Another Day, Every Day

Is "I love you" truly what you mean
And when you say you care is it true?
Because lately those "truths" I haven't seen
At all coming out from you.

It's another night I come home alone
Just like the night before, I stare into space
Because this is the world that I have known
Ever since I wound up within this place.

And I can drown my sorrows in a game
Because computer players are my friends
But I cannot run and hide from this shame
Knowing that it's on you I depend.

It feels as if the wall crashes into my heart
Every time this to me you do
And every single day it simply all restarts…
This behavior of yours is hardly new.

I guess I must have fallen complacent
I guess I just no longer give a damn
I've stopped wondering where the love went
Instead I just brace for another slam

Into the wall when it happens again
Because we both know it certainly will
Until one day my heart reaches its untimely end
And my miserable body will grow still.

Tomorrow will come, just another day
In which I start the day by burying my hope
Maybe one day I'll learn to run away
Because God knows I really can no longer cope

With such sameness in every moment awake
Where things begin and end with sorrow
And then I'm dumb enough to make the same mistake
Of trying to have some hope for tomorrow.

Thousands of tears have left my reddened eyes
Pieces of tape keep my shattered heart together
I've given you hundred of thousands of tries
But I can't go on doing this forever.

Insanity brews deep within my twisted brain
It must be madness that keeps me locked up here
Fueling my life with a constant disdain
And keeping me trapped with my own silly fear

That in this world I'd be all on my own
Even though it's been that way for quite a while
Despite it being all I've ever known
For living alone, I just don't have the guile.

If you will not be here for me any longer
Please just return my fragile heart and go away
So maybe one day I'll learn to be stronger
And avoid another day, every day.