The Ultimate Gamer

Click, Click, Click is the sound of Greg's fingers as they press the buttons on the controller. His glasses shined from the light on the video screen with his eyes fastened to it unblinking as he concentrates on the last level of his arcade game. His body tensed as he goes for the last hit to end the game dropping a bead of sweat from his forehead. Then with the last hit to his pixilated foe the screen shined black and big red letters popped on the screen: New High score and he signed his initials to save the game. He puts the controller down to wipe the perspiration from his forehead and smiled to himself triumphantly. No one can ever beat his high scores. As a matter of fact there probably isn't a game Greg has never played and if he hadn't he was sure the only reason he didn't know of it was because the other gamers didn't want him to play and win again. Everybody had to know his name. He was at the top of the charts after all. He had to be the most popular person in his county. The only reason no one has gotten the courage to talk to him yet was because they were far too intimidated by his superior skills.

Greg got up from his previous game and goes in search for a new game worthy of his skills. He passed by a Pac man and a couple shooting games. Those games are for noobs, he thought, are there no games good enough to be beaten by me?

Then he saw it. It was called The Walk among the Dead and it was placed by one of the glass walls to the arcade that viewed mall shoppers passing by. Perfect, he thought. Quickly he took his seat on the chair cushion and inserted two quarters. The game whirred to life as a giant zombie head shown on the screen. Eerie music played in the background and Greg could just feel his fingers itching to start the new game. He picked his character, a tall muscular man with a bazooka and began the game. The first couple of levels were a breeze. All he had to do was shoot the amount of zombies on the screen and go on to the next level. Every ten levels he had to face a boss though but they weren't even that challenging.

It had been a few hours now when he finally reached the last level. By this time a group of gamers had formed around him to watch him play intensely to see if he can really win. A few onlookers from the mall also stop curiously to see what the crowding is about.

Greg smirked. That's right; this is exactly how it should be. People should always look at him in awe like this. He is superior. He is the greatest. None can match his skills. He fired his pixilated bazooka and knocked the Ultimate Boss's arm off which lowers its health meter only by a quarter. He has to duck this time as the Ultimate Boss shot out a fury of green slime that multiplied into smaller mini zombies for him to defeat. It's all futile, he thought blasting away the mini zombies with two shots of his bazooka and knocking off the other arm of the Ultimate Boss. Now if he can just shoot him in the head he can win the game.

Greg got his character into position and waited for the right moment to fire. Just as he's trying to concentrate he could hear the sound of the click clack of high heels. It's the sound of the two cheer leaders from his school. The two girls had passed by earlier but had only given him a glance that he took as acknowledgment.

They must be back to watch me win, he thought. Who wouldn't? He was a legend after all. Not wanting to disappoint them he tried to put his full concentration into beating this game but he couldn't help over hearing the girls' conversation.

"Oh my gosh Tiffany," The first one rolled her eyes. "Is this guy still playing this game?"

"What a loser," the second one named Tiffany said with a giggle.

"He must have no life," The first one agreed. With that the two girls click clack away in their heels.

Greg's fingers felt limp and before he could respond, the Ultimate Boss shot out its green slime destroying his character. The screen changed to black and red letters appeared on the screen: Game over.

A/N: Wrote this for my Ap lit class. I hadn't posted in a while so I thought I'd just post this little thing. Not very long I know and I'm sorry if this is boring. Let me know what you think :)