Chapter 44 of White Vow Academy

By Brooke Daniels

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Chapter 44

Franken Stein

I watched from the window as the training began. Envy, sadness, hatred, and pure awe clouded my vision was I watched them train. Weapons were swung so quickly they became streaks and defiant powerful but somehow still blurs in the air. Everyone was progressing at an amazing speed except for two…

Annabeth fumbled with Ryan. Her new disability making it almost impossible for her to even get Ryan off the ground, I could tell it was making her furious. She threw the gleaming scythe into the air and caught it with her right hand, her only hand. Sweat drenched her back and I could almost hear her panting from the house.

"Anna, are you okay!" Ryan cried. I married a Golden Weapon Seeker and I still will never get used to the fact that the weapons talk. The image of my wife lazily drifted into my mind along with the rest of her memory. At first all I smiled was her sweet perfume and felt her arms gently wrap around me, I heard whisper the same words she always whispered to me when we hugged. "Love you love me." She chimed. Then it all changed. The smell of smoke and burning flesh violated my nose and lungs causing me to gag and wheeze even though I know it's only a memory, I was no longer being hugged. Instead I felt flames and claws licking and crawling all over me. I saw my only little girl left scream as she was swept away from me by a barrier of flames and hatred. I felt my wife's charred hand go limp in my grip.

I remember the horror that struck me then about how fascinated I was by this. By seeing a humans insides slowly come out. And the absolute and how I was so interested in watching my wife burn. A touch of a light but strong hand snapped me somewhat back to reality. Ever since the fire I don't think I've ever been managed so swallow that complete dose of reality. It always get down to the last drop but that alluring drug right next to it but then takes over and I down that one like a shot glass and I'm back to square one.

"Stein," Sky whispered a bit of a tremor in her voice. I was a bit disoriented when I pulled out of the vision. Has the ceiling always been that high. No wait Stein your one the ground, how did I get there again? Probably from the memory, right, right that makes sense now, right?

"Oh hello Sky," I almost chirped jumping back up. "Are you alright?" Sky pressed concern dripping from her tone and filling up my lungs drowning me in it. "I'm perfectly fine," I repeated I had trained myself to say for years when anyone asked that question; it has become a reflex now.

"Sir I don't think Annabeth can fight," she whispered. I looked up at her and then at the window, she dropped Ryan and seemed to be having some extreme difficultly picking him back up again. "But she's our strongest fighter," I exclaimed. Sky shook her head.

"I have one idea but it rarely works." She told me. "What is it," I pleaded. She looked me in the eye. "This has only worked around once and even then the one who got the leg still has some difficulties fighting, the chances of it working are low." "WHAT IS IT!" I screamed. "Ko can always try to heal her arm!" Sky squeaked. "Tell me," I insisted the calmness in my voice replaced with a insane edge. She shook her head. "A robotic arm."

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