Just a little story I feel like writing staring Lee Black and Katrina Roberts, BFFLs


So you know how when you're young you'll meet someone and do something stupid and then all the sudden your Best Friends For Life(From here on out known as BFFLs), inseparable, connected at the hip? Well that's how it is for Katrina and I (I accidentally melted a crayon in her hair, long story). We've been friends for thirteen years; thirteen years of sarcasm; thirteen years of pranks; thirteen years of late-night talks; thirteen years of having the time of our lives. And it all changed in one day.

It was Katrina's birthday and of course I stopped by for the celebration, but of course being 18 changes what a birthday looks like (i.e read as booze is involved). I believe it was our fourth drink that put us over our alcohol limit, but we kept on for another two, thee drinks and certain...things were said and done...

~Morning after Katrina's birthday~

I forced my eyes open only to shut them again, it felt like the sun was directly in my eyes and goddamn my head! I tried to open my eyes again, except this time shielding them with my hand. The first thing I noticed was my lack of clothes. Warning number one. The next thing I saw was I was in a bed, not even my bed. Warning number two. And the final thing noted by my pounding head was Kat next to me, also naked. Oh hell no!Shit!Fuck!NO!I didn't!Did I? I just lay there for a couple more minutes then got out of her bed and looked around for my pants, shirt, etc, then upon finding them slipped them on. I further proceeded to search my pockets for my sunglasses and phone.

With my sunglasses on I didn't need to cover my eyes so I could check my phone. Several text messages; perhaps they could help figure things out. But of course I regretted it.

John:Dude you laid Kat?
Steve:I knew you loved each other! Knew it!
Dad:You had sex with Kat?WHY IN THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT?
(512) 244-6454:How did you get my number?
(512) 244-6454:Who is Kat?
Kat:I love you, babe

...I can't believe it, I; Lee Black; had sex with my best friend; Katrina Roberts; I am never even looking at another can of beer again. I texted my dad for crying out loud!I let the phone fall from my grasp and went to my knees. My. Life. Is. Over.
I heard a groan and looked up. Kat's waking up. Life hates me.

She looked at me, "What happened?" I froze, what do tell her?"And why am I naked, did you rape me?"
Yes, I raped my best friend. Note the sarcasm, "Um, we had a tad to much to drink"
"What. Happened?" she asked, her voice deathly calm. One of the things I love about her, she can handle her own. Wait, did I just say I loved her?Moving past that...
"We kinda had sex..."I answered, my voice quiet.
"WHAT?"she screamed, hurting my ears a little.
"We were drunk, we didn't know what we were doing"I explained.
"Then how do you know?"she asked, calming down.
I tossed her my phone in answer and waited as she slowly read my texts, her eyes widening as she read each one. When she finished I got up, took my phone back, then we were just sitting there(Or rather, I was standing and she was still laying there without clothes), "I'm um, gonna leave, see you later. Hopefully"I told her, whispering the last part under my breath, whilst walking out of her room, down the stairs to her living room, and out the front door to my car. I let out a sigh and small smile at the sight of the car; it was my pride and joy:A 2011 Camaro colored a deep purple, it took me since I got my license (Two years ago) to last month to get the money to buy it(My cheapskate parents wouldn't float me some cash) so yea, love my car... probably the only thing I'm sure of my feelings for...

As I drove home I thought about everything, my childhood, meeting Kat, all of our best times, some of our worst times(i.e read as she thought I stole her juice and she nailed me where the sun don't shine), everything ruined, thirteen years of friendship, BFFLs(As cheesy as it sounds coming from my mouth), all of it ruined in a matter of hours. I felt so confused, partly from why I was so worried, partly on my true feelings. Dear lord I'm talking about feelings. This. Is. The. Apocalypse. EVERYONE RUN LEE BLACK IS TALKING ABOUT FEELINGS!Wait, since when do I talk in the third person?Damn emotions, damn feelings, damn hormones, just damn me to Hell and be done with it!Wait, hormones?Okay, suppose you want an explanation, and what better way than a flashback so I don't get in a wreck?

~FLASHBACK TO THE FUTURE!Not really, but still, Flashback~

I smiled as Kat laughed, her laugh was so perfect, like tinkling bells, and I loved it. Wait, say what? Um, moving past that... We were sitting at a McDonald's, eating some burgers rather than whatever kind of meet the school served (Yes we ditched school, got a problem?Well sucks for you) I unconsciously brushed a lock of her hair from her face, "Your even more beautiful when I can see your eyes, " her eyes widened a little. Shit did I say that out loud, fuck!

"Thank you..." she told me uncertainly.
um, might as well go with it, "It's true, I love your eyes, how bright they are, always shining, even through the darkness" and now I'm a poet, great... But I wasn't lying, I love everything about her. Oh no...I love my best friend...
She smiled, "Thanks" this time her voice was firm.

~Flashback Finish~

So yea, three years ago I fell in love with my best friend. I had some trouble covering up my feelings, some trouble not getting arrested for putting boys who broke her heart in the ER, but I kept my feelings a secret. As I pulled into the driveway of my apartment I decided on taking a long, hot shower, I've made important decisions in there, like to have cereal or bacon(Yes, that's life or death for me).

~One long, hot shower later~

I've made my decision, it's life or death from here on out, like walking through a minefield. If I fail I might as walk walk through a minefield yea that works. I grudgingly got in my car and began the drive to her house; thinking about the entire way, not paying attention until...

I heard a loud Honk!, and screeching tires and then a crushing pain in my leg. After that I blacked outfor who knows how long. Then I felt I blinding light in my eyes and a silhouette above me, "Don''t leave me, Lee" the last thought I registered before blacking out was her voice, Katrina.