First the unfolding whisper of a prelude,

Tickling the ear before blooming into a brilliant firework

A siren's song

Pulling forth a silvery voice

Pools of light tainted with deep shadow cascade into the air

Blending my melody with rosy notes

My fingers flutter with my heartbeat

Pulsing under stars and stripes

Ripples swim through the flag

Echoing our unity

A clear dewy web

Weaving our starlit souls together

Scarlet blood of faithful free

Binds the crystal threads

Glossy tears of cerulean

Seal the horizons of ocean and sky

Snow and pearly innocence

Instills wonder at our pure foundation

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

Residing in my heart, a patriotic song resonates

My pride and trust

Spill over in a pledge of loyalty to freedom and belief in justice

A vow to dance in the sunshine and light torches in the night

I will celebrate forever

Such glorious Liberty flows through my starlit soul