Chapter 4

Dangers lie ahead


"STOP NATALIE!" I yell, a secret panel in the floor opens up and she falls into a pit of snakes. "Crap."

Nick's P.O.V

"Natalie! Are you okay?" Jasmine yelled as soon as she heard the thud of Natalie hitting the ground. "I'm ok but I don't think I can get out," her voice echoed from the darkness. "Jasmine, how do we get her out? We can't even see her." I ask trying to find Natalie. "Hmm. Oh! Nick, grab that torch. I'll hang from…um… this rope and grab her and pull her out." Jasmine said looking around for things 2 use. She stuck a spear in the ground and tied one end of the rope and the other end on her foot. "Here's that torch," I said handing it to her. I tripped and the torch light my hair on fire before it fell to the bottom of the pit revealing many snakes, all of which seemed venomous. "Oh you're so stupid!" Jasmine yelled at me as she dumped a bucket of water on my head. I'm not sure where she got it from… Jasmine grabbed my gun, took out the clip and dropped in the hole. Natalie screamed as she picked up the torch and found many snakes coming towards her, one biting her leg. Jasmine told her to grab the gun as I pulled the rope to quickly get them out of the pit. "Natalie are you ok?" I asked with water dripping from my hair. "Yeah, just can't feel my leg," she replied pointing to her right leg. "Natalie! You were bit!" Jasmine yelled ripping off a piece off her pants to soak up the blood and venom flowing from her bite. I picked her up and started carrying her trying to find the closet way out.

10 minutes later

"Guys? Did you hear a rumbling?" Jasmine stopped and looked behind her. "That might have been all of us. We haven't eaten since me and Natalie snacked on beef jerky." I replied unaware of the noise she heard.

"No it wasn't. It sounded like stone scrapping on something." she stated, snapping her fingers together as if she was deep in thought. "Guys, I know this might sound very cliché, but I think we should run before we get crushed by a giant stone ball that's coming towards us." I looked back with Natalie in my arms to see that she told the truth. We ran as fast as we could and right before we were crushed, I grabbed her and threw her into the tunnel to my left. As the ball rolled past, I seen the exit a few steps forward and to the right and a closed door up ahead. Jasmine stared at the door with thoughts running through her heads no doubt. "Jasmine, let's go. We have to get away from here." I turned around to see an empty hallway. I waited outside calling jasmine's name as I gave Natalie the anti-virus and tried to keep her awake.

"Nick! Nick wake up!" Jasmine yelled, waking me up from a very uncomfortable sleep. "What happened!" I shouted, waking Natalie, and stared at the spear jutting out of her shoulder. "I explored through the big doors and a spear hit me in the shoulder. "Alright, none of us come back to this temple. EVER!" Natalie agreed with me while Jasmine just stood there and sighed.

When we got back to camp, Natalie treated Jasmine's wound with the med kit from her backpack. I frowned as I looked at my hair through a mirror. It was shorter and uneven but it kind of looked cool being black and red. We ate a meal of beef jerky, canned corn, and some sort of bird that I killed. After dinner, the sun had set and it was time to sleep. Jasmine offered to take the first watch even though I should of since she was injured and Natalie needed rest from the snake bite.

The sun rose up through the tent, waking me up and all that could be heard in the campsite was my groan I made because I wanted more sleep. I got dressed and stepped out of the tent. I let Natalie sleep and I looked towards the crumbling coals of the fire that we had last night. Looking around, I noticed that Jasmine's backpack was gone; along with herself. 'She went to the temple' I thought with a scowl on my face. From this point, I don't care if she dies. She was always rebellious.

30 minutes

Natalie made a breakfast of bird eggs and wild rice that grew on the outskirts of our campsite. As we finished, we heard rustling of leaves and seen the wall of vines that was 20 feet to my left from the path we took to get back from the temple. When the vines fell, all that remained was Jasmine carrying a sword. "I told you that we weren't going to go back to that temple! It's dangerous! Why do you have that sword and where did you get it?" she stared at me with a look of "I-don't-care-what-you-have-to-say,-I'm-going-to-do-what-I-want"