Chapter 1:

Prologue: The legend of the swords

A long time ago, in another dimension, the world was controlled by a great and terrifying evil. The world was in chaos, constantly destroyed by dragons and giant stone monsters, slaves of their evil overlord. Their evil overlord was a dangerous man who had the power to kill a million people at once; he was a cold-hearted man who knew nothing of mercy or kindness.

The world was absolutely hopeless. Once a year, the overlord called for thirty men or women from each colony to be taken to his castle to serve under him for three years, one year, a little girl came instead. The overlord noticed right away and decided to torture the little girl. For three years she worked as a servant and was tortured by the overlord and his other servants. The day before her release, the overlord came and beat her till she was nearly dead. As she was about to die, she began to glow, the glow caused her so much pain she yelled out in agony. Nine lights shot out from her body and spread across the world. One landed in his hand. With her last breath she said 'I forgive you,' then she died.

The overlord began looking for these lights for three years, he ruled his people even crueler than before, the girl's death meaning nothing to him, only those nine lights. Although he searched the lands, he could not find them.

Five years after he ceased to search, he was more powerful than ever, then one day, his castle was stormed by a hurricane, followed by a typhoon and a raging fire, then his guards were captured by plants and trees crushed them. His servants went insane from seeing terrible things and their minds turning to mush. Then his guards would disappear for an hour then reappear and be enraged, drunk, or crying, some of his female servants would disappear then reappear in strange positions, usually near his men guards, and they would run off. Then after a year of this, switching off month by month, half of his castle was absolutely destroyed instantaneously.

Then out of the smoke stepped nine children, of varying ages. In their hands they all held swords. 'We are here for you!' they all said, with that they sliced their swords through the air and unleashed a torrent of blue, green, black, purple, gray, red, and white energy slashed through the air towards the man. He let out a cry of agony just like the young girl he killed so long ago.

Then, the forgotten light he had held onto for so long started to glow and spread around the world, the world was renewed and made into a green paradise. The nine children all were knocked unconscious. When they awoke they agreed to hide the swords, and the powerful light which healed their planet. They wrote down the tale and hid it away and they all spread their swords throughout the land. As they finished the job, the light glowed and a young girl appeared. She looked at them and said 'I am the protector of the swords, now, please sleep, I will keep you alive as long as it takes. Now sleep' her calming words caused all of them to trust the girl, except for the possessor of oblivion, who was skeptic, yet decided to trust the girl in the end, because she knew that this girl could not do her any harm, and so, they slept.

Years later the swords were long forgotten, along with the light and the terrible condition their world was once in. Yet the scrolls and the swords were intact. Those seven swords, the aqua, flame, nature, reality, time, space, and oblivion swords, along with the powerful light, were safely hidden, along with the original possessors who were long asleep.

Four-hundred and three years later, the light glowed and the protector of the swords appeared. She looked to the sky and said 'it is time for a new legend; I only hope that these children are strong enough to deal with what dangers lie ahead.' And that is where our story begins.