It is said that amongst the gods of Heaven and Earth, there was always peace. But very few people know that it wasn't always just Heaven and Earth.

It was once Heaven, Earth and Darkness that shaped the planets and gave life to all beings. However, Darkness lusted for power over the earth. He wanted to occupy the day as well as the night. Heaven and Earth tried to fight him, but their bodies were tied to the sky and the earth. Whenever Earth tried to attack, the ground rumbled and shook and earthquakes terrorized the planet. If Heaven tried to move, the sky came crashing down. But first, a little background info on the lower gods and the one goddess that makes this story so special.
Glaw was the Rain-goddess, Dyll was the sun-god and Awyr was the goddess of air. The lower gods were made from the same elements as Heaven and Earth, all but one. The moon goddess.

The moon goddess was made out of the elements of Heaven and Darkness, and when Darkness turned against the gods, his power was no longer seen as divine, effectively making the Moon goddess a half-god.

Heaven and Earth did everything in their power to regain her status but it was helpless. Lleuad died a peaceful death exactly 30 years after Darkness turned against the gods. The high gods were desperate, they needed a moon goddess! The only thing they could do was have her reincarnate. To help find her, the moon goddess was given a birthmark on the back of her neck, and the other gods were able to predict the whereabouts of the next one, so they could bring the crystals that the Moon goddess used to amplify her powers to the chosen child. A third rank god was created, called Ilias Lightbringer. He was supposed to keep the moon goddess safe and guard her on her trips.

The new goddess was a woman called Seren. She was rumoured to be the most beautiful woman to have ever stepped the earth. During night, her hair would shine as white and bright as the moon itself and she brought peace wherever she went. She met Darkness by accident at night, and they fell in love.

But not soon after Darkness declared war against the high gods and they could do nothing more than send the lower gods to battle Darkness. They created a place called Tara Lia, made to keep the god in chains forever.

Glaw, Dyll, Awyr and the moon goddess Seren went to battle him, but the gods made of Heaven and Earth stood no chance. He bound them in the chains meant for him, leaving only his beloved Moon goddess Seren to battle. He was so completely consumed by his will to take over the earth he didn't notice he was fighting his beloved, and thus charged her full on. She was a strong goddess and did everything in her power to stay alive, but she collapsed under Darkness' overwhelming power and died, singing the 'Gan Marwolath' or the 'Song of the dying' that was sung at funerals. Her voice was heard all over the planet, sounding as one-hundred voices all together. Seeing there was no suitable follow-up, Persephione took the Moon goddess' dress and so the Moon goddess never reincarnated again. Darkness realized what he had done, and cried over Seren's body for a week. He was driven mad by the heartache and in a rush of anger wiped out the earth not protected by Heaven and Earth in a thick cloud of neverending darkness, killing every living being inside it.

"And that day, is known as the end of the earth."

The class proceeded to stare at their teacher in awe, as to say 'Tell us more!' but he just chuckled and asked if anyone had questions. Immediately a whole sea of fingers was up in the air, begging for attention.

"What was the Gan Marwolath, sir? Why did they sing it at funerals?" a little girl asked, practically hopping up and down on her chair. "Well, the Gan Marwolath was a song that was sung to praise and call the Moon goddess, as she collected the souls of the dead and brought them to the goddess of death, Persephione." Sounds of 'Ooh' and 'Aaah' filled the classroom.

"Sir, sir! Are Glaw, Dyll and Awyr still in that place? Or have they been saved by Heaven and Earth?" The teacher had to surpress a smile as he looked at his class of eager listeners. "Haha, yes they are supposedly still there, Jonah. Earth and Heaven are gods bound to the earth, meaning they are the earth and the sky. Should they move, the sky on earth would fall down!"
"But sir, I thought there wasn't any life on earth left? That's why we're here, right?" "Not really", the teacher said, walking towards the window and pointing at the earth, "do you see those little white-grey dots in the middle of the black surface of the Earth?" The class nodded.

