, merry-making and preparations. It should be an event that would always be remembered.

But Ishani was nowhere to be found. Kry was sure she had searched everywhere. Finally, running through the green of the forest, she found Ishani at the waters end starring far out into the blue.
"Ishani! Ishani!" Kry called as she neared him. He looked up at her and allowed her a minute to catch her breath.
"Ishani! What are you doing at the shore at this time? Don't you know that they are about to start?"
He turned back to the sea and scratched his head.
"Nothing," He said. "I was just wondering."
"Oh Ishani, wondering, wondering. What were you wondering about this time?"
He sighed. "I'm not too sure."
"Your thoughts are too complicated even for yourself Ishani."
"The sea, it reminds me of you Kry."
"I'm not a siren any more Ishani, and I don't sing my words. I'm human."
"I know. I'm glad you are." Ishani smiled at her. "I love you."
"Oh yeah?" She teased. "Then what three things would you do for me then?"
"I would kiss you," He said. And then he was silent.
"And about the other two?" Kry asked, now curious.
"Ishani laughed. "I would never get to the other two!" He exclaimed. Our kiss would last for all eternity!"

He kissed her right then as it began to rain.
"Oh great," Ishani muttered. "Rain. You think that it will cut our celebration short?"
Kry laughed. "I don't think so. Everyone had been waiting for something like this for a long time. They are all pumped up. The entire village has been invited and I think everyone came out."
Ishani frowned. "The entire village? Are you sure? Have we been invited?"
Kry socked him on the arm and laughed.
"Of course silly! It's our wedding! Now let's go!"

She grabbed him by the arm and hulled him away from the beach and towards the town centre. They ran through the rain hand in hand with their laughter echoing wildly among the various songs of the wind and splatter of raindrops beneath their pounding feet.

No one ever observed what occurred at the beach, for where the Angel Sands lay, the rain drops washed away the words completely until it was no more.

For some reason those strange words never reformed. The waves rolling upon the shore completely smoothened the sands and it was as if the words were never even there to begin with.

Back at the castle The Din was in his study. In his hands he held a notebook. It was the one that the female had given him in which all of history was documented. It contained everything, from the time of creation to the time of divine enlightenment. Yes, his work was finally completed and he was happy. He had achieved the divine enlightenment he sought. Now that the angel was healed, perfect balance was restored upon the earth and finally they were living in a paradise without pain. He shook his head in sadness. It's a shame Ishani would never know what he had done, he thought. The guy played such a big role in all of this. But maybe the angel was right. It was better this way. The angel always knew the best thing.

The Din made his way down the shelves of books and came to the one spot that was bare. He couldn't help but chuckle. Talsha had wondered about this space he knew. She had wondered what it could possibly be for. She had even thought she tricked him of his key, but the poor girl never realised that the study didn't need a key. The lock was long broken. All a person had to do was to push hard enough on the heavy wooden doors and it would swing open. But she would never know that he knew. He had told her that he knew everything and that was all that she had needed to know.

Just as he slid the notebook into place the Mudd came through the door.
"It is time," She said. "I think they are waiting for us."
The Din smiled. "Then I think we should go. By the way who was invited?"
"The entire village, I think. It looks like everyone came out."
The Din frowned. "Everyone?"
"Well why not? It's not everyday you get to celebrate two weddings in one."
"Indeed," He said.
"Even the rain didn't stop them. Everyone's out and it's really pouring out there."
"Is it now?"
The Mudd smiled. "Well if everyone is invited, then why not the rain too?"
He laughed. "Yes. Why not," He smiled.

They made their way to the party and joined in the singing and dancing that was taking place. The Mudd was right. Indeed the entire village had come out. And the rain was pouring so much!

But no one noticed that not one raindrop contained even a hint of salt.

Not even the wise old Din.

They were just having too much fun.

D. S. Eden