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I awoke once more, this time staying conscious for more than a couple seconds. I lay there for a couple minutes to make sure I would stay awake then I craned my neck to look around; a hospital, but why again? The crash, that's right... God that was withot a doubt the worst day of my life, at least it was over. Wait, is that day over? what time is it?I looked at my wrist and to my dismay my watch wasn't, duh, god maybe I have brain damage, that would put a damper on things , or rather a bigger one. Hahaha, I crack myself up with my stupidity.
I looked around once more hoping for a clock when i saw a dark lump in a chair next to me, "Kat?"I asked uncertainly, my voice cracking from lack of use; almost instantly she perked up, "Lee? Are you alright?"
"Yea, fine"I lied with a smile to help(Hopefully, for all I know I could be grimacing), while in reality I had a gianormous ache below my right eye and my leg hurt like it was crushed; I looked at it and nearly puked, it was clean, and in a cast, but I could look down into the cast and there were some funky looking stitches. Well ain't that a bitch.
"What happened?" she asked with a look easily interpeted as 'Tell me or I'll make sure you don't have kids', "All I got was a phone call saying you were here"
"What...about my parents?"I questioned, losing my voice for a moment.
"They wouldn't answer, the voice mail said something about being too busy for anything"she answered with a look of sympathy.
"Oh well, at least you're here..."
"You didn't tell me what happened"she pointed out breaking the silence.
"Oh..."I said, I had forgotten.
"I was driving back to your house, but I wasn't paying attention"I explained, stopping a few times from the lack of fliuds.
She handed me a glass of water, "How, you always pay attention, you even told me you would never be reckless driver lest you lose your car"
I took a sip before answering, "I was thinking, things"
She waited for further explanation but after about five minutes she gave up, "Well you don't have a car any more so we don't have to worry about coming here again" and upon seeing my look that only appeared when in great pain she added, "Not right now anyway, they had it towed to see of they could fix it, but no promises"
I smiled a little, but not about the car. Remember why I was going back to her house?Well this is better, I can overdose on frugs if she rejects me.

"Can I tell you something?"I asked.
"Katrina, for the past three years I've loved you and I mean as more than friends. I love everything about you including you. I can understand if you don't feel the same"I told her, kinda muttering the last part to myself, it wasn't really true, I'd probably freak out and actually commit suicide if she didn't have the same feelings.
She looked a little surprised/shocked before she regained her composure, "I love you too" I perked up, "But not in that way, I'm sorry" and there goes my life, where's the damn clicker to give me Morphine?
She saw my dissapointed expression, "It's just that I'm not sure I want a relationship, I mean, what if it doenst work out?I don't want to lose a friend, especially you, considering how you're the only that showed up for my birthday, even if certain...things happened"
I blushed at the memory (Not of actually doing it, I had a hangover remmeber?), "Oh..."
"Of course" she replied and I let go, "Get well soon" she called over her shoulder.
Thanks" I replied half-heartedly, finally finding the Morphine clicker, but right as I was going to start clicking a doctor walked in carrying a clipboard, come on!
"Ah, I see you're awake Mr. Black" he said looking up from the clipboard.
"Nooooo"I said sarcastically.
"And no personality change"He muttered writing something on his clipboard, "So, how are you feeling?"
You know how when the doctor asks how you're feeling and you lie through your teeth and say how you're fine?Well I don't do that, "In all honesty I have a fucking migrane and my leg hurts like a bitch and my heart is in a couple billion pieces so if you'll excuse me I'd like to commit suicide by drug overdose" I said brandishing the clicker which he snatched out of my hand.
"I don't think the pretty little lady that just left would appreciate that" he told me pocketing the clicker.
"Why do you think I want to die?"I asked, truly meaning it.
"Oh... I see" he said, his face betrying nothing while his eyes filled with sympathy.
"No you don't" I said getting mad, "Did you have a best friend for thirteen years, then have sex with her because you drank to much, then get in a fucking wreck?" I completed my voice rising with every word, "Did you find out your own goddamn parents were to busy to come see you on what very possibly could've been your fucking death bed?" by now a couple nurses had run in, "DID YOU TELL HER YOU LOVED HER TO FIND OUT SHE DOESN'T LOVE YOU BACK?" this time nurses were struggling to restrain me and Kat had come back in while the doc walked towards me slowly, a needle labled 'sedative' in his hand looking eerily like he was in a horror movie. I'm told that Kat doesn't love me by Kat herself and I'm about to be sedated. Is the whole week going to be like this?

The last thing I saw before sedation was the needle plunging into my arm and Kat's eyes filled with pai and sadness. Why?