"Those are the Sacred villages, the places Earth and Heaven were quick enough to protect through shrines. There's still a population of earthians, but chances are you'll never see them. Going to the Earth is only reserved for scientists of the highest rank!" And with that, the teacher stood up and prepared to begin his Maths class for the day, but he quickly saw that the only thing he would be teaching today was History of the Earth. He gazed at all the eager faces and gave up. "Just ask me."
"What did Seren look like?" Miro Dithlai gazed at the little girl shyly posing the question, pain already slightly stinging his heart. "Well, Esra, it is said that when in human form the moon goddess had pure white hair and black eyes with fair skin, and when turning into the moon goddess her eyes became white." This was what he had feared: the girl –who was already so shy- had shrunk into her seat under the gaze of her classmates lingering upon her. She was the very personification of what he had just said. Pure white hair, jet black eyes and a skin fairer than any. He rasped his throat and said "Any other questions?"

"I heard that because of Darkness, people are afraid of the dark.. Is that true? Because I am!" Charlynn said, hoping she would get some confirmation. "Yes, that's true! Because of that we now don't like the night as much as we used to. And we're even scared of it."

"Ehm sir, if the moon goddess doesn't reincarnate anymore, what will happen to the Earth?" That was a good question indeed. "Have I ever told you about the prophecy an oracle called Arithme made?" Everyone shook their heads. "She foretold that the new moon goddess would rise again, and she would claim the 6 –now blood red- crystals and defeat Darkness. However she did not mention who it would be or when she would come. She did warn that once she would rise, Darkness would immediately feel it, as they are linked through their h—" He was rudely interrupted by the school bell and all of the children thanked him and rushed out through the door. He sighed; children.

He eyed the last student in his class still tentatively putting stuff into her bag, slightly sniffing. "Oh Esra, don't take it too bad! They mean it as a compliment, honestly!" The little girl smiled through her tears before giving her teacher a hug and spurting out of the classroom.

"Mommy? I'm home!" Esra said as she entered the living room. Her mother immediately popped her head out of the kitchen. "Hi sweetie, how was school?"


Abi came out of the kitchen to see where that stubborn girl had run off to but found her in the living room, inspecting her face in front of a mirror. "What's wrong?" Esra looked at her mom through the mirror, "Do I look weird?" Abi sighed. The girl had posed that question so many times she was seriously considering buying a recorder unit and just playing 'NO!' everytime. "Esra, honey, I have told you many times you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, and that will not change because the girls of the 6th year say you're weird, okay?"
"But it's not the sixth year girls! It's the teacher! He was telling us about the moon goddess and the Ancient History today and … and..." Esra got wrapped into a warm hug. "Yes, you look like her. But he must've told you she was the most beautiful woman to have ever walked the earth, right?" The 7 year old nodded. "Well then! Plus, Mr. Dithlai is a nice man, he would never say something to hurt you!" They both smiled. "Thank you mommy, you're the best." Esra said, before hugging her mother the tightest she could muster. "Now," Abi said, standing up. "let's eat, okay? I think daddy might be home soon."

"Esra? Are you in bed yet?" Aias turned around the corner of his daughter's bedroom only to find her staring at the night sky, yet again. "Esra!" He said in a mock-angry tone. She swivelled around, ducking into bed in one swift motion, pretending to be asleep. He laughed "What's the matter?" She huffed, "I've been having a weird dream lately" He nodded , encouraging her to speak. "It always begins with this little white dot, and then it grows larger and a really pretty woman smiles at me… But not long after, a man comes and I wake up… I don't think he's a nice man, daddy." Aias studied the face of his daughter, she was having nightmares and he could do jack squat about it. He sighed deeply out of sheer defeat and opted for a bear hug instead, pulling his little snowflake closer to him.
"Now, just go to sleep and everything will be fine, okay?" "Okay daddy." "I love you." "I love you more."

"I love you most."

A/N: Hiya guys! DIMD here, eehm this is my first Fiction story, so if there is anything I can improve... I would love for you to tell me :) I hope you enjoyed reading!