Mighty Zeus is floating among the clouds
while childish Echo mimics sounds.
Zephyrus strolling across his stead
is casually putting Boreas to bed.

Send a letter to Hades, if you please
send back to Demeter, Persephone.
The nymphs, the fairies, and the sprites
dance around Flora with much delight.

Fauna, with her children, were the next to show,
carrying on with merriment and Artemis' bow.
The huntress stood anxious as she was awaiting someone.
Next came Helios with Apollo, then out went the sun.

In that moment, Nyx crept from out of the shadows
followed by her sons Hypnos and Thanatos.
Then Bacchus stood up or was it Dionysus?
Clamors of violence came from the Thiasus.

An apple, from Discord, so shiny, was thrown
to the wisest and greatest, were the words shown.
Hermes was as shrewd as Aphrodite was vain
and with a fell swoop, the apple he claimed.

Athena, not to be outdone, come up with a plan
She promised Vulcan, God of Fire, her hand.
She asked for an arrow that could kill their own
made with skin of the griffon and a chimera bone.

Ares was near and overheard what was said.
He grabbed his axe and aimed it for her head.
Poseidon with his trident and his magnificent crown
flooded the heavens of Olympus and watched them all drown.