The White Vow Chapter 1

By Brooke Daniels

Chapter 1

Brooke: Enjoy! I don't use the characters in bold this time!

Ryan: why are you growing bored of us?

Brooke: Shut up ya ice cream addict! Here's the White Vow Academy Chapter 1!

Ruko Calaway

Among every day humans are malicious souls that feed on innocents. They send havoc into the world. They take a human's Sira and swallow it. They leave the rest of their victim's soul and toss it into the sewers. These beasts are called Black Seekers. They take human souls and feed off the purest part of it, the Sira, the part that possesses everything pure about that person. The more they consume the more the force of justice loses its power. The Black Seekers desire a world formed in evil, and the only way to make sure it stays fully intact is to destroy all the innocence and purity in the world or at least most of it. Now no need to worry about them, that's my job and everybody's who attends White Vow Academy.

Our job is to hunt down all the Black Seekers before they consume enough Siras to destroy the balance of our fragile world.

Now this is the story of the White Vow Academy and how it had its final battle with the Black Seekers. It's quite a page turner if I say so. Now where do I begin? Oh yes when my best friend and I get a roommate crazier than someone who should be a squishy room in a straightjacket. Yeah I'm talking the gothic Kage Waru kind of crazy.