The house was dark and cold when I stepped back in and locked the sliding door. I laughed mirthlessly. It was a reflection of how I felt inside. Moving through the living room, my leg bumped against a low end table and a curse slipped through my lips. I cut on the lamp and cursed at the bruise instantly forming on my shin. I was hurt, embarrassed and confused as hell.

What the hell was that power that snapped through me. It felt like a rubber band stretched to its limit. I snapped before recoiling back into proper shape. Now they knew what I was. I stared at my hands, watching as the waves of red receded to the edges of my vision. I needed sleep.

Shutting off the lamp, I dragged ass to my bed and promptly fell asleep.

My feet dipped into the warm water and little fish came and nipped at my toes. The sensation made me squeal and pull my toes away. The bright rays of the sun beamed through the heavy canopy of trees but the heat didn't beat at my skin. Rather a comfortable breeze lapped at my flesh and whipped my hair around my shoulders. The smell of sweet wildflowers, tickled my nose. Planting my feet on the shore, I stood up and took in my surroundings. The enormous boulder where Eric left me high and dry still sat at the far end.

My wet feet squished in the grass beneath as I made my way around the wide mouth of the fresh spring. The sound of the rushing water dumping back into river was like a balm to my soul. I paused at the sound of laughter and growling. A little girl sprang from behind the boulder running as fast as her little feet could carry her. An abundance of unruly raven curls fell over her face as she whipped around. Her tiny fists clutched an array of wild flowers as she came crashed to the grass near the shoreline.

My heart thudded loudly in my chest but I didn't dare to move. A snarling growl came from behind the boulder and my back stiffened. The giant white wolf stepped forward and placed a massive paw on the little girl's yellow sundress. He nipped at the bottom of her feet and the little girl tumbled over in a fit of giggles. She attempted to tuck one of the flowers behind the wolf's ear but he shook it off. She frowned and crossed her arms. She narrowed her eyes at him and stared him down. Suddenly the wolf dropped down on his belly and placed his head in her tiny lap. This time she pushed the flower deep in his white mane and he allowed it to stay. The rays of the sun beamed down on the two of them like a natural spotlight.

My heart thudded wildly in my chest as I tried to lean forward for a closer look. Not watching my step, my foot slipped on a smaller moss covered boulder and I splashed sideways into the water. Kicking my legs as hard as I could I broke the surface and drank mouthfuls of fresh air. I grasped for the closest boulder and an enormous white paw stepped on my hand. I looked up to find myself face to fang with the white wolf. His eerie golden eyes bore into mine. The little girl stepped up beside him, her angelic features marred with disapproval. When I finally saw her eyes, they blazed red.

I jolted straight up in the bed; a thin sheet of perspiration covered my forehead. I swiped at it with the back of my hand while I tried to return my pulse to normal.

"You know when I told you to leave the door unlocked, it was so I could avoid having to pick the lock. Or did you really believe that was going to keep me out?" I couldn't have been happier to hear the irritating amusement that danced in Eric's tone, but I wasn't about to tell him that.

"Want to tell me what the dream was about?" He sat in the recliner by the bed, near the windows. Early morning sunlight spilled through the parted curtains. I shook my head and exited the bed on the opposite end nearest the bathroom.

I made quick work of brushing my teeth and washing my face and without looking I could feel chords of Eric's power reaching out, searching for my mood.

"Can you not do that?" I was annoyed that he didn't stay away, but relieved that I wasn't alone. I couldn't help but think how less complicated my life was when I thought I was normal. I exited the bathroom still wearing his borrowed shirt and rifled through my drawers for a pair of shorts.

"I'm worried about you," my heart flipped, "the situation has gotten out of control." Suddenly my heart sank. I knew this was my fault and I had to find a way to fix it.

"Has the council said anything else?"

"Only that they want the Omni Eye alive for now. The townspeople are upset and you are going to need my help now more than ever. Anna and Annika will be fine," I released a sigh of relief. I was worried about them the most. They were sweet as hell and I didn't want them caught up in my mess. I didn't want anyone caught in my mess really. "The others, I'm not so sure. Ethan was pretty pissed, as were my other brothers. Thankfully, Coral was out of it, so we haven't told her and Kathryn's father took her home. Amy and the others will stay silent for now, but they'll want answers." He pushed his powerful frame out of the recliner and came to stand closer to the dresser. I pulled out a pair of cotton shorts and quickly slipped them on. In my haste, my hand bumped against the vibrator in the drawer causing it to rumble to life.

I schooled my features and held in my mortification. Reaching back into the drawer I simply shut it off and turned my back to him. Shame burned at me because I was feeling lost in my own body. I didn't have the answers they were looking for and I was tired of not knowing for myself. Exhaustion, desperation, and defeat were all beating at my soul with heavy fists. He was raised in the center of his heritage while I was hidden like some dirty secret. It was like my life and body needed an instruction manual and a new kind of fury burned inside me.

"You can't run away from this, you need my help." The pity in his voice spoke volumes and only served to fan the flames of my anger.

"What do you want from me?" I whipped around on him tying up his power around my mental fist and gripping tight. Cracking open a tiny slit in my shields, I sent red frissons to wrap around his power and circle it back around him, forcing his pupils to elongate. "You want me to fall at your feet and be in awe of your power?" The ribbons of red wrapped around his feet and tugged until he was on his knees before me. "You want me to say some corny shit like, oh Eric you blow me away!" I stepped in his face until his sweet breath mixed with mine. "I don't do that. That's not me. I'm Charlie fucking Mercer!"

Though his pupils dilated in what I could only assume was irritation, his expression remained impassive. A tiny smirk kicked up the side of his lips, "I'll settle for you just blowing me and we'll call it even."

I turned my back on him, trying to maintain some semblance of control. How he could be so crude and still manage to turn me on was beyond me.

"I don't have time for you to sit around and fuck with me. I have things to do." Without daring to look back at him, I pulled the oversized shirt off and pulled on a black cotton bra. I heard his breath catch behind me and the muscles in my back flexed involuntarily. I had to catch myself before I let the ribbons of power loose slip out of control. Apparently, I hadn't moved fast enough.

Warm calloused palms settled on my bare waist and it was my turn for my breath to catch. His hard body was flush against mine, his erection pressing into my back. I clamped my thighs together and bit down on the inside of my cheek.

"If by thing you mean that vibrator, keep it locked up. I have no intentions of fucking with you; I don't need to. But what I am going to do, is fuck you until defiance is the last thing on your mind and my dick is the first." Lesser men have had their asses handed to them for less crude things but when Eric said it an inexplicable heat rushed straight to my center that had nothing to do with fury.

His hot breath blew across my ear and I had to fight to suppress the moan that threatened to erupt in my throat. "Now be a good girl and tell daddy how you like it."

"Who said I liked it at all?" It was my last line of defense. A sexy growl vibrated deep in his chest before his hand plunged into my shorts and rubbed the soaking lips of my naked pussy.

"Woman, I have my name seared so deep in that tight little pussy of yours that it probably has GPS on my dick by now." His finger dipped inside and the world went dim as I sank into his touch. His hot tongued licked my ear before his lips trailed a blazing path down the side of my neck. I rocked my hips forward as his slipped two more long fingers inside me. He stretched, teased and curled his fingers inside me forcing my muscles to clamp down and milk his thick digits. A kaleidoscope of colors and light clashed behind my closed eyes as pleasure crashed against every one of my senses. The evidence of my need coated his palm as his fingers relentlessly pumped inside me.

Release was within grasp and the suddenly his fingers pulled away from me. I whined helplessly in frustration but his hand still clamped down on my waist. With his other hand he ripped off my cotton shorts, leaving the tattered black fabric to sink to the floor. He gripped my waist in his hands and lifted me to the edge of the bed and smacked a heavy hand across my ass. The site stung and more cream gushed between my legs. I bent forward over the bed and spread my legs, ass in the air begging for more. One hand curled in my hair and the other forced my chin around to look at him.

"Tell me you want it." There was nothing gentle in his command. His eyes glowed gold but his pupils remained normal. His power swept over me, breaking the ties of my control easily. Hot sparks of his energy flowed over my exposed flesh and swept between my thighs. My eyes widened in surprise as his eyes glowed with satisfaction. He forced his energy out again slipping between my slick folds and brushing against my clit like ghost fingers. My legs shook with need and liquid heat dripped onto my thighs. The energy pinched at my clit and I almost forgot to breathe. When I finally inhaled another chord of his power pushed into my pussy hot and heavy erupting little sparks against my walls. I called his name and pushed back against it.

"I dare you to tell me you don't like it." He nipped at my neck and his hand left my chin and travelled down my back as his power continued to pump inside of my and grasp at my clit. Coherent thought was impossible. One fist gripped my hair tighter as his other hand smacked my ass again and I pushed back against him. It was impossible to recall when he stripped but his heavy, hard erection slid across my ass.

He kept me just on the edge of release. Just when I thought I was going to fall over, he pulled me back again.

His hand slipped between my cheeks and caught my essence on his hands and he rubbed it over my slit to my anus. My tight hole tensed at the presence of his fingers. No one had ever touched me there.

"Relax, I'm going to brand of every inch of you." He whispered before pulling his power from my aching, needy pussy. His thick dick pushed deep inside me, silencing any protest. Pain laced pleasure flooded through my coating his hard flesh as he thrust heavily in my slick channel. Erotic flames licked at my spine and his name fell from my lips between moans. His fingers never ceased probing the tight bud of my anus, coating the tight entrance with my juices, he eased his finger inside. My mind bent sideways against the burning pressure, but he didn't relent. Instead his slammed his hips against my ass and forced my mind to concentrate on the pleasure of his dick buried to the hilt in my dripping hole.

My body peaked again and he pulled his finger from my ass and licked my back along my spine. He muttered a curse and just before an intense orgasm slammed through me, he pushed his powers into my anus filling me up from both ends. The intense pleasure and acute pain was too much for me to take. Hot pressure filled my ass sending sparks straight to my brain. My poor brain shut down as my body was hurdled into the most intense orgasm I'd ever felt. I'd never felt so full and so utterly complete as reality splintered into a million different pieces. His hand dug into my hips and he continued to slam into me. His teeth bit down into my shoulder as another climaxed again, every muscle in me seizing and contracting. He let out a howl, groaned my name, and slammed into me again with such finality before spilling his hot scum into my eager snatch.

It felt like a long while before he slipped his flesh from me, and pulled his energy out of my raw hole. I was sore and would regret it later, but I was content as hell now.

"I dare you to tell me you didn't like it." I shrugged my shoulder and winced against the pain.

"Eh, you were alright." He managed a tired chuckle and pulled me against him as we fell back into bed. We'd worry about the consequences a little later. For now, this distraction was what I needed. And being in this man's arms is what I wanted.

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