The new millennium really was the end of the world... but not ours.

The End of the World

It was the coming of a millennium new,
It was a time when a celebration was due.

The year was nineteen ninety-nine,
When their race was at their prime.

One year later, after the abduction,
The Earth would fall to their destruction.

In the year of thousands two,
They would come with their crew.

Yet underestimate they did,
The humans, a danger big.

Ten were taken for information,
Bringing forth their annihilation.

For it was the beginning of the end,
An approaching danger none could fend.

Those who claimed the world would expire,
Were correct, the situation was dire.

By destiny we were preferred,
And defeated they were.

Notes: Now for the explanation, this is a sci-fi story idea I thought of a while back. A group of humans are abducted by aliens for the purpose of studying them and conquering the Earth a year later. But the humans break free and end up conquering the alien planet